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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SpinTunes #4: Profiles

Round 1 Album - Round 2 Album - Round 3 Album - Round 4 Album

SpinTunes #4 Rules - SpinTunes #4 Schedule

Round 1 Challenge: Night Terrors - Write a song about a childhood nightmare. Include significant use of rubato. (2 minute minimum) (they had 11 days) (Results)

Round 2 Challenge: I Heart U - Write a musical Valentine's Day card to someone OTHER than your significant other. (2 minute minimum) (they had 8 days) (Results)

Round 3 Challenge: Lucky Seven - Choose seven letters of the Roman alphabet. Now write a song using ONLY words that begin with those seven letters. No exceptions will be made for minor parts of speech or vamping at the beginning of the song or the end. When you turn in your song you must identify the seven letters you intended to use. (1:37 minute minimum) (they had 8 days) (Results)

Round 4 Challenge: The Bare Necessities - We're taking it easy on you this last round. Write a new original song. Any song you like. But record and produce it using NO instrumentation other than the parts of your own body. This is NOT an a capella challenge...there must be significant use of instrumentation other than your voice. The sounds should be "manmade" and not using other things against the body. (1:30 minute minimum) (they had 8 days) (Results)

(Profile order is based on who sent in their entry form first.)

Edric Haleen: Edric likes writing songs, even though they're often different than others may have been expecting at first listen. Care to know more? Check out the link below to visit his website. (Also, please consider checking out http://happinessboard.com/ to see -- and add to -- the Happiness Board! Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, or your money back!)

Links: Website

R1: Sweet Dreams

R2: To My Significant Self

R3: The Terrible Things That Transpired Today

R4: Exultation! (runner up)

Luke Brekke, Esquire: A 16 year old from Minnesota, Luke Brekke is the co-founder of the record label "MediaRose Records." He plays piano and alto saxophone and sings bass. You just lost the game.

Links: @hamisgood

R1: Voted Out Alone




The Orion Sound: My name is Oliver Parsons, aka Emperor Robot Hitler Gandhi Jesus Walrii McPoshtwat . I'm well known for getting all da bitches. Like, ALLLL of them. As friends. I make songs about codes and the murdering of cats because no one likes cats (monkeys are much better) and my hair is pretty awesome. It’s all poofy in the middle. I kind of look like a homosexual hedgehog, with the face of a mouse. It’s wonderful. It’s like a hedgehog and a mouse made sweet love. Sweet, sweet love... (Written lovingly by Bethany L Martin)

Links: Website - @Olirulz_747 - YouTube Channel

R1: Nazi Nightmare

R2: You (A Valentines Stalker Song)

R3: Voted Out It Never Said He Wasn't


Robert Borden: Robert Borden is a singer/songwriter from Guilford, CT who plays acoustic/ukulele pop music. In 2011 he was featured on the popular YouTube show, What the Buck?!, and released his sophomore album 'How To Move On Except Not Completely.’ With influences ranging from Max Bemis to Ingrid Michaelson to Mumford & Sons, Robert has accumulated and sustained a wide following on YouTube over the past few years.

Links: @RobertGBorden - YouTube Channel

R1: Funny Guy

R2: Julia

R3: Deadline Victim


Wait What (The Band): Made in Germany, What Wait is a machine washable, bleachable towel, chamois, and sponge all in one that washes, dries and polishes any surface. No, wait, that's a Sham Wow. Wait What is a band from Long Beach, Ca.

Links: YouTube Channel

R1: Toilet Demons

R2: Deadline Victim She Just Wouldn't Understand (Shadow)



Ménage a Tune: Possessed of nothing more than cheerful determination, a love of learning and the ability to shamelessly beg for help, JoAnn has only been writing original songs for 2 years. She is still amazed at doing 30 in that time, and appreciates all the help she’s gotten from her fellow Song Fu friends in the past. She is usually one of the first eliminated, but has shadowed every round thus far, and if bumped plans on continuing the tradition just for the fun of it.

Links: Website - @Calliopeva

R1: Voted Out Haunting House

R2: Fractal Choices (Shadow) - My Best Friend (Shadow)

R3: Please Come Back (Shadow)

R4: Don't Miss The Rainbow (Shadow)

Ross Durand: Award winning songwriter Ross Durand hails from Southern California. Classically trained, he cut his songwriting teeth around campfires and the Orange County coffee house scene of the 1990s. Ross specializes in the solo acoustic idiom of the post-Dylan tradition. He has self released three CDs and is a staple of online songwriting contest including Spintunes, Nur Ein!, and Song Fight!, where he currently leads the all time submission list in the Song Fight! archive.

Links: Website - YouTube Channel

R1: Why Can't I?

R2: Space Opera Valentine (For Leia)

R3: Voted Out Advice (Easy As ABC)


Hazen Nester: Hazen is a two-time veteran in FRED Entertainment’s "Masters of Song Fu" competition. Apart from an album he is developing (and is currently on hiatus), his current musical endeavor is as part of a band that adapts music from a certain misspelled-insect-named band to fit in with a certain pastel-colored equine television program. He resides in central Michigan, plays strange Scottish sports for fun, and is a cyborg.

Links: Website - @qdHazen - YouTube Channel

R1: An Indelible Mark

R2: Voted Out (Bored With My) Precious Little Life



Governing Dynamics: Travis "Governing Dynamics" Norris writes music and tries not to take himself too seriously while also trying not to take himself unseriously. He hopes that he will not have to rap in this edition of Spintunes, but will attempt to control his emotions better if that happens. Buckle up.

Links: Website - @travisnorris

R1: Fear Nothing

R2: I Shouldn't Blame You

R3: Voted Out Go To Sleep


Jon Eric: Based in Austin, Texas, Jon Eric has been churning out his own off-kilter brand of bedroom folk an subjecting the Internet to it for nearly a decade. He currently lives with a dog, nine degus, and one human female, and enjoys writing about himself in the third person, because he thinks it makes him sound more professional.

Links: Website - YouTube Channel

R1: Jon Eric

R2: Voted Out Friday February 13th



Noah McLaughlin: French professor by trade, songwriter by passion, growly vocals and alt-country vibe by recent predilection. noah mclaughlin is a long-time (if somewhat erratic) contributor to Song Fight! and shadowed the last round of SpinTunes, enjoying himself immensely. He plans to roll up his sleeves and really dig in this time with his full arsenal of three second-hand guitars and array of free MIDI VSTis.

Links: Website

R1: Always Someone's Monster

R2: Voted Out Hey Joe

R3: va falloir (Shadow)


Dex01: Dex01 is a British, rock based, songwriter who has been writing music for almost two years, which qualifies him as a musician (it doesn’t). Inspired by Jonathan Coulton’s approach to writing and recording material, Dex decided to try and see if he could turn his hand at writing material instead of playing along and jumping up and down. The past two years have seen Dex record an EP turned demo album and acquire a professional mic which makes him some sort of big shot (it doesn’t).

Links: Website - @Dex01 - YouTube Channel

R1: Voted Out Let Me Out




Kevin Savino-Riker: Kevin is the guitarist for the Write Bloody House Party 2 Band, playing monthly at the Lightbulb Mouth Radio Hour variety show and podcast in Long Beach, CA. He is also an unsigned and unknown independent musician on YouTube. Kevin has served as drummer, bassist, guitarist, and lead vocalist in a number of bands over the last 15 years, though never all at the same time. Kevin is the champion of the first Spintunes contest, and he is still uncomfortable writing about himself in the 3rd person.

Links: Website - @RITmusic2k - YouTube Channel

R1: Thunder

R2: Got Away

R3: Voted Out The Tin Knight


Gold Lion: Hi there, my name is Mariah. I'm a fifteen-year-old girl with a guitar, a pen, and a brain. I started writing under Gold Lion in April of 2011, and since then released an EP, which can be found here. Aside from being a part-time rockstar and a full-time hooligan, I attend high school in suburban Minnesota. Basically in short, if my life was a potato, it'd be a mighty fine potato. For this contest, I'll be collaborating with my sound guy/percussionist/good friend, Jackie Jansen (A.K.A DoomSKITTLE). If we lose, you can blame it on him. Or, y'know, there's also Heather.

Links: Website - @GoldLionMusic - YouTube Channel

R1: Lady In Blue

R2: I Love My Dog

R3: Voted Out Crossfire (DQ)


Trader Jack: Singer/song-writer and producer. I tend to write alternative rock and folk. This'll be my first contest.

Links: Website

R1: Big Brown Bear

R2: Voted Out You Can Be My Joey Ramone



Emperor Gum: Moth Rock

Links: Website - @EmperorGumNews

R1: Voted Out Posted

R2: <3 (Shadow)



Chris Tallman: I have been playing the bass guitar for almost seven years, and have been sporadically writing music and lyrics for about two. I enjoy most genres of music, except for country.

Links: @heytallman - YouTube Channel

R1: Voted Out Fear The Reaper




Rebecca Angel: Rebecca Angel is a singer/songwriter of geeky themes, but throws in the appropriate amount of sappy love songs. She performs around the Capital District of New York with two bands, The Rebecca Angel Band and The Subs, and has five albums under her crocheted musical belt.

Links: Website

R1: Monster's Lullaby

R2: Insignificant You

R3: Voted Out My Tights


Jacob Haller: Jacob Haller is a Providence, RI-based musician whose songs (on such diverse topics as love, relationships, substance abuse, robots, and kittens) have been described as fresh, catchy, and quirky. He recently released his second CD, 'Circumstantial Evidence'.

Links: Website - @jwghaller - YouTube Channel

R1: The Maze

R2: From Your Neighbors

R3: Voted Out Come To Me Now

R4: What Do We Need? (Shadow)

Chris Cogott: I will try my best to write song(s) to the best of my limited abilities. I will also try real hard this time to not miss the song deadline(s). If anything should happen to go wrong, I will continue to do as I'm told and blame Heather even if I still don't know who she is.

Links: Website - @chriscogott

R1: Alone

R2: Deadline Victim



Marlon Barnes: Marlon is the late bloomer of a mostly musical family with an affinity for improvising songs, giving instruments names that start with the letter J and planning ways to counteract the oncoming robot apocalypse. He is known most for being lovably awkward and tackling hard-hitting musical topics such as mass extinction, facial hair, and dick jokes.

"I'm probably in well over my head, but I'm excited to be here" - Marlon

Links: Website - @DirtyPiGGuin

R1: Voted Out Teeth




David LeDuc: I'm originally a bassist and am breaking all the rules trying to play guitar and sing. I'm currently in the middle of a 100 day challenge to produce a video a day for 100 days. We'll see how that goes.

Links: Website - @davidleduc - YouTube Channel

R1: Nightmare

R2: 3rd Grade Valentine

R3: Seven Letters

R4: Fear (placed 4th)

David Ritter: David Ritter is best well known for his song a week project where he wrote and recorded one song per week and released them on his website, www.MacMufasa.com, in 2010. He is an avid writer of geek music and so far is a cancer survivor after being diagnosed in 2011 (not dead yet suckahs!).

Links: Website - @MacMufasa - YouTube Channel

R1: Voted Out Beaster Bunny




Rosalind: I've been into music my whole life, and written on and off, and even submitted to a few contests, but I've never actually tried to make something of it other than a local karaoke and church star. I'd like to see what I can do If I try.

Links: @girlsaregeeks

R1: Voted Out Where's The Buzzing?

R2: My Favorite Time Of The Week (Shadow)



Steve Durand: Steve Durand is a trumpet player and songwriter who likes to infuse his music with swing and jazz stylings.


R1: It Isn't Cool

R2: The Woman Of My Dreams

R3: A Song About Letters

R4: A Beautiful Voice (Winner)

Caleb Hines: Caleb is a software engineer by day who enjoys pretending to write music on the internet when he gets the chance. A Song Fu and SpinTunes veteran, he is self-trained in classical music theory, and has amassed a small plethora of instruments, though few that he can play well. That hasn't stopped him from trying, though.

Links: Website - @calebhines - YouTube Channel

R1: Footprints

R2: Voted Out To The Administrator Of Extraplanetary Research

R3: The Quetzalcoatlus (Shadow)


The Boffo Yux Dudes: We're humorists. That means we go for the occasional highbrow joke among the necrophilia and genitalia comments. The Dudes managed to reawaken from their coma in 2009, creating music new music for the confused masses. Allan Morgan and Tom Giarrosso head this version of BYD with previous members in the wings, ready to pounce if they make some change out of it.

Links: Website - @BoffoYuxDudes - YouTube Channel

R1: Dancin' To The Nightlight

R2: Voted Out A Letter To Bernie - Be My Valentine (Settle For Me) (Shadow)



Jess Scherer: Hi I'm Jess. I'm a Taurus and I drive a Taurus, and I'm not proud of either of those things. I've been writing songs for about five years and have been in a couple of different bands. The band I'm in right now is called Stripes on Stripes, and I'll probably make my bandmate Peter play guitar for me on my tunes. As far as songwriting goes, catchy and original are what I strive my darndest to achieve. I have done a songwriting challenge before but never a contest, and I am mighty stoked.

Links: Website

R1: Taken

R2: Carbonated Love

R3: This Twisted Tongue

R4: Threadbare (placed 3rd)

Brian Gray: Once upon a time reptilian goliaths roamed the Earth, leaving chaos and destruction in their wake. The close of the Mesozoic era saw a sudden extinction of these terrible behemoths, making room for other types of moths. Sixty-five million years later, Brian Gray began making music.

Links: Website - @BrianGrayMusic

R1: Just A Dream

R2: Man Crush

R3: Voted Out One Of Us

R4: Before You Go (Shadow)

Common Lisp: Paul R. Potts, aka Common Lisp, is a software engineer, blogger, podcaster, and videographer: a man of many talents, as long as those talents involve nervously squinting at a computer for hours on end. His musical skills are not limited to playing stringed instruments rather badly; he also sings rather badly. His five home-schooled children are driving him insane. He can often be found online, tweeting from the bathroom or posting pictures of his dinner on Facebook. He lives in Saginaw, Michigan.

Links: Website - @paulrpotts - YouTube Channel

R1: Falling: A Nightmare In Three Acts

R2: A Brother's Valentine

R3: Voted Out I.O.U. (DQ)


FauX: I'm this 16 year old kid. I've been writing music for ages, but I've only started putting it somewhere now. I think that's about it!


R1: Sleep

R2: Voted Out FauX



Felix Frost: I'm a solo musician who makes colorful, schizophrenic music with unusual song structures, styles and subject matter. My music is mostly synthetic, featuring my own voice, and usually involves lyrics that tell some kind of fictitious story. I've released two albums on CDbaby.com under the name Felix Frost, and I'm finished with a third album that should be going up soon.

Links: Website - YouTube Channel

R1: Rust People

R2: Voted Out Amber Avalanche



Jim Holmquist: Jim Holmquist is currently the leader, songwriter, and guitar player for fearless adventure-rock band, the Long Holidays. Whether Jim is with his band, or alone with an eight-sting ukulele and a Guinness, he always delivers a diverse set of story songs. He weaves his improv comedy, science chops, and tall tale telling into unforgettable tunes and party time performances.

Links: Website - @thelongholidays - YouTube Channel

R1: Voted Out Old Dan Next Door




Drei Viertel Drei: Who knows what to expect when the cultures that brought you Mozart, Burns, Freud, Fleming, Hitler, Haggis, Falco and Wet Wet Wet clash? The Austro-Scot duo of Mick Bordet (The Lunacy Board) and Katharina Maimer (Wiener Blut) aim to find out in their latest collaboration, "Drei Viertel Drei". We cannot guarantee the absence of yodelling or bagpipes.

Links: Website - @MickBordet

R1: Voted Out Lollipop Lady

R2: Goodbye (Shadow)

R3: Carnival (Shadow)

R4: Igor's Jigsaw (Shadow)


  1. SWEEEET group of old friends, familiar faces and new blood! This should be FUN!

    There is a NEW SpinTunes facebook fan page. http://www.facebook.com/pages/SpinTunes/326301284058854 You WILL be featured there, just for signing up!

  2. Graham [Emperor Gum]January 18, 2012 at 7:01 AM

    Its tough, but I'm going to have to give Brian Gray the award for best biography.

    1. I agree Graham! I LOL'ed... kind of puts things in perspective.

    2. Was it the epic grandeur of Brian's bio that got you, Graham... or is it that he mentioned moths?

  3. This should be interesting! Good luck to everyone :) I’m personally super excited!