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Saturday, July 23, 2011

SpinTunes #3 Round 3 Review: Ben Davila

Jutze – My Friend Kay
Like the banjo
Like the intelligent design break down
Cool voice

Edric Haleen – Sara
Funny intro
Love the insecure rapping
I like how this tells a story
I like how he makes a better introduction rap each time.
Sad ending but cute
I feel like I was really rooting for Sam by the end
You should write a part 2 Sam’s big date
I loved this

The Offhand Band – Not Cool
Very creative approach to the challenge
Like the verse about the Beatles
Cool chorus
I’m impressed by how long this is

Ross Durand – Camp Romance
Cool guitar loop
Like the drum loop
Chorus is brilliant
I like that you brought your story full circle
I really enjoyed this

Wait What – Six Years Seventeen Days
Slow jam nice
Like the Spanish bit
Great always something there to remind me reference. Well done
Gets dark at the end
Love the hair doll and the bunny stew

Pat And Gweebol – Tick Tock (Top Tad)
Nice back and forth
The chorus is great
Top Tad made me laugh for a long time I had to stop the song.

Matt And Donna – Anatomy Dance
Like the intro
Cool vocal effect on the chorus
Wow these verses are amazing!
I like all the talking breaks
Well produced
I loved this

Caleb Hines – Two Musicains
Cool wind effect
Like the synth tones
Interesting approach to the challenge
Cool voice
Well done

Charlie McCarron – Trail In The Snow
Like the voices
Cool vocal delivery
Interesting approach

Steve Durand – A Place For Love
Cool bass line
Like the horns
Backside… nice
Very funny
Musak line very good

Dr. Lindyke – Politics And Promises
Nice piano
Strong lyrics
Like the verse about religion
Very topical
Brave approach

Jon Eric – The Dance
Cool rap style
Fast vocal delivery impressive
Like the story
Interesting twist at the end

Ethan Ivey – Entry 3 (shadow)
Cool drum beat
This is awesome
Cool end

Menage’a a Tune – Roman Road Rap (shadow)
Jesus rap
Interesting vocals on the chorus
Good job

The Boffo Yux Dudes – It’s All About the Benjamins (shadow)
Like the hype man intro
Friends with benies… nice
As a Ben I appreciate this

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