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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SpinTunes #1 Round 1 Review: Joe "Covenant" Lamb

My overwhelming thoughts about the round.
- There are some AMAZING and INCREDIBLE musicians involved in this.
- But some of the lyrics let some songs down and some vocals really need worked on.
- Songs need words, sung well-ish.
- OKay. These are my first thoughts on all the songs.
- And, as that's how most people listen to songs then here it is....

Anyway... Top 4 there were whiskers between. Caleb took it, but the next three could have been in almost ANY order.

Caleb Hines - The Memoirs Of Clockwork Man
- Brilliant. Just Brilliant.
- The only thing that would make this better would be if *I* had done the intro ! (Heh!)
- I am NOT going to mention JoCo similarities cos this is better.
- 9.5/10

Denise Hudson - Invisible Girl
- Brilliant musically, (in fact, melody-wise, best of the bunch), brilliant lyric.
- Some very subtle midi stuf in the background of this.
- Just wish the vocals were a TOUCH clearer.
- Seems to be a very layered song... doesn't seem to be just about "Invisible Girl"
- 9/10

Edric Haleen - A Letter To Humanity
- Edric seems to have discovered Midi big time!
- Even at 3mins, Too short Edric... too short.
- OKay, it made me think of "Dr Evil..." but so what !
- 9/10

Sara Parsons - Starlite (Ballad For A Noble Steed)
- Listening to Sara is like listening to butter.
- Its so good it HAS to be bad for you.
- I dunno anything about the concept, but the song works anyway.
- Music great, Vocals excellent, Harmonies sublime.
- 9/10

Kevin Savino-Riker - Tough Jobs Vs Iron Gates
- This started so promisingly.
- The jazzy guitar, (Vocals sounded a bit auto-tuned, but it could just be weird EQ)
- But then the *acid* guitar didn't work for me. Acid guitar is such a hard thing to do right.
- Good song, like the lyric for the most part, but got a bit odd in the middle.
- Maybe just needs some different mix choices.
- 8/10

Jenny Katz - Blofeld’s Beginnings
- Nice and Lo-Fi, which, 6 songs in, makes a nice change.
- Good lyric, but the occasional stacatto delivery jarred a little.
- Chorus is brilliant. Very interesting voice (A bit Joni and Mama Cass)
- Need to hear more from Jenny.
- 8/10

Heather Miller - I'm Not Wearing Tights
- Best title of them all.
- Mix is a bit off, lyric switches from trite to really quite clever in places.
- Could maybe have done with another go at the singing, but I liked this.
- (Yeah! Joe liked a *dance-y* type song, sue me!!) (DontSueMe)
- 8/10

Godz Poodlz - The Human Bomb
- Oh... Thats a sudden start.
- Odd vocal effect choice. Great song though.
- "What I touch explodes with a burst..." great lyric.
- Nice melancholic reveal.
- 7/10

"Buckethat" Bobby Matheson - Super Villain Blues
- Not bad Bobby, not bad at all. (Accordian!!!)
- Good workhorse blues number. Decent singing.
- Love the ending!
- 7/10

JoAnn Abbott - Why
- Such a shame about the bad quality recording. Very poignant.
- I liked this a lot. A few little wobbles, but the whole concept carried it off.
- 6.5/10

Governing Dynamics - Orgin
- Good, but seemed a bit one paced.
- 6/10

Jon Eric - Superman Sneezed
- The panning of the guitars on this gave a similar effect to the keyboard on Ryan's song.
- I know it was just the way they were being strum, but being right at the extremes of the stereo width it threw up the little differences in rythm too much.
- There is an odd lack of energy about this one that's hard to define.
- 6/10

Charlie McCarron - Faster Than Superman
- There is a GREAT song in here. I think all this one neds is a little more work.
- Very atmospheric
- 6/10

Gorbzilla - Superhero Song
- Dave, Dave, Dave.....
- Dave is unique. His voice certainly!
- Great musicality. Song just didn't grab me.
- 6/10

Ross Durand - Don't Turn The Page
- Gorgeous guitarwork, vocals not my style.
- Mix is really good. Instrumentation nice.
- Not a bad concept but loses points for using the phrase The American Dream....
- 5/10

Steve Durand - Gamma Man
- When this started I thought it was something form late 60's early 70's UK TV...
- Brass-Superb
- Bass-Brilliant
- Drums-Excell... well, the fills messed the up.
- Vocals... moving on.
- 5/10

Ryan Welton - Underdog Blues
- Brilliant music, but couldn't take the constant slamming from left to right of the keys
- (REALLY made me wanna stop listening- if I hadn't been a judge I would have switched this off cos of it.)
- And the over-bluesy-blues singing is nothing I ever really like, started okay, got weak towards the end.
- Good concept, but I don't know anything about Underdog.
- 5/10

The Offhand Band - Step Back Swooperman
- Sorry guys. Musically hard to listen to. Melody almost non existant.
- There could be a fun song in here. But you didn't quite find it.
- It almost got better around 01:30, (and again at 02:44-03:02 I like that section, but the off key singing hurts me
- Don't chose a key you can't really sing in.
- 2.5/10

Bram Tant - Kebab Shop
- Sorry Dantes. Its not a song.
- Points for holding the accent together and the turkish guitar.
- (And the guts to sing about Allah and using the phrase Stupid Americans)
- 2/10

Emperor Gum - Costume (Squirrel Girl)
- This hurt to listen to. Nothing about this was good.
- I did not like this Sam-I-Am.
- 1/10

Boffo Yux Dudes - Shame this wasn't *in* this would have been highly placed by me. (bit long and starts to lose it towards the end)
Danny Blackwell - Funny and quite clever. Shame about the hard to hear vocals though. (Shouldn't condone drug use though) Its a bit Neil Innes-ish!
Dr. Lindyke - On oddly bad recording by Dave. But still a good song. (Elton!)

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