Time until sign-ups begin:

Friday, June 11, 2010

Welcome To SpinTunes

So people can find important contest information easy, I decided to start yet another page here at Spintown. This page will only be for contest information, and nothing else. I've already posted the Profiles of everyone who signed up, the official rules & a the schedule which remains flexible.

The first challenge will be announced HERE, Saturday at 1AM (maybe a little sooner, but after midnight).

Thank you all for signing up, the most important part of the contest is YOU. One of my hopes besides hearing some kick ass music, is that the Masters Of Song Fu, Song Fight & TMA communities will merge a little more. They're all filled with incredible & talented people with a similar interest. I wish you all luck, and again....thank you.



  1. Bring it on!

    I am excited for Spintunes. Nur Ein/TMA/Songfight/Song Fu all in one big bash of musical goodness.

  2. Travis... DEFINITELY... put an icon for the competition on this page. Don't leave it off. That way, when people link to it from Facebook, etc, they'll have an appropriate graphic.

  3. I created a LIST on twitter to follow all the participants and judges involved with SpinTunes.


    If you're not on the list and you should be, please let me know.

    Thanks to everyone who is organizing, judging and participating in SpinTunes. Rock on! This will be fun.

  4. Russ, on the "Rules" page, there is a link to my "SpinTunes Twitter List". It already has everyone on it that's on Twitter. You can just go through it & find people to add to your twitter list.