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Saturday, March 12, 2016

SpinTunes #11 Round 4 Reviews: Zoe Gray

Ominous Ride - Rocks And Sky And Water And Sand
This is my favorite song out of four very good songs. It catches your ear from the first piano chords, and the interesting chord progression, perfectly executed harmonies, and eloquent lyrics make you want to listen to the song over and over again! It starts with a kind of chill vibe that builds up with the addition of more instruments and guitar lines until the bridge, which is when you really power through until the end of the song. The only thing I didn’t love was the ending, which felt a little abrupt. But I really enjoyed the song as a whole and the hook of “rocks and sky and water and sand” had me singing along by the the second listen. I’m intrigued by your decision to leave out the “and”s in the last chorus. You found a good topic in loss of faith and followed through to make a great song.

Jailhouse Payback - The Real Indiana Jones
The music in this is wonderful. The guitar solos and fills are amazing, catchy and played wonderfully. It’s catchy and upbeat and sounds a little like a beach tune with the whammy bar. The chorus is catchy and I love the echoing of the last lyrics of each verse with the guitar. The repeating motifs are weaved together beautifully. This is composed very cleanly and from beginning to end keeps the listener captivated. Many of the rhymes are only near rhymes, but I don’t mind that as much as some. I like the description of an Indiana Jones-type figure. Or are you singing about actual Indiana Jones? Hard to tell, but either way it really captures the adventurous, alluring spirit of the personality with the music.

Megalodon - Stout Cortez
My favorite thing about this song is probably the melody. It’s very catchy, and it feels like an old standard. I enjoy the pre-chorus especially. Every time, it gets me bouncing and wanting to sing along. The harmonies are wonderful and I love the guitar underscoring the vocals. My ears are hoping for a little more of a resolution to fall into, but the chorus is not impactful as I’d like, musically. I really enjoy the guitar line during the second verse, though. The shakers and extra drums that kick in during the bridge and guitar solo are awesome, but I’d love for some of them to carry on longer through the rest of the song to keep up the energy. Lyrically, this is amazing. Internal rhymes in every single line in the verse, and external rhymes at the end of each line! And it all makes sense in its exploration of Hernan Cortez and the Keats poem in question.

Governing Dynamics - Sound on Sound
I like the myriad of instruments filling this out here. It feels like it’s really building up to something during the verse. The pre-chorus has a lovely floating feel and a nice melody, which resolves nicely in the chorus. This is well put-together! I’m slightly unclear as to what specifically it’s about, but the lyrics are lovely and eloquent. The song starts to feel like it’s going on a little long around the three-minute mark; it seems like it could have tied up neatly without the doubling of the last chorus. All of the transitions between verse, pre-chorus, and chorus are smooth. This is nice, and I like the fade-out!

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