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Monday, July 14, 2014

Round 1 LP & Deadline News

I want to stress that you should follow the SpinTunes Twitter feed while you're competing in the contest.  It's possible that I may not be home or awake on certain deadline nights, and I don't want people stressing out when they don't get an instant confirmation e-mail.  I'll use the Twitter account to keep you guys posted about that type of thing.  Now...onto the news...

For now you should know:
- There are 21 official entries on the album & 2 shadows. (unless more come in)
- I think I responded to all e-mails (eventually).
- If this was your first time completing a SpinTunes song, you have earned your way into the SpinTunes Facebook group.  All you have to do is request entrance.
- The listening party will be hosted by Tom on U-Stream tonight. It's at 8PM.  U-Stream recently got rid of it's chat function, so Dave Leigh set up a chat room we can use during the show.

Listening Party Location:

Deadline Eliminations: Since I didn't post the profiles before the contest, I think we can skip listing the names this time.  I'll be adding the profiles soon, and will gladly add even more if someone decides to shadow.

There will be 5 judges eliminations to make this round. Good luck.
(that means 6 eliminations in rounds 2 & 3)

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