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Monday, July 27, 2015

Champions Vs Shadows #1 Round 1 Songs

First off, everyone who hasn't yet, should wish Tom a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Even on his special day, he made time to host the listening party for us.  So thank you Tom.

I myself had to miss most of the party.  Sick, and I have to get up at 2:30AM Tuesday.  Oh, and I ended up calling the police on my neighbors about 10 minutes into the party.

The songs are now available for FREE download on 2 albums. Until the round 2 songs are posted I will only allow people to download the round 1 albums as a whole. But even after that, PLEASE download the entire album vs downloading just a handful of songs while the contest is on going. BandCamp limits how many free downloads I can give away, and 1 album download counts the same as 1 song download. 11 Shadows beat the deadline, 4 Champions, and we had a late shadow come in during the party.

Now the most important thing for you to remember this time is that YOU get to help decide the winner.  Anyone who signed up for the contest & completed a song gets to send in your rankings.  So if you're a Champion, you get to rank ALL the Shadows from favorite to least favorite.  And if you're a Shadow, you get to rank ALL the Champions from favorite to least favorite.  It's not required, but if you want to send in reviews with your rankings, that's an added bonus everyone would appreciate.  Just send your rankings to the same e-mail you used to submit your song.

Champions Album:

Shadows Album:

(Album cover by Matt Schubbe)

- Judges, guest judges AND competitors need to turn in their reviews & rankings by July 31st 11PM (F).

- Reviews & scores will be posted August 1st before 11PM (Sat).

- August 2nd 1AM (Sun) the Second Challenge will be announced.

Videos: If anyone wants to make a VIDEO for their song, I will include it here:

Today's The Day by Erin & The Wildfire (Inverse T. Clown cover)

Building by Trader Jack

Links Of Interest:
- Dave Leigh posted a song bio for the Dr. Lindyke entry.

1 comment:

  1. Nice work, everyone!

    Congrats to everyone who submitted a song -- the world is now filled with more music than ever before!

    I know I didn't sign up for Champions Vs. Shadows, but I've been working on my own musical contributions to the world nonetheless. If you want a very brief sample, you can go to http://happinessboard.com/Sample.html for a tiny glimpse at the larger project . . .