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Saturday, July 23, 2011

SpinTunes #3 Round 3 Review: Mitchell Adam Johnson

This was so difficult. I honestly really enjoyed every single one of these. You guys are brilliant. Even the people at the bottom of this list wrote fantastic songs. It was fun hearing so many catchy melodies on the choruses, too. Some of you make great rappers. Here is my ranking. These are listed in order, beginning with 1st place:

Charlie McCarron - Trail In The Snow
Nice - one of the only people who didn't take the comedy route. Great use of melody in your rap - makes it a lot more interesting to listen to. The rhythms are SO COOL. "Glowing green, Shining like the edge of a dream," - those lyrics are incredible. Man, when the chords start changing it fits so perfectly. The female singers make this sound like Evanescence if Evanescence was actually cool. What a fantastic music track - great drum beat. Love the single repeating note on that electric keyboard type thing.

Matt & Donna - Anatomy Dance
This one gets the award for the best chorus. Ridiculously catchy!!! I love the last chord - the V/V - great how it doesn't resolve. Reminds me of "Move This" by Technotronic. Love the deleted bits in your voice at the end of the chorus - sounds professional. Fantastic vocals. I've had this chorus in my head for days. Nice lyrics - Anatomy is a common theme in rap music... although it's usually focused on the "ass" and "tits" of the human body. It's great to hear someone rap about the other body parts, the ones doing all the work, the ones behind the magic. You think an "ass" could "shake" without a little "semimembranosus" action?

Jon Eric - The Dance
Haha this is wicked. Like Old School Rap. Great music track - those chords are really strong. Love how it's not just the same four chords over and over - you treated this like a pop song. I appreciate that. "Share a glance over a couple of color copies" is the best rapping I've heard all round. Super catchy chorus - really - this is fantastic. Love the line "Everybody's got skeleton closets, I had a skeleton key, but I lost it."

Pat & Gweebol - TickiTock (Top Tad)
The lyrics are awesome. I love how the intro goes from aggressive speaking into soulful singing. Great trading of raps. Pat has a strong rapping voice. Nice "put it on the pizza" reference! Hahaha. This sounds like The Lonely Island. And Gweebol sounds like Bizzy Bone. Love the speed! Wish her raps would last a bit longer. Really solid rhythms - both of you. This round there are a lot of sloppy rapping rhythms - you guys are right on time. Another chorus I've had in my head for days - even though it's super weird.

Wait What - Six Years Seventeen Days
Love the tone of your voice - very laid back with a touch of resentment. Cool scratches - surprised I didn't hear more of that this challenge. HAHAHAHA "FM" and F Them!" That is brilliant. Such a creative backing track to a rap. The beat really helps push this song along. The singing parts are filled with gorgeous melodies. Geez, there are so many good hooks in this song. "Mistake" and "Mix Tape" - nice one. Love the Fatal Attraction reference (assuming it is one, unless you're just actually really, really creepy).

Steve Durand - A Place For Love
Love the track. Your chorus is so strong! And it's nothing like the rest of the tune - it somehow seamlessly evolves from James Brown to Boys II Men. Great harmonies. Love the slight vibrato. Great work romance lyrics. "I can't make love with toner on my boner," HAHAHAHAHA! Probably the funniest line I've heard.

Jutze - My Friend Kay
Wicked record needle sounds at the beginning. This is the best Old School Rap this round. Man - that banjo is awesome - reminds me of Beck. I think the bit with the banjo is the coolest music I've heard all round. Nice Stevie Wonder style horn section. Your voice is awesome - it keeps the energy high - nice and gritty. Very cool song. The time signature changes in the chorus keep the song fresh - throw in a measure of 3, then make up for it a bit later by adding a measure of 1.

The Offhand Band - Not Cool
Man, the lyrics really kept my attention. Love all the shout outs - you listed like all of my favorite musicians (Beatles, Beach Boys, Carole King, Burt Bacharach, TMBG, Andrew Lloyd Weber, XTC, ELO.... wow). Great job on the rhythms of your rap. Really solid time. The chorus actually kinda reminded me of They Might Be Giants.

Edric Haleen - Sarah
Definitely one of the most creative formats for a song I've ever heard. Such a good idea to have you running through things you'd say to Sarah - and changing up the beat and the lyrics. That's not something that you hear very often. I really dig this song. The music part is like McCartney meets Andrew Lloyd Weber. Love all the talking to yourself. The hi-hat is awesome once the beat gets kickin.

Dr. Lindyke - Politics And Promises
Your voice is a breath of fresh air. It's nice to hear a unique tone rapping. Excellent lyrics. Cool chords backing you up. Catchy girl chorus (there are a lot of those this round). Great to hear someone taking the lyrics seriously.

Ross Durand - Camp Romance
That harmonica is perfect. This really sounds summery. Interesting topic for a rap. Never thought I'd hear finger picking guitar and rap together. Beautiful, sweet, innocent, romantic lyrics. Really enjoy this. Makes me wanna watch Wet Hot American Summer.

Caleb Hines - Two Musicians
This is so cool! Man, it sounds like Dracula spittin' some rhymes. Produced perfectly... The music track is one of the strongest this round. I really love this. Incredibly creative. Bummed that you got DQed - I think this tune is brilliant. Definitely would've made my top five this round.

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