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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Spintunes #6 Round 2 Review: Graham Porter

I'm not going to use my last rounds point system here because I don't think it fits the challenge. It's a really good idea for you all to write either a brief when you submit your entry or link to a song bio. I promise I will read it! It helps gives an insight for the judges, helps us pick on things we might miss otherwise.

TurboShandy - Llanfairpwillo…Llanfiaiuh…Llafiaph…Lando…[sigh]...LFC
-While the punch is hilarious, this song work just as well in complete earnest. Beautifully folk music arrangement on top of a good marching drum rhythm. Some pretty rousing lyrics and some pretty vocals to boot.

Glen Raphael - Gunn High Chess Team Fight!
-Solid accapella, the melody is mostly good but falters and feels out of place in the bridge section. Good job on working in so many chess references, but lines like "play like a man insane" don't feel very chess like. Nice key change.

Jenny Katz - Load The Cannon, Light The Fuse
-USA line doesn't quite fit, otherwise the lyrics have a classic feel that works really well. Production sounds like it could be playing over the tannoy at the Emirates. Always a fan of random live elements and making a reference to your first round song gets you a thumbs up.

The Middle Relievers - Here's To Joe's
-Performance sounds great and like a bar which is good, but what sounds like either reverb or a television in the background is distracting. Excellent lyrics, nailed the fight song challenge.

Brian Gray - Fei Gong!
-The elaborate marching band orchestration with an oriental interlude gives this song a musical exuberance that would lift a team to being sportsmanlike, I guess. Some genuinely funny lyrics complete the song wonderfully.

Steven Wesley Guiles - Minecraft Fight Song
Synths add an appropriate edge to a solid fight song. The melody and lyrics are solid; energetic vocal performances too. Unfortunately it's not a song about a sports team.

RC - We Will Bury You
-Musically this was tremendous amount of fun, you were able to use a rock band to give a great fight song vibe without the usual instrumentaion. Breakdown was a bit unnecessary and the weakest element. While the lyrics got the enthusiasm and humour right, not writing about a sport in particular hurt you.

Edric Haleen - A Father's Fight Song
-Fun and memorable fight song melody. Production wise the contrast of the small 'live' sports event and the singer's inner thought is interesting. The descant's countermelody fits well but its sincerity feels a little too strong. Something coming from a place of pride rather than the almost fear presented here might have worked better.

Army Defense - 72Dolphins
This is not a fight song. The lyrics are vague, extended audio sample seems totally pointless. Its alright musically; there are some nice synthetic sounds going around, unfortunately they just aren't going anywhere.

The Chocolate Chips - Indian Cricket Team Fight Song (Win For India!)
-Indian music arrangement sounds fantastic and suits the theme of course, though your vocals are too quiet. Lyrics are unambitious but serviceable. The melody works well for a fight song, but overall this lacks enthusiasm; you could have sung 'lose for India' and it still would have sounded right.

Kevin Savino-Riker - The 12th Man
-Solid lyrics, writing a fight song more for the fans than the team is an interesting angle. Whistling and snare back up good vocals, build from solo voice to crowd works really well. The song is too long, you could thirty seconds or more out of this (the intro in particular) without it suffering.

Blimp Exhaust - Checkmate!
This is good rock song and a great rock sound. Unfortunately it lacks the melodic memorability that would get it sung by fans at sports event. An aggressive set of lyrics about chess work pretty well.

Jerry Skids - Psyche 'Em Out! (The Beers Fight Song)
-Simple accompaniment fits this fight/drinking song perfectly, which benefits greatly from a very enthusiastic vocal performances. The lyrics are decent, but some of the lines are little too inside Baseketball.
(For the record, had you written a song about the Zanarkand Abes I would have loved you forever.)

Dr. Lindyke - Cock Fight
-Good fight song lyrics that are both encouraging and hilarious, double entendres FTW. Competent marching band accompaniment backs up a great singing ensemble.

Steve Durand - Put Your Mettle To The Pedals
-Brisk! Beautiful wind performances, memorable melody, good lyrics, classic flavour, rousing stuff! I'm sorry I don't have anything more to see. Like. +1. Thumbs Up.

"BuckHat" Bobby - YTCWGWCT
-Great lyrics, I laugh every time at the punch in the chorus! This is a lovely song that endearingly performed, however it doesn't feel like that much of a fight song. Outside of the context of the challenge I enjoyed this immensely.

Ross Durand - Bigger In Texas
-Solid song, lyrics are generally pretty good though the second half of the second verse doesn't quite fit the fight enthusiasm or local team focus. Fun accompanying music.

MC Ohm-I - Let's Go Mets
-Delightful take on a traditional fight song. Enthusiastic lyrics and a sing-alongable melody. Brass provides an excellent accompaniment.

Josh Holober-Ward - Let's Go Ravens!
-A fight song for an occasional fan, contains some pretty funny lyrics with a really enjoyable vocal performance. Last verse brings enough sincerity back to the tone to round off the song nicely.


Edric Haleen - ICA School Song
-A great fight song, with some truly wonderful retro accompaniment. You went for something different with your official entry and that's cool, I'd say this one was the better of the two fight songs though not necessarily the better song.

The Boffo Yux Dudes - Go, Trenton Wolverines!
-Standard fight song sentimentality with a snarky undertone. I like it!


  1. I recorded my song in a hurry, while exhausted, several days before the deadline, using software I'd never used before, all in large part because I was too busy preparing for jococruisecrazy. The production end of things did kind of suck, so I don't mind everybody dinging me that it lacked enthusiasm or the bassline was uneven or lyrics were in places hard to make out. But I think I have to reject this particular criticism unless you have another example to offer:

    > Good job on working in so many chess references, but lines like "play like a man insane" don't feel very chess like.

    Actually, insanity is quite commonly associated with high-level chess play. Many of the best chess players in the world have been crazy while playing at or near the top of their game or later became crazy. So "play like a man insane" basically means "play as brilliantly as somebody like Bobby Fischer." (Bobby himself was never actually *diagnosed* as crazy, but I mean, c'mon. And many many others were.)

    Google "chess insanity", or browse this forum discussion for a few names to consider:


    "Chess, insanity and politics have always been inextricably connected." -- Hurst

    1. As someone who has played his fair share of chess in my time, I didn't pick it up as a reference. I will acknowledge it as such. You made a decent song, I hope you enjoyed your cruise!