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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Champions Vs Shadows #2 Round 2 Reviews: Emperor Gum

Governing Dynamics: Dark Energy

This is fantastic. The broad mechanical SFX percussion elevates the huge brash synth which the intricate and code generated sounding piano complements exquisitely. The voice samples fit perfectly as verses into this sci soundscape, I can see City 17 when I close my eyes. The phrase 'dark energy' could be G-Man's puppet strings or Dr. Breen rejection of humanities base nature, perhaps simply the future itself. I couldn't pick up on Jenny's vocal parts, are they buried too deep in the mix?

This is great stuff, Travis. You should seriously consider mixing more synth and samples into your alt guitar rock from here on out. My friend has G-Man as his Sat-Nav voice, it it deeply unsettling. D:

Heather Zink: Ms Pac-Man

The unshakeable left hand of the piano evokes Pac-Man's incessant beeping without growing wearisome. The right hand and samples adds flourish, the pauses in the arrangement during the sorta-Chorus keep the tune fresh. The melody is lovely and memorable; in particular the harmonies and gravitas of the finish are splendid. The girl-power elements are a nice touch. This is good work!

Whilst both songs are good, ultimately GD and 'Half Life 2' have greater depth and are more anthemic than HZ and 'Ms. Pac Man'.

1. Governing Dynamics
2. Heather Zink

Ben Taggart: Ballad Of The Mountain King

This strip backed Mario ballad blends video game lore with folk legend well, smartly holding off its twist for a full minute. There's some nice stereo guitar strumming and the spoken/sung vocals add good dynamics. The SFX don't add much and become annoying pretty quickly, they don't work as a percussive element and might have been better utilized quirks to end sections with.

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