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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

SpinTunes #9 Round 2 Songs

It's very possible that I wrote down Tuesday on my calendar for the LP.  And it's very possible that I had nothing ready for Tom this evening.  Album wasn't prepped, blog posts not ready...nothing...because I was thinking I had this evening to do all that.  Despite my best efforts to screw up the LP & album release...Tom & Dave did an amazing job of picking up my slack.  Tom got into my e-mail & downloaded the tracks via your e-mails. Dave started working on the album around that same time.

While Tom & Dave were scrambling to get things together...I was sitting in front of my computer watching the Cincinnati Reds play.  When I stumbled onto Facebook around 8:10PM I happened to see Tom's post about the LP...and realized I had screwed up....ALL BECAUSE OF HEATHER THOUGH!

Anyways, I took over working on the album while the LP was going on. That's why I wasn't there, I was trying to get things uploaded as fast as possible & the LP just would have taken up bandwidth.  I managed to get the music uploaded by the end of the LP, and added in all the lyrics & details later on in the evening.  There was no "Deadline News" post this time...kinda combining it with this post.

The songs are now available for FREE download, and you can vote for your favorite entries as well. Many of you will be asking friends and family to support you in the popular vote. That's great, but when you do, please ask them to listen to all the songs & vote for their favorites. You can vote for multiple people, so they might as well listen to everyone.

Until the round 3 songs are posted I will only allow people to download the round 2 album as a whole. But even after that, PLEASE download the entire album vs downloading just a handful of songs while the contest is on going. BandCamp limits how many free downloads I can give away, and 1 album download counts the same as 1 song download.

Deadline Eliminations: Heather Zink, The Boffo Yux Dudes, Benjamin J Spencer & Caravan Ray.

We were supposed to have 6 eliminations this round.  So with 4 people getting cut by the deadline it leaves only 2 eliminations for the judges to make.

You can find the album on BandCamp by clicking the image below:

(Album cover by Matt Schubbe)
- You can vote for your favorite songs with the poll in the right sidebar.  -->

- Judges & guest judges need to turn in their reviews & rankings by August 1st 11PM (F) .  That is also when the poll closes for the popular vote.

- Reviews & Eliminations will be posted August 2nd before 11PM (Sat).

August 3rd 1AM (Sun) - Third challenge is announced.

If anyone wants to make a VIDEO for their song, I will include it here:

Links Of Interest:
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