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Monday, October 11, 2010

Listening Party & Deadline News

35 individuals or bands entered SpinTunes #2, and 28 of them managed to enter a round 1 song before the deadline. If you remember there were 11 deadline victims in round 1 of SpinTunes #1, so this is an improvement. So far there have been 2 shadow songs turned in as well, and HOPEFULLY we get a few more shadows before the listening party.

With 28 total entries, eliminations will go as followed:

Round 1: 8 eliminations
Round 2: 8 eliminations
Round 3: 8 eliminations

That will leave 4 bands in the final round.

Listening Party:
It will be hosted by me at the following address: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/spintunes

It will officially start at 8PM (EDT) TODAY. I will probably start broadcasting a little early just to make sure everything is set up & ready, but won't start the SpinTunes songs until 8PM. All songs will be available for FREE listen & download right after the LP.

Minor Change:
To avoid confusion I'm going to start using EDT instead of EST when I set deadlines. If you're ever confused about when a deadline ends, I'll have a countdown timer linked to above...go by that. The latest bit of confusion was 1% my fault, but 99% Heather's...I'll man up & take full responsibility for that 1%. I'll make the needed edits to previous blogs asap. Feel free to point out anything I missed.


  1. I assume that missing song is my shadow, "Dale City, VA, right?

  2. Why, I can't stay up that late just to hear my own shadow entry! :(

  3. Graham Porter [Emperor Gum]October 11, 2010 at 10:43 AM

    Hey Travis, this is probably the wrong time to say this, but have you ever cutting out the sign ups completely? Just have whoever successfully enters the contest in the time frame enter the contest proper. Seems odd to have shadow entries in the first round before the deadline, but not have the artists part of conest. I think Nur Ein does this.

  4. EDT Until the clocks change in a couple of weeks and we go back to standard time, yes?

  5. Wow, 80% submission rate! That's awesome. Didn't the first competition only get like 65%? Should make for some intense competition. I've ordered some books on trash talking, so expect that to start in 5-8 business days (Super Saver Shipping).

  6. JoAnn I already told you in chat I would play your shadow at the LP so don't worry.

    Graham: Some people may not want to committ to 4 rounds, and only enter a round 1 song. No need in having them part of the contest officially. Also, if I hold sign ups & only 10 people sign up....well I can just cancel the contest. No need in holding the contest if there isn't enough interest.

    Jules: We'll probably stick to EDT for the rest of the contest, if I change it back to EST I'll post about it in here.

    Bram: Set you're alarm clock for about 90 minutes into the LP...you can listen for a little while, then go back to bed. :p

    Brian: Well he submission rate improved after the first round, so hopefully that trend continues. But I was pleased with the number of people who followed through this time.

  7. It's not arbitrary, Travis! ;-)

    EDT stands for Eastern Daylight Time. We use it during the portion of the year when we've "sprung ahead" an hour. When we "fall back," and Daylight Savings Time ends, then we revert back to EST, which stands for Eastern Standard Time.

    This year, Daylight Saving's Time ends on November 7th, IN THE UNITED STATES! So _that's_ when you should switch back to using EST instead of EDT. (What's REALLY going to mess with people, though, it that -- once again -- the US has gone off and unilaterally done its own little thing again. Much of the world actually switches back a week BEFORE that! So people are going to need to be on their toes...)

    (Stupid Americans...)



  8. Agreed with Edric -- don't arbitrarily shift between EDT and EST unless that's actually the time in effect in the Eastern time zone! In Michigan we're currently at UTC-4 but will be back at UTC-5.

    When in doubt:


  9. You can just post it as greenwich mean time and run the timer. Folks should be able to figure it out from there.