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Saturday, February 15, 2014

SpinTunes #8 Round 1 Review: Katharina Bordet

1. Edric Haleen - On The Matter Of Bullying (Part 3) 05:57I will not count goosebumps and I will not count tears. Least of all will I count far for the rank.

2. Ryan M. Brewer - Burn Out Or Fade Away (PSH) 03:20
I really enjoyed this song. This would definitely be a song I’d buy and listen to on the road. I can’t find anything wrong with this song, I have to say, but it didn’t hit me just AS hard as another one did. However, at the same time I wouldn’t want to cry on the train to work all the time.

3. Dr. Lindyke - Why 04:47
This could have done with mixing the voice in louder as well as going a bit bolder with the singing. All in all a really nice song, very sad though, but the feeling was captured well in music and lyrics. I really like the song but the end I LOVE. I wish he would’ve gone there sooner.

4. Jutze - Nancy (Please Don't Go) 02:06
Started off fun and stayed fun. Not the greatest of voices but a good song and I might have realised too soon in the song it was about a teacher but hey…

5. Brian Gray - The Child I Left Behind 02:17
Is there someone trying to take on Edric? I’ll be getting the popcorn out! Fantastic singing, lyrics that touch, feelings brought across very well and the most gentle burning pants I’ve ever heard. Instruments would have just been distracting.

6. Governing Dynamics - Song To Stay Awake (700 Miles) 04:23
I read 700 miles and thought Proclaimers next generation. Glad the intro was long enough to make me get back into the song. Nice bit of singing and good song, it could have just done with toning down the music a bit.

7. Trader Jack - Doom Dah 02:32
I’m not the biggest fan of space ships. But this song seems to excel at the good kind of strange. I am confused, but I think I like it. Very cool voice and presentation as well.

8. Spencer Sokol - Burdens 03:09
Really good recording and well mixed. Shame about the crackling in the recording though. Lyrics and music brought the point across well.

9. The Orion Sound featuring Microglitching - Without You (A Valentines Stalker Song Sequel) 04:07
That definitely falls in the category of good kind of weird. Disturbing and dark, it’s like a Scandinavian crime novel made into a song. Since I read those a lot I enjoyed the beginning. Was less sure about the middle part, it seemed a bit a mess in melody and singing. Glad the end was strange again.

10. Caravan Ray - Missing You 02:12
The guitar was a bit overpowering, but I quite enjoyed the song and especially the lyrics were really fun and I laughed out loud a few times.

11. Sid Brown - Who You Used To Be 03:11
Started a bit slow but then picked up and I ended up quite enjoying it. Voice was a bit low and felt hesitant, but a good effort in the end.

12. TurboShandy - Torchbearer 03:03
It was a very sweet song, not sure about some of the rhymes which felt a bit forced, but a decent effort.

13. Hudson And Day - I Tried, Okay 03:30
Nice song, but the recording seems a bit inconsistent in quality, levels and mixing, so it partly sounds as if one is on the phone and they don’t line up in some places. If they weren’t supposed to then it didn’t sound intentional. Maybe it was more artsy-fartsy than I could grasp. It’s a bit like a good first draft of a novel, solid stuff but needs editing.

14. The Boffo Yux Dudes - Dead Wrong 02:49
I cannot even try to figure out how many and which instruments were used for this song. Enjoyed it, good singing but the mixing was again a bit loud in favour of the music but not as extreme as some of the other songs.

15. Zoe Gray - Ginger Twins 04:27
Here comes Edgar Wallace. Too sweet a voice for a song in that tone. Either something more airy and creepier or darker and creepier. I’d like to hear haunted mansion here but all I’m getting is Casper the friendly ghost.

16. Adam Sakellarides - Right Place, Wrong Time (The Time Traveller) 04:00
I am not sure I can really sympathise with the problems of love stretching time and space. The idea was quite cool, but it needed a bit more meat to be really good. I can’t really seem to put my finger on it but it left me wanting.

17. Taylor R - Missing You 03:04
I am getting mixed messages here. That might have been the point. I enjoyed it but at the same time I wished the song had more aim. Both in melody in lyrics I felt the storytelling didn’t quite flow.

18. T.C. Elliott - Broken Mind 03:51
It felt like someone was trying to be more rock than he really is. The lyrics made me start to wonder how many participants were actually feeling them whilst they wrote them or just remembering what it felt like. In the end, it was just okay. Not bad, but just okay.

19. Sara Parsons - Guilt 03:04
At first I thought it was about being in love with a sheep. It is a nice song, well sung and a sweet melody but at the same time I am conflicted about the lyrics. Somehow I didn’t seem to really get the story here. They have left me more confused than sympathetic. The pitch problems in the end didn’t help much either.

20. Ross Durand - Sitting Right Here 02:27
It felt a bit as if the genre was still undecided whilst writing the song and the random piano notes throughout the song were distracting until the hotel bar piano got a solo when the tambourine man went on a break. There was just too much going on in that song that I could not concentrate on anything.

21. Felix Frost - Cat's Eye 03:07
I think you shouldn’t wear rubber shoes on a linoleum floor whilst recording, just a suggestion. Once the music started it was quite weird, very well produced but strange, nevertheless. I wonder if it was not trying to be everything at once, Circus and Space Ship.

22. Jenny Katz - Secret Love Life 02:46
Oh look, the nineties are back! Another song where the music is overpowering what I think is a nice voice. I think I would have enjoyed the song with different music in the background. If there were an acoustic version of the song, I would have preferred it, I’m sure.

23. Jailhouse Payback - Hey Eugene 03:36
Plain guitar is usually a good start. I didn’t know simulating an echo on the voice was still a thing or was the song recorded in the bathroom? Could’ve done without that gimmicky thing and a more straightforward recording of the voice which would’ve improved the song much. It’s still an okay song, just didn’t do much for me.

24. James Young - Never Coming Home 04:46
First thought was, oh nice, then the first note was missed by the singer. The song might not have been in the right range for the singer’s voice, at least the lowest notes weren’t. The lyrics were really sad but the ploinky sounding string instrument and repetitive melody took away from that.

25. Ominous Ride - When I Lost You 04:42
I think there was singing in there, but the mic was in the next room. It was a decent effort, but the lyrics felt as if I’ve heard them a hundred times before (thousands probably, if I’m being honest). The singing and the music didn’t grab me either, for which I could have forgiven the lyrics.

26. Army Defense - Phil And Don 02:26
First, I had to turn the volume down. I wondered if the Bee Gees met the Beatles and they got very very drunk together in an alternate universe. Another strange song, and really not for anyone…

27. Dex01 - Monster 02:52
The music is so overpowering, I could barely understand the lyrics. In the middle the music was a bit all over the place until it came back to the same melody as in the beginning. I think there was a second voice in it, but due to the mix I couldn’t really say if the song could have been good.

28. Wait What (the Band) - Without You Here 04:50
The lyrics in the bandcamp album didn’t match what was sung. A „with" should have been „without" which distracted me so much I almost missed the strange sexual peanut butter references. I wonder if someone could have possibly tried any harder to shock the audience. It was so overdone that it ended up boring me rather quickly. The singing and recording was decent enough, but it didn’t make up for the massive amount of sighing going on.

29. Menage a Tune - The Box Feeling 04:09
The song lacked a hook to grab me and the pull to draw me in and the consistency to keep me there. On the positive side, this song is not going to keep me awake at night.


Heather Miller - Greatest Generation (Shadow) 03:00
The singing was a bit all over the place, a bit pitchy and then a bit country. It didn’t rock my socks.

T.C. Elliott - Will You Run Away With Me, My Love (Shadow) 03:04
I think I actually prefer this song to the actual submission. Shame.

Andy Glover - What's Making Me Sad (Shadow) 03:10
Sweet song, nicely sung as well.

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