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Saturday, August 2, 2014

SpinTunes #9 Round 2 Reviews: Ross Durand

First of all, thanks to Travis for letting me participate as a guest judge. I have been a part of every SpinTunes and feel lucky to be able to participate this way.

Second of all - sorry these reviews are not as thorough as they could be, but they do accurately express the broad strokes of my key reactions, and I stand by my rankings.

So, here goes…

Steve Guiles
I love that this is about a dog, so many dogs give unconditional love to undeserving owners. Clever lyric work. I was not totally sold on the musical style to start, but the concept and lyric work won me over!

Turbo Shandy
Reminds me of Teenage Fanclub in a good way. It did, however, get a little monotonous in terms of the arrangement. I get your dedication but not so much the undeserving part, the song is quite vague along those lines.

Zoe Gray
I like the mood change from the verse to the chorus. This is cute and well done. I like the cheesy sound of the chorus.

Steve Durand
Different in that the narrator knows why they are dedicated to one who is undeserving - not sure how I feel about that - trying to figure out if it’s the same as unconditional. The arrangement and performance are excellent - your singer did a great job!

Governing dynamics
I normally really like your stuff. But I did find myself getting a little bored by this particular piece.

Jerry Skids
This is very good - right in the stylistic pocket. Lyrics well done for the innuendo. I wish the unconditional was a little stronger - the suspicion is present.

Brian Gray
The arrangement doesn’t quite support the spaces between the lines of the verses. I don’t really read the bios - if i can’t the get song on it’s own I think there is some sor tof inherent weakness. I don’t get how this fulfills the challenge.

Kolton H
I like the change of feel when the drum machine comes in. Interesting angle - so good points on that - I like that it seems like it could be about both the drug and/or the person with whom you share the addiction. Not my thing - but I like what you did here conceptually.

James Young
Moth is a fun analogy - not sure the lyrics quite support the “clearly doesn’t deserve it” - but it does show forgiveness. Goes on a little long, but good.

Sid Brown
OK - I like the hook line - the reasons to “clearly not be deserved’ could be a little more extreme, but work ok.
Army Defense
Boring lyrically.  I am not convinced this meets the challenge.  And musically I found myself a little bored.

MC Ohm-I
Genre bias alert! Also - your lyrics totally lose me, I am a little befuddled by the role of death in the song and how it relates to the worthiness of the love recipient.

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  1. Hey Ross, thanks for the review. Glad you could find the time between shaping young minds and what not :)

    I probably should have cut one of the guitar solos in terms of overall song length, but the first one is important (I think?) to setting the mood and if the second one wasn't a guitar solo it would probably be more lyrics, so...? This is a pretty frequent issue I have with editing; the song starts feeling a little too long but I can't think of anything I want to get rid of. Anyway. Sorry it was boring!