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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SpinTunes #1 Round 1 Totals

I decided to post all the judges reviews on their own pages. It was just too long to put into one blog. So here are the links to the individual reviews:

Sammy Kablam - Joe "Covenant" Lamb - Julia Sherred - Niveous - Heather Zink

Alternate Judge's Review: Spin

As if there wasn't enough for you to read already, I thought this review of the judges was interesting: Dr. Lindyke

Since everyone who submitted a song is already moving on to the next round, the only thing these results affect is the album order on the SpinTunes #1 Round 1 Album.

As you're reading your reviews I hope you keep in mind a few things. The most important is that everyone has very different opinions on not just what makes a good song, but everyone had different opinions on how much importance should be placed on people meeting the actual challenge. Everyone will have a slightly different opinion of what makes a superhero & supervillian. Since nobody was eliminated based on these reviews you should look at this as an opportunity. An opportunity to see what individual judges like & dislike. See HOW they are judging your material. Are they really harping on the challenge or more interested in the music overall. I thought it was very cool that Jenny Katz ended up being someones FAVORITE entry, and yet anothers LEAST FAVORITE. So try not to be offended, but learn from the reviews. For instance, if you've read a Sammy Kablam review of Song Fight before, you should know to put on a cup before reading. But he is honest about what he likes & dislikes, so it should be helpful. That goes for any of the judges.

The round 2 challenge will be announced: July 1st 1AM (R).

JoAnn Abbott & Kevin Savino-Riker both tied, so I went to the popular vote....it was tied as well. The next deciding factor is the scores from the previous round....but this is the FIRST round. So the final factor (as in the rules) is ME. JoAnn wins the tie breaker based on my opinions of the songs.

91 - Edric Haleen
77 - "Buckethat" Bobby Matheson
74 - Governing Dynamics
72 - Godz Poodlz
70 - Caleb Hines
66 - Steve Durand
62 - Denise Hudson
60 - Jon Eric
57 - Heather Miller
54 - Sara Parsons
45 - JoAnn Abbott
45 - Kevin Savino-Riker
43 - Ryan Welton
42 - Jenny Katz
40 - Ross Durand
37 - Charlie McCarron
36 - Gorbzilla
35 - Bram Tant
26 - The Offhand Band
18 - Emperor Gum

Popular Vote Results:
31 - The Offhand Band
18 - Heather Miller
12 - Caleb Hines
12 - Gorbzilla
10 - Edric Haleen
9 - Denise Hudson
7 - Ryan Welton
6 - "Buckethat" Bobby Matheson
6 - Godz Poodlz
6 - Steve Durand
6 - JoAnn Abbott
6 - Kevin Savino-Riker
5 - Sara Parsons
5 - Jenny Katz
4 - Jon Eric
3 - Governing Dynamics
2 - Charlie McCarron
2 - Bram Tant
1 - Emperor Gum
0 - Ross Durand
151 Total Votes (each person was allowed to cast 1-3 votes)

Heather Zink:
20 - Edric Haleen
19 - Steve Durand
18 - Caleb Hines
17 - Godz Poodlz
16 - "Buckethat" Bobby Matheson
15 - The Offhand Band
14 - Sara Parsons
13 - Bram Tant
12 - Denise Hudson
11 - Heather Miller
10 - Emperor Gum
9 - JoAnn Abbott
8 - Governing Dynamics
7 - Jon Eric
6 - Ryan Welton
5 - Charlie McCarron
4 - Jenny Katz
3 - Gorbzilla
2 - Kevin Savino-Riker
1 - Ross Durand

20 - Jenny Katz
19 - Steve Durand
18 - Edric Haleen
17 - Governing Dynamics
16 - "Buckethat" Bobby Matheson
15 - Godz Poodlz
14 - Ryan Welton
13 - Jon Eric
12 - Denise Hudson
11 - Sara Parsons
10 - Ross Durand
9 - Gorbzilla
8 - Heather Miller
7 - Charlie McCarron
6 - Kevin Savino-Riker
5 - JoAnn Abbott
4 - Caleb Hines
3 - Emperor Gum
2 - The Offhand Band
1 - Bram Tant

Julia Sherred:
20 - Jon Eric
19 - Governing Dynamics
18 - Heather Miller
17 - Edric Haleen
16 - Kevin Savino-Riker
15 - Bram Tant
14 - "BucketHat" Bobby Matheson
13 - Godz Poodlz
12 - Caleb Hines
11 - Denise Hudson
10 - Charlie McCarron
9 - Ryan Welton
8 - Steve Durand
7 - JoAnn Abbott
6 - Ross Durand
5 - Gorbzilla
4 - The Offhand Band
3 - Sara Parson
2 - Jenny Katz
1 - Emperor Gum

Joe "Covenant" Lamb:
20 - Caleb Hines
19 - Denise Hudson
18 - Edric Haleen
17 - Sara Parsons
16 - Kevin Savino-Riker
15 - Jenny Katz
14 - Heather Miller
13 - Godz Poodlz
12 - "Buckethat" Bobby Matheson
11 - JoAnn Abbott
10 - Governing Dynamics
9 - Jon Eric
8 - Charlie McCarron
7 - Gorbzilla
6 - Ross Durand
5 - Steve Durand
4 - Ryan Welton
3 - The Offhand Band
2 - Bram Tant
1 - Emperor Gum

Sammy Kablam:
20 - Governing Dynamics
19 - "Buckethat" Bobby Matheson
18 - Edric Haleen
17 - Ross Durand
16 - Caleb Hines
15 - Steve Durand
14 - Godz Poodlz
13 - JoAnn Abbott
12 - Gorbzilla
11 - Jon Eric
10 - Ryan Welton
9 - Sara Parsons
8 - Denise Hudson
7 - Charlie McCarron
6 - Heather Miller
5 - Kevin Savino-Riker
4 - Bram Tant
3 - Emperor Gum
2 - The Offhand Band
1 - Jenny Katz


  1. I just want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU! to all of the judges, for taking the time and pains to rank AND review all of the songwriters! I cannot IMAGINE how much work and effort that must have been. It's not just that the submissions were of such quality -- it's that they were also all so DIFFERENT from each other. Forget about apples and oranges -- we had apples and oranges and bubblegum and sports franchises and black-and-white photographs and bobble-head dolls and designer potpourri fragrances! How on Earth do you go about ranking them in sequence?!? Let alone REVIEWING them all, too -- which I'm sure took magnitudes of order longer to finish than the rankings did!

    There are now less than 24 hours until the Round 2 challenge gets posted. And I can't wait. The joys of these songwriting challenges for me are (1) the excitement and challenge of the creation, and (2) the excitement and discovery of seeing (hearing!) what ALL of the participants created. I'm so impressed by the first round -- and I have a whole swath of new songs saved to iTunes from the superhero challenge!

    So thanks to Travis for getting SpinTunes off the ground -- and thanks to all the participants who have gotten it off to such a great start! Here's hoping this is just the beginning, with much more awesomeness to follow!



  2. Well said Edric! Thank you judges for all your time and energy and valuable feedback. Thank you Travis for hosting and keeping it all in perspective. Thank you fellow songwriters for putting it all out on the line and being supportive through the nerves!

    And thanks to all of you who have been doing this a while for opening up to newbies like me, and for your patience while I sort out who is who and what names everyone goes by and such! I do think you're all more and more amazing as I get to know more about you!

  3. As I live and breathe... Edric Haleen with a 1st place ranking. Something is very right about that.

  4. Ditto everything Heather said :) Thanks to all!

  5. Thanks to Travis "Spintown" Langworthy for hosting the fun. Thanks to the judges for their hard work ranking and reviewing all the entries! Each reviewer brought a unique perspective. You can really see all the time, thought and effort that went into the rankings and reviews.

    Looking at the numbers, I'm pleased and proud that Godz Poodlz placed (4th overall). But it's also interesting to note that no two judges agreed on what was the best song. There were 13 songs that ranked higher than Godz Poodlz by at least one of the judges. And there were 12 different songs that ranked 4th or better by one of the judges. Like Travis pointed out, Jenny Katz gets the distinction of being ranked both best and worst by two separate judges. So each challenger can feel secure in the knowledge that their song was better than the best song and worse than the worst song!

    In the end, we all need to take pride in our songs as songs, not as numbers or reviews or comments, but as personal achievements. And that's where the real thanks comes into play. Because without the impetus of SpinTunes, Godz Poodlz would have written one less song.

  6. Can I just add to Travis' comments though...
    Re "Listening to what the judges like and dislike and HOW (we) are judging you..."

    Bugger that.

    Write your music for YOURSELF!
    Let NO-ONE'S opinion put you down.
    Listen to critique, sure, but do NOT write your music in an attempt to mollify *judges*.

    "Even in the face of Armageddon...Never compromise."

  7. I made reference in my review to something I wrote. If anyone is interested, you can read it here: http://blog.juliasherred.com/2010/01/ghosts-from-a-world-long-dead/