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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SpinTunes 2: Round 1 Songs

You can find the album on BandCamp by clicking the image below:

(Album cover by JoAnn Abbott)

You can vote for your favorite songs with the poll in the right sidebar. -->
(Popular vote stays open til 8PM on the 16th.)

Judges need to have their reviews sent to me by October 16th 10PM. I plan on posting the reviews/rankings/eliminations by 11PM...hopefully. :p

If all goes as planned...October 17th 1AM the round 2 challenge will be announced.

If anyone wants to make a video for their song, I'll include it here:

This One's For Jane by Russ Rogers (sequel to: Sweet Jane, by Lou Reed/Velvet Underground)
This was finished in time for this round, but not recorded in time. It's not yet on the album.

A Song About Woodsetts by Danny Blackwell

LBC by wait WHAT!

Leaving Ann Arbor by Common Lisp

Fired by David Ritter

Reviews & Links Of Interest For This Round:
- Yall should thank your judge Dr. Lindyke for making the new banner.

- One of the judges from SpinTunes #1 (Niveous) decided to predict the winner of the contest before it even started. Check it out on his blog AudioShards.

- Niveous also posted a review of this round.

- Common Lisp posted a review of the round.

- Emperor Gum posted a song bio & review of the round.

- Brian Gray posted a Song Bio for his entry.

- Ross Durand posted alternate versions of his song, along with a song bio, over on his website.

- Common Lisp posted a Song Bio for his entry.

- Heather Miller posted a Song Bio for her entry.

- Governing Dynamics posted a Song Bio for his entry.

- Dr. Lindyke posted a little more information about his views on reviewing songs.

- Tom of "The Boffo Yux Dudes" got the contest a shout out.


  1. Brilliant work, everyone! One of the best rounds of songwriting I've ever been a part of so far!



  2. Darn, why didn't I submit my registration mail on time... I feel a little left out now. :(

  3. My song, lyrics, and a short bio can be found at: https://sites.google.com/site/briangraymusic/songs/south-bend-aid

  4. I had a little problem with the mastering volume level of my track ("Leaving Ann Arbor") -- I have bounced a new version that is identical except mastered louder. It's on my bandcamp page at:


    I think Travis is updating the track in his Bandcamp album too.

  5. Shame Dantes, it's your best song to date.
    Even with the child abuse...


    ;' ))

    GREAT songs. Do NOT envy the Judges here.
    Duality's (Contest and Shadow) are here

  6. Hey, it's in the Belgian news all the time lately! I can't help it that the Belgian clergy are all rapists.

  7. I'm pleasantly surprised at the volume and depth of this round's entries. Slowly getting thru them all to write reviews.I don't envy the judges the one.

    Edric, you made me lose it on yours. You're the one to catch going forward!

  8. I've been having significant trouble accessing the poll. Doesn't seem to work in Safari at all, and in both Safari and Firefox it requires a lot of scrolling around to see everything. Is it meant only for IE/Win?

  9. I'm not sure what it was meant for...it's just the standard "Blogger" widget. If people are having problems with it, I can see about using Poll Daddy again. This was just the easy solution for me since it's a Blogger app.

    Looks fine to me, even when I check the results. But I am using IE...so that doesn't help you any.

    Tom & Edric mentioned they had to scroll while in ArtiFiction. Is it difficult for everyone to use? On my end it's simple, but like I said...we can maybe go back to Poll Daddy.

  10. I have posted links to alternative versions and a bio of my song at


  11. Brian Gray: I told Spin as well that it doesn't display properly in Google Chrome, I have to scroll to the right to see the votes.

  12. I wrote a blog entry about this song and my process writing and recording it... hope folks might find it interesting:


  13. Swatshots is going to revamp their sound and continue to send in songs, I think.

    Great round everyone!


  14. My personal, possibly controversial, reviews.


    I've written these before I've seen any of the judges' reviews. I'm curious to see whether our opinions match up.

  15. hey Paul.R.
    i think your criticism was fair on my track. i recorded a video on movie maker then asked travis to take the audio off it,so the result was very poor quality.i have been battling with my technology yesterday and today and think i can get a half-decent recording for the next challenge.

  16. Glad to hear you are going to continue, Danny, since aside from that I really loved the personal, intimate quality of your song!

    When I told my wife I had posted reviews of the other contestants' entries she pointed out "they didn't sign up for that, did they?" I'm not very good at being political, I guess. I had written mine but was going to hold off posting them until the judges' comments -- that might have at least put them in more context, either I'd be agreeing with them or a wacky outlier whom everyone could safely ignore. But I guess I got frustrated waiting... apologies to anyone who felt I was actually unfair.