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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Champions Vs Shadows #2 Round 1 Reviews: T.C. Elliott

1 Governing Dynamics - Rise - I like the melody, the lyric, the guitars and the tone of the vocal. I found the lack of cohesive rhyme scheme from verse to verse to be slightly off setting. Or, rather, noticeable in an unflattering way. I think if the rhyme schemes had been reversed I wouldn't have minded it so much. And there were a couple of spots where the vox was either pitchy or not assertive enough. Just a little distracting in a place or two. Overall, though, this is a song I would listen to again. In fact, on second listen, I like it even more.

2 Kevin Savino-Riker - Wait Right There  I like the guitar playing and parts. The rhythm is cool, too. I think the lyric, the idea of the song suits the challenge better than GD's song did, but it doesn't grab me as much when I listen. Your vocals and guitar remind me of a 70's song or band, but I can't quite place it. Not that it matters.

1 Heather Zink - Demntia - I like the vocals and the melody. The lyric works very well for me, although you've only written 10 lines and repeated 9 of them (although with a slight change to one.)  Normally I'd call that lazy songwriting, but here it seems to work. I also like the drop to voices at the end which I guess fulfills the music part of the challenge. Although, maybe just barely? I enjoyed listening to this one a lot. In spite of my being picky, it is one of my favorites.

3 Ben Taggart - Master Of My Destiny - A very classic sounding folk tune. I'm thinking 60's.  At least before the turn. Which I like. This one definitely meets the spirit of the challenge, especially musically. It went from plain to interesting for me. You saved it.

5 Mick Bordet - You Remind Me - I have to give you credit with the lyric/idea. I enjoyed that part quite a bit.   I'm not a fan of the vocal delivery, the tone, pitch, phrasing or delivery, though. I do like the single note guitar lines. They sound good and add just enough interest to the song to keep me interested musically. Another kind of drop out to (barely) hit the musical challenge. But it works here, as well.

2 Rob From Amersfoort - I'm So Stable - I enjoyed musical challenge here, the rhythm caught my attention, but man it works well for me. The melody is good and the panned vox, too. Hitting the challenge pretty well and the music belies the lyric/title.  

4 Boffo Yux Dudes - Instability - I'm digging the left panned distorted lines. The rhythm is decent enough, nice use of a shaker. The overdubbed spoken word and the 8bit sounds both worked for me. The lyric was kind of interesting with a nice tie in. The ending satisfied the musical challenge, although I kind of expected it. It's not bad, really.  I guess that's the whole song for me. Not bad, really.

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