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Saturday, August 30, 2014

SpinTunes #9 Round 4 Reviews: Greg Benson

I've been a fan of Mediocre Films for a long time now. It's one of the first channels I can remember subscribing to on YouTube.  Greg rarely fails to entertain, and has created a lot of very memorable videos & characters.  You got Yeshmin Blechin, Retarded Policeman, Positive Pranks, Girls Of Comic-Con & more... I know he's written a lot of songs & jingles for his own videos, so I thought I'd ask him to guest judge this round.  Lucky for us, he was nice enough to give our 4 finalist a little feedback.  Here's a look at one of his videos, and below that are the reviews.



#1 Brian Gray - All You Can Eat
Nice acoustic guitar work plus a pleasing voice reminiscent of Dean Friedman and singalong chorus harmonies means this one wins in my book.  It's light, harmless and delightful, like a Twinkie if its ingredients weren't damaging to your health.

#2 MC Ohm-I - Black People Don't Swim
I've always agreed with what George Harrison said when asked how he felt about rap music: "It's just talking."  However, this one is filled with great self-referential humor and features a solid hook on the chorus.

#3 TurboShandy - Twenty-Two
Solid harmonies run throughout this pounding but rather dull and depressing song about juvenile, misplaced anger.

#4 James Young - When The Morning Comes
A decent try by a guy who sounds to me like he fell through a time hole from the 1980s.  The vocals are too self-consciously "cool" for my taste, and ultimately the song feels a little too self-important.

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