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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Champions Vs Shadows #2 Round 2 Reviews: Zack Scott

Zack Scott is a friend of mine who games on YouTube.  He's been into gaming a long time, classic & current games.  He's also a musician so I thought this challenge was a good fit for him to guest judge.

I'll embed one of his recent videos below.  You should check him out if you like watching LP's on YouTube.

- Spin


1. Governing Dynamics - Dark Energy
I felt like this song was the best example of how the samples should be incorporated. The samples felt less tacked on and more part of the song's soul. Ignoring that, it was also my favorite track of the three in terms of production quality and performance. I listened to this one the most. I love the synth work!

2. Ben Taggart - Ballad Of The Mushroom Kingdom (Shadow)
I love the idea of Bowser being the good guy. Not necessarily my preferred style of music, but I do like storytelling in music. It's interesting to hear the samples used as percussion. The samples are so well known though, that they almost feel tacked on.

3. Heather Zink - Ms. Pac-Man
A happy song that takes the game topic literally. I like the layers of vocals, but the samples don't really feel like part of the song.

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