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Saturday, March 12, 2016

SpinTunes #11 Champion: Jailhouse Payback

Winner: Jailhouse Payback - 4 - 2 - 1 - 2 - 4 - 1 - 3 - 4 - 4 - 1 = 26
Runner Up: Megalodon - 1 - 4 - 3 - 3 - 1 - 4 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 = 26
3rd: Ominous Ride - 3 - 3 - 4 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 2 - 3 - 2 - 2 = 25
4th: Governing Dynamics - 2 - 1 - 2 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 4 - 1 - 1 - 3 = 23

Votes were cast by:
Ben Taggart - Edric Haleen - Jailhouse Payback - Rob From Amersfoort - Boffo Yux Dudes - Turtle Fence - Megalodon - Mark Humble - Governing Dynamics - Ominous Ride
*votes are private so these names were scrambled from the order of the scores above.

Jailhouse Payback wins a nail biter!  It was so close that the popular vote had to be used as a tie breaker.  All 4 competitors did amazing, but there can only be 1 champion, and the reign of Jailhouse Payback has officially started.

Popular Vote:
Jailhouse Payback - 34
Megalodon - 30
Ominous Ride - 11
Governing Dynamics - 3
Total Votes: 78

Judges: Dr. Lindyke, Zoe Gray, Ted Kiper & Kally O'Mally
Guest Judge:  N/A
Alternate Judge: N/A

I want to give a big THANK YOU to all the competitors, judges, guest judges, shadowers, fans, Tom & Joe for hosting the LP's, Matt for the album art, and anyone that had anything to do with this contest.  None of this is possible without the participation of all you wonderful people.

Normally SpinTunes has a contest every 6 months.  One that starts around January, and another that starts around June.  SpinTunes 12 will break from this pattern, and will probably start in January of 2017.  HOWEVER, we will be hosting a new songwriting contest starting around July of this year.  I'll post details about that at a later date, but keep your calendar open this summer.  Make sure you follow @SpinTunes on Twitter for contest updates. Between Song FightNur Ein & various other projects, there should be plenty to keep you busy until SpinTunes #12. If you've completed at least 1 song for SpinTunes, you are also welcome to join the SpinTunes Facebook group.  It's a good way to keep in touch, and we post about related news in there as well

SpinTunes #11 Round 4 Reviews: Dr Lindyke

It's the final round, and this one's a Photo Finish! The challenge:
Photo Finish - Write a song inspired by the Everett Leigh photo below:
The photographer (and subject) of the photo happens to be my brother.

As this is an "inspired by" challenge, with no set lyrical or technical requirements, it's a pure contest of songwriting craft and pretty much anything goes. And listening to the songs it occurred to me, not only that all of the composers belong in this final round, but also that I found it really, really difficult to rank them. They're all excellent! So, being at a loss myself, I turned to my good friend Vizzini for his opinion.

Vizzini is renowned for his blistering sharp wit and refined taste. I found him at a tavern near the outskirts of Florin, sharpening his stiletto. Being Sicilian, he's rarely without it, though he prefers to use his brain and hired muscle. I explained my predicament, offered him my MP3 player and lyric printouts and ordered a round of drinks. Presently the barmaid arrived to pour the wine. I motioned for her to leave the bottle.

Presently Vizzini turned off the player. "They're all very good," he opined.

"I know," I replied. "I guess it must be as hard for you to rank them as it is for me!"

"Inconceivable!" cried Vizzini, "I already know who the winner should be!"

"Really?" I was impressed. "Would you enlighten me?"

"Of course!" he answered. "Let's go through them one at a time, in album order.  We'll start with the first entry, 'The Real Indiana Jones'. Jailhouse Payback, prompted by the appearance of your brother in the photograph, engages in well-defined storytelling concerning the movie character of his title. Within this, he incorporates other features of the photograph... clouds, sky, the sea, and the rocky shore. Coupled with a very catchy tune, infectious beat, and solid performance that includes an impressive guitar solo, clearly this entry must be my favorite!"

"Interesting!", I said. "So this is number one. What's your second choice?"

"Not so fast!" cautioned Vizzini. "I haven't finished describing my first place choice!"

"Alright..." said I, puzzled, "Do continue."

Vizzini continued, "Governing Dynamics' entry, 'Sound On Sound' has a very different feeling, much more melancholy and laid-back. Though the vocals may seem a little more shaky, we have to remember that this is a songwriting competition. And Governing Dynamics went beyond the image of the photograph. He did the sleuthing to learn of the actual location shown in the photograph and incorporated that into his song. That kind of detailed craftsmanship certainly earns him some bonus points. Plus, the guitar work in this number is superb. Clearly, this entry must be my favorite!"

"So," I ventured, "This is the best of the lot? You're ready to move on to number two?"

"Not even remotely! I'm just getting started! I haven't yet discussed Ominous Ride and 'Rocks And Sky And Water And Sand'! Though the band claims not to be proud of this mix, it's largely due to the same perfectionist attitude I bring to my own work!" Vizzini inspected his stiletto with a slight frown and resumed polishing the razor edge as he continued to speak. "This piece encapsulates the resonant sound that is the signature of Ominous Ride's previous work. It also displays a different kind of songwriting; one based in pure emotion rather than narrative. One image expressed in light prompts others expressed in lyric and sound. This emotion isn't lost even on an intellectual like myself! Clearly, this entry must be my favorite!"

I sensed a clear pattern. Despite that, I fed the troll. Then I turned back to Vizzini and queried, "I suppose now you're ready to move on?"

"You'd like to think that, wouldn't you! But I'm not some moron who leaves a thought unfinished! There's another entry to consider! Megalodon took a literal left turn with their entry, 'Stout Cortez', winding up on the West Coast instead of the East, describing a sunset instead of a sunrise. Such things are perfectly allowable when the image alone is your prompt. And according to the band, the photo prompt prompted a memory of a poetic prompt to prompt the music and narrative! Inconceivable!" It occurred to me that perhaps that word didn't mean what he thought it meant, but I allowed him to continue, "Megalodon turns this into the story of an explorer on the Western shore of a vast continent. Not only is this highly imaginative, it gets whimsy points for putting your brother in a rubber room. It's also arguably the best produced song of the bunch. Clearly, this entry must be my favorite!"

"But that makes four favorites!" I complained, "How would you rank them?"

"I've already told you what I thought of each song!" snapped Vizzini. "A clever man can hold more than one thought at a time, and a Sicilian never goes back on his word! And that reminds me, I've been employed to kidnap a certain young maiden, and must collect my associates and procure seagoing conveyance. I'm on a tight schedule, so now I must take my leave!"

Vizzini began to walk away, then turned back to the table, sweeping the bottle of wine and two goblets into his pack before bustling out of the door.


Realizing that I had just wasted an evening and a good bit of coin without being any closer to a solution, I decided to call on my brother for his opinion. After all, he took the photo. It's only fair that he get a say in ranking the songs.

I found him at a tavern near the outskirts of Florence, sharpening the contrast on some images in Photoshop. Being a photographer he's rarely without it, though he prefers to use his brain and in-camera settings. I explained my predicament, offered him my MP3 player and lyric printouts and ordered a round of drinks. Presently our server arrived to pour the sweet tea. I motioned for her to leave the pitcher.

Presently Everett turned off the player. "They're all very good," he opined.

A sense of dread coupled with deja vu began to wash over me. It quickly abated as he continued. "The poetry in the lyrics for all were easy for me to relate to and I truly liked them a lot. But if I have to rank them, then here are my personal preferences, in order." He slid a piece of paper across the table to me. On it he had written his verdict:
  1. Jailhouse Payback - The Real Indiana Jones
  2. Megalodon - Stout Cortez
  3. Ominous Ride - Rocks And Sky And Water And Sand
  4. Governing Dynamics - Sound On Sound
I turned the paper over and realized it was the bill. When I looked up, Everett was gone.


Sadly, Vizzini didn't offer an opinion on the shadows, but here are my thoughts:

Jailhouse Payback - Steps And Regrets (Shadow)
To be perfectly honest, of the two entries from Jailhouse Payback, this one is the one that got stuck in my head. It's a lot catchier. Nevertheless the right song was submitted as the official entry, as The Real Indiana Jones captures more of the flavor of photo than this one. It's a little strange to hear "Up on the mountainside" when looking at a photo of the ocean. Lots of banjo goodness in this one, and it's earned a permanent spot in my MP3 player. This sort of song is why I'm a Jailhouse Payback fan.

Boffo Yux Dudes - Sunset (Shadow)
Ooooooh, this is a little darker than we're used to from the Dudes. They went with the 'sunset', and produced a solid ballad of regret. There's still a hint of what I call "BYD Mode" in the chorus, which makes it recognizable as a Boffo Yux Dudes production. I'm a bit distracted by the instrumentation, though. Are these instruments out of tune on purpose, by accident, or is it just my ears? If this were a piano, some of the notes might be found in the cracks between the keys.

Boffo Yux Dudes - The Color Of Invisible Light (Shadow) 
My high school teachers always said, "write what you know," leaving me puzzled as to why they consistently rejected my monographs on serial murder. Nevertheless, this advice seems to have worked out pretty well for the Dudes with their background in broadcast media. The first bar establishes that this tune is going to be in signature "BYD mode" clean through. They're playing to their strength in the same way that the Riddler is playing to his every time he sends Batman a postcard. It usually works out, right? The photographed colors of the sunlit sky led them to this pensive piece that notes that most of the electromagnetic spectrum is factually "invisible light" (which, as a former USAF radio tech, I truly find fascinating). Besides the fact that this has some really nice organ work, there's gotta be a prize for this line alone: "Listen to the song I sing, it’s pulled out of my rectum." I can't argue with that!

SpinTunes #11 Round 4 Reviews: Kally O'Mally

Megalodon first Stout Cortez, nice flow to the song, nice production.  Great way of tackling this subject.

Governing Dynamics (our own personal U2) 2nd.  Good melodic development.

I like Ominous Ride's work alot - only thing I would have changed there is I would have done the line, "Never seen the sunrise" 2 times in a row.  That's the hook of the song and it doesn't get a chance to develop as well as it could.  Nice guitar work in this one too.

I'm gonna go Jailhouse Payback #3 and Ominous ride #4.   They're close though...

SpinTunes #11 Round 4 Reviews: Zoe Gray

Ominous Ride - Rocks And Sky And Water And Sand
This is my favorite song out of four very good songs. It catches your ear from the first piano chords, and the interesting chord progression, perfectly executed harmonies, and eloquent lyrics make you want to listen to the song over and over again! It starts with a kind of chill vibe that builds up with the addition of more instruments and guitar lines until the bridge, which is when you really power through until the end of the song. The only thing I didn’t love was the ending, which felt a little abrupt. But I really enjoyed the song as a whole and the hook of “rocks and sky and water and sand” had me singing along by the the second listen. I’m intrigued by your decision to leave out the “and”s in the last chorus. You found a good topic in loss of faith and followed through to make a great song.

Jailhouse Payback - The Real Indiana Jones
The music in this is wonderful. The guitar solos and fills are amazing, catchy and played wonderfully. It’s catchy and upbeat and sounds a little like a beach tune with the whammy bar. The chorus is catchy and I love the echoing of the last lyrics of each verse with the guitar. The repeating motifs are weaved together beautifully. This is composed very cleanly and from beginning to end keeps the listener captivated. Many of the rhymes are only near rhymes, but I don’t mind that as much as some. I like the description of an Indiana Jones-type figure. Or are you singing about actual Indiana Jones? Hard to tell, but either way it really captures the adventurous, alluring spirit of the personality with the music.

Megalodon - Stout Cortez
My favorite thing about this song is probably the melody. It’s very catchy, and it feels like an old standard. I enjoy the pre-chorus especially. Every time, it gets me bouncing and wanting to sing along. The harmonies are wonderful and I love the guitar underscoring the vocals. My ears are hoping for a little more of a resolution to fall into, but the chorus is not impactful as I’d like, musically. I really enjoy the guitar line during the second verse, though. The shakers and extra drums that kick in during the bridge and guitar solo are awesome, but I’d love for some of them to carry on longer through the rest of the song to keep up the energy. Lyrically, this is amazing. Internal rhymes in every single line in the verse, and external rhymes at the end of each line! And it all makes sense in its exploration of Hernan Cortez and the Keats poem in question.

Governing Dynamics - Sound on Sound
I like the myriad of instruments filling this out here. It feels like it’s really building up to something during the verse. The pre-chorus has a lovely floating feel and a nice melody, which resolves nicely in the chorus. This is well put-together! I’m slightly unclear as to what specifically it’s about, but the lyrics are lovely and eloquent. The song starts to feel like it’s going on a little long around the three-minute mark; it seems like it could have tied up neatly without the doubling of the last chorus. All of the transitions between verse, pre-chorus, and chorus are smooth. This is nice, and I like the fade-out!

SpinTunes #11 Round 4 Reviews: Ted Kiper

Oh goodness, this week went by really fast for me! I’ll try not to bore you with my usually long intros. First, I’d like to say that I’m very proud to have these four contestants. You guys have done an extraordinary amount of quality work. Second, I might not be very descriptive in the reviews for your songs, but I made a little more comment on your progress throughout the competition. Finally, I will not be using this grading system in the future; it’s been much too exhausting and needless for me, but I promise I will be more precise and consolidated next time. Thanks for all of your patience and continual reading. Again, you guys have done an amazing job, and I hope to see you all after the competition break.


Megalodon – Stout Cortez
Rank: 1
Score = 46

Challenge = 10
It’s one thing to write a song about an image; it’s another to connect the image to another form of art, in this case a poem. Very clever and rather effective. Curiously, was this concept a leftover from the last round? How fortunate!
Lyrics = 7
I don’t know where “Balboa” comes from, but the direction of the lyrics doesn’t leave me with any concerns.
Composition = 6
There is a smooth balance between adventurous and reflective.
Songcrafting = 7
The song a great variety of styles, all in good taste.
Arrangement = 3
Rather similar to your previous entry Cassandra. Acceptable enough, I suppose.
Performance = 4
I enjoyed the calming verses and the swinging chorus.
Recording = 4
As clean as any other entry you’ve submitted. No problems I can perceive.
Judge’s Whim = 7
In my opinion, the song is a little on the safe side for your usual work. Yet, it’s catchy enough for me to remember it well.
Final Conclusions:
You came to the competition in full force, and you did not disappoint. All your submissions could easily be in my top 10 favorites of Spintunes 11—not because of the consistently excellent executions, but because there is so much potential in the sound you craft. But my favorite of your submissions? That’s difficult to discern. I think it would be “Exact Change”; the composition was thoroughly captivating. Perhaps almost as interesting, I see an amazing transformation of lyrics, from the oopsy, goofy “My Foolish Mind” to the detailed, more delicate “Stout Cortez”. Awesome job, through and through.

Jailhouse Payback – Steps And Regrets (Shadow)
Potential Rank: 2
Score: 46

Challenge - 8
Neither the music nor lyrics reflects the picture of the challenge as well as the other entries did. But this type of challenge is quite open to anything, and I’m completely able to accept this. Actually, I admire it, as explained later.
Lyrics - 6
I’m really confused about the lyrics. Is it about hunting? Homicide? Suicide? Otherwise, I am completely enamored by the setting. The words feel so folksy, it’s as normal as a backyard.
Composition – 7
That chord progression gets me, every time! It’s nothing new to me, but you safely get my nod in how you handled it. It’s like comfort food!
Songcrafting - 6
The musical muteness at the later verses was very appropriate. It wastes no effort to alter the form, pretty straightforward, and I think this was a wise idea. Maintains the folksy energy. Just a tad bit lengthy at the end, but I get it.
Arrangement - 3
The sound certainly matches mountainside, but I was kind of hoping for
Performance - 4
Nearly clean execution. Perfect enough to be impressive, imperfect enough to not sound plastic and fake.
Recording - 4
Was there a slight volume drop in the outro la-la-la’s? Maybe not. No big deal.
Judge’s Whim - 8
There is a certain beauty in here, something that feels rather real to me. I have absolutely no problem putting this song in repeat and sleeping on it, merely by the strange comfort. I am quite depressed that this wasn’t the official entry—this is my favorite song presented in Spintunes 11.
Final Conclusions:
I remember first hearing your songs back in the much earlier rounds, during the JoAnn era. I was quite honestly not so impressed, easily confusing you to Army Defense at the time. Take no offense, because I am proud to say I have confidently changed my mind. I don’t think I need to mention that this is my favorite submission from you.

Jailhouse Payback – The Real Indiana Jones
Rank: 2
Score: 44

Challenge = 7
It was the hat, wasn’t it? That stupid hat. Nah, I’m joking. Indiana Jones is pretty cool, but he wasn’t at the front of my mind for this challenge. However, you managed to combine both worlds pretty good.
Lyrics = 6
You got the storytelling down pat. No surprise, you seem to master it rather well. What I really love is how it also takes me through the adventure.
Composition = 7
It’s really quite amazing and different. It’s like Spanish punk.
Songcrafting = 7
I quite like the guitar licks dispersed in the song. Part of smart songcraft-stitching.
Arrangement = 4
It’s almost perfect… but since I can’t find any problems, I can’t dock points here.
Performance = 3
I absolutely admire the chorus performance…
Recording = 3
…but “clouds” is nearly just as invisible as itself.
Judge’s Whim = 7
Despite not having my highest rank, I think I would pick this as the winner of the four official entries.
Final Conclusions:
You worked very hard for this competition. You created some cool and different sounds, without the need to sacrifice your style, and that’s very respectable. Besides your shadow on this round, I’d also say I very much enjoyed “Watching ‘Lockdown’”; although I found the lyrics rather weak, the music for the chorus made so much sense to me and was ultimately very catchy. You have impressed me so much since Round 1. Best of luck!

Governing Dynamics – Sound On Sound
Rank: 3
Score: 44

Challenge – 9
“Music” on a “body of water”? Very clever! And to tie to the whole image of the challenge? I suppose the man the narrator in a state of observation. Covered.
Lyrics - 6
A lot of things are happening, but the lack of direction creates a distracted imagery. On the other extreme, I found it somewhat too rhymy. Yet, I love the amount of description.
Composition - 7
The intro fade in of multiple layers—I see what you did there. The dual guitar instrumental was a nice add, perhaps the best add to the song.
Songcrafting - 7
Honestly, I can’t find anything wrong in the crafting of this song. The form was interesting enough. I suppose my only suggestion is adding more dynamics or a bigger indicator of switching stanzas.
Arrangement - 3
I don’t know if the harsher guitars were entirely necessary. But they sounded good.
Performance – 3
Despite some weak landings on notes, I like the eagerness and direction of the vocals.
Recording - 4
Good mix. Nothing bad here.
Judge’s Whim – 5
Overall, I find the entry on the mushy side. No, not so much the sound by production, but perhaps the whole idea. And I hate to admit it, but it seems frustratingly leaning on anticlimactic. I think it needed a unique element to elevate some brightness into the song.
Final Conclusions:
Well, Mr. Past Champion, I’m not sure if #11 will be your #2. You had some tough competitors. But you’ve delivered some really creative content. My favorite from you this time around may be “Wax Wings”. As much as I like electronic sounds and U2, your Round 3 entry was emotionally smart and adventurous.

Ominous Ride – Rocks And Sky And Water And Sand
Rank = 4
Score = 43

Challenge = 8
Your theme is understandable, but I actually find the loss of faith almost as interesting as the shift of reality. I do admire your sensibility to see this challenge not as a “pretty picture” but as a “stark reminder”. Also, the idea to use the sunrise in the picture to represent the sunrise to his new sense of perception is quite genius!
Lyrics = 7
I’m not sure what the daggers and absurd questions are in the first verse, but the subtleties are smartly calm and collective. I sense new realization.
Composition = 6
The music fits well for a morning sunrise; it also has the feel of waking up in bed, rubbing the sleep away from the eyes.
Songcrafting = 6
Safe and tame, with exceptions for some stanzas. It’s a well-crafted song.
Arrangement = 3
The harsh guitars at 1’56” are an odd add-on to a morning setting.
Performance = 4
The vocal bends are well executed.
Recording = 4
A clean piano sound does seem to give a new sense of clarity you talk about.
Judge’s Whim = 4
Again, I appreciate the concept of the song. But I am more fond of “pretty picture” ideas than “this will die like everything else” ideas. (I joke, don’t kill me!) With three other amazing entries, I still found the song rather on the safer side.
Final Conclusions:
I’m very glad you made it this far and have delivered so much more interesting material. I’d like to personally apologize if you were offended by my review of “Cheap Wine”. I was honest in what I said, but you should I know really did enjoy the song, even if my rankings didn’t show it. Most of my favorite songs here are either shadows or songs that eliminate players. For your amusement, I’m still jealous that people liked your song “Beano” more than my song “Cialis”. And after having the honor to judge you, I really must admit you are a better composer than me, through and through.

The Boffo Yux Dudes – The Color Of Invisible Light (Shadow)
Potential Rank: 5
Score: 41

Challenge – 6
This is probably the farthest from the challenge.
Lyrics - 7
Omg, I luv it! My nerdness is exploding! I’m a fan of electromagnetic science. And the words “spectrum” and “rectum”? Disgustingly brilliant.
Composition – 7
It’s as bouncy and poppy as my beloved 80’s style, with an ambiguous blend.
Songcrafting - 5
The ending is quite sloppy, unfortunately. I think I’ll call it “rhythmic dissonance”.
Arrangement - 4
It has all the electro-elements I demand to hear for a topic such as this.
Performance – 2
What a weird duet. I approve.
Recording - 3
It seems a little on the quiet side.
Judge’s Whim - 6
I actually like this shadow a little more than the depressing one. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that hardcore physics comforts me more than a dying old man. Which would you rather suffer?

The Boffo Yux Dudes – Sunset (Shadow)
Potential Rank: 5
Score = 40

Challenge = 8
This is probably the closest to the challenge.
Lyrics = 6
Yup, sounds like an old man slowly losing his mind with the rest of his life. It’s a barely recognizable acceptance of the twilight days.
Composition = 6
I’m usually pretty fond of slow songs, but perhaps this is a little too dragging. I suppose it works for your take of the challenge.
Songcrafting = 6
The imagery is formed perfectly by the injection of the words into the music. The slowing of the tempo at the end proves effective for the final hours of the day.
Arrangement = 3
Strummy guitar and insistent shakers are excellent for an old man’s song.
Performance = 2
The low-pitched vocals are slightly distracting. They are a wonderful idea, but they aren’t very precise. Or maybe that was the point…
Recording = 4
Very good blend of layers, especially the subtle doubling of voices.
Judge’s Whim = 5
At first, I didn’t like it very much. The “I’m-ready-to-die” attitude is a bit of a turn-off. But after listening to it a couple more times, I can appreciate the paralyzing fear and respect of the closing of life. It’s really tough to decide which shadow I like more!
Final Conclusions:
Um, you haven’t done many songs on Competition #11 for me to figure out my favorite from you. So… I’ll just mention you should’ve done more songs. I really liked “First Wurst”, or I think I would’ve liked where it could’ve turned out to be. Seriously, it was probably on my top 5 faves for ST11.


Megalodon– Stout Cortez
Jailhouse Payback– The Real Indiana Jones
Governing Dynamics – Sound On Sound
Ominous Ride – Rocks And Sky And Water And Sand

Monday, March 7, 2016

SpinTunes #11 Round 4 Songs

Big thanks to Tom for doing another fine job with the listening party this round.  And thanks to Matt for doing a great job the entire contest with the album art!

Remember, this round the judges have to review everyone, but YOU decide who wins.  If you signed up for SpinTunes 11, and you turned in at least 1 song (shadows count), then you get to help decide who wins.  To cast your vote you'll need to send me an e-mail listing the 4 finalist favorite to least favorite.  To avoid confusion number them with #1 being your favorite.

For those who don't get an official vote this round you can still have some say via the popular vote, but it'll only be used as a tie breaker.

The songs are now available for FREE download. Until the winner is announced I will only allow people to download the round 4 album as a whole. But even after that, PLEASE download the entire album vs downloading just a handful of songs while the contest is on going. BandCamp limits how many free downloads I can give away, and 1 album download counts the same as 1 song download.

(Album cover by Matt Schubbe)

- Judges & guest judges need to turn in their reviews & rankings by March 11th 6PM (F).

- Competitors rankings need to be turned in by March 11th 6PM (F).

- Reviews & results will be posted March 12th (Sat).

Videos: If anyone wants to make a VIDEO for their song, I will include it here:

Links Of Interest:

Round 4 LP & Deadline News

For now you should know:
- All 4 finalist made the deadline.
- There is 1 shadow so far, with maybe 1 or 2 more coming.
- The listening party will be hosted by Tom on YouTube tonight at 8PM EST. Pre-show starts a 7:30 if you want to get there early.  Keep an eye on the Twitter feed for any possible changes.

Listening Party Location: YouTube