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Monday, June 20, 2011

SpinTunes 3: Round 1 Songs

One of the things I love about SpinTunes is how supportive people can be. I wasn't as active as I would have liked to have been in the chat room during the LP, but whenever I did manage to follow along I saw tons of positive comments. Thank you to everyone who showed up, it was a great turn out. I think I counted over 70 people at one point, and no fewer than 50 while the songs were being played. THAT'S AWESOME!

The songs are now available for FREE download, and you can vote for your favorite entries as well. With the new addition of the popular vote, many of you will be asking friends and family to support you. That's great, but when you do, please ask them to listen to all the songs & vote for their favorites. You can vote for up to 5 different people, so they might as well listen to everyone.

PLEASE download the entire album vs downloading just a handful of songs. BandCamp limits how many free downloads I can give away, and 1 album download counts the same as 1 song download.

With 37 entries turned in for round 1, that means there will be 11 elimintions for the first 3 rounds. That would leave 4 finalist for round 4. Good luck everyone.

You can find the album on BandCamp by clicking the image below:

(Album cover by Dr. Lindyke)

- You can vote for your favorite songs with the poll in the right sidebar. -->

- Popular vote stays open until 8PM on the 25th.

- Judges & guest judges have until 8PM on the 25th to hand in their reviews.

- I will post the Reviews & Eliminations at 11PM on the 25th.

- June 26th 1AM (Sun) - Second Challenge is announced.

If anyone wants to make a video for their song, I'll include it here:

SpinTunes 3
David Ritter made this video before the contest started. In case you haven't seen it, I thought I'd include it here.

I Love The Dead by Jutze

No Taxes by Ross Durand

Today Is Not That Day by Common Lisp (Shadow)

Reviews & Links Of Interest For This Round:
(If anyone writes any reviews or song bios please send me the links & I'll link to them here.)

- Here's a Song Bio for The Offhand Band.

- Tom Giarrosso of the Boffo Yux Dudes reviewed the shadow entries in the comments section below.

- Dr. Lindyke posted a Song Bio for his entry.

- Chris Cogott posted a Song Bio for his entry.

- Noah McLaughlin decided to write some Reviews of this round.

- Sammy Kablam reviewed this round as part of his Negative Reinforcement series. These are not meant to be constructive, and done for entertainment more than anything.

- Jutze posted a Song Bio for his entry.

- Byron Blocker & The Offbeats requested I remove the video of their entry from the site. Even though I don't need anyone to OK the embed of a video, I did as they wished. So if you want to see it, you'll have to go to their YouTube Channel.

- Godz Poodlz posted a Song Bio for their entry.

- Jutze wrote Reviews for this round.


  1. Nice job, everyone! I woke up with "Alive Again" and "Lady On The Gray" stuck in my head this morning...

  2. I decided to review these songs, but start with the shadows, since they usually get the short side of the stick when there are many songs to review. so here goes…

    Mick Bordet - The Highland Coo Song
    A fun song about slaughtering a cow. I liked the tone and storyline. Nice addition with the flute solo in the bridge. The chorus was hummable as well.

    Noah McLaughlin - Thank You, Joss Whedon (Shadow)
    A Buffy homage - Loved the cowbell in the background and the in jokes to the series. The doo doo's complete the happy parade theme.

    David Ritter - Requiem For Bob (Shadow)
    A happy, dirge like quality to this one. It does sound happy with a banjo's in the tune. Creepy song about a monster entombing a widower while playing a banjo tune. Yowsa! Not quite sure how to take it, but It did have a smiling beat to it.

    Heather Miller - Throw My Anchor Down (Shadow)
    Gospel tune on allegory and anchoring yourself. The nice thing about being a shadow - you don' t need to follow the rules. This song isn't happy. But it is a good tune. Took me a few plays to get into it, but it's got a nice, spiritual vibe to it.

    Anna P - Jesus's Best Friend (Shadow)
    Anna lists all the people she's interested in schmoozing with in heaven. I liked the subtle 'Pikachu' sound in the background. Nice to know the little guy is safe up there.

    Donutworthy - Signal (Shadow)
    The Supergroup from Frankensong come up with a new tune about a tin can in space. Another 'Where's the Happy?' song with all the minor chords, but I like the way it turned out.

    Green Mama Bathsalts - See You In Hell (Shadow)
    Bouncy tune about a reunion in the afterlife. Just because it's after they're executed for killing someone is beside the point. It's a buddy song. Upbeat and fun.

    The Vespus - ?
    For some reason, this song was played at the Listening Party, but withdrawn from the downloads by the band. I thought it sounded fine, but can't review it. Nothing wrong with being a shadow entry, folks.

    I'll do more mini reviews as the week goes on. Great job everyone who submitted.

    Tom from Boffo Yux Dudes

  3. Hmmm. It didn't quite come out very happy-sounding like I intended, but these are the lyrics i scribbled last week. I got a few belated days off work and with the help of Apogee tech support was able to get my audio interface working again. So here's a shadow I recorded today. I might make a version with the same lyrics and different music later this week.


  4. There a Song Bio of sorts for Godz Poodlz "Wake at the Sunnyside" here: http://www.facebook.com/notes/godz-poodlz/behind-the-scenes-on-a-song-wake-at-the-sunnyside-/10150218538327019

    I don't know if you HAVE to LIKE the Godz Poodlz facebook page to read this. But we would appreciate if you would.