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Monday, January 30, 2017

Round 1 LP & Deadline News

For now you should know:
- There are 34 official entries.
- There are 3 shadows.
- I think I responded to all e-mails (eventually).
- The listening party will be hosted by Tom on YouTube tonight at 9PM EST.
- There will be a new "Today's The Day" cover played during the LP.
- Tom will be playing a new song that I commissioned for a future YouTube video as well.
- Remember...shadows are never late.  If you got a finished or near finished song...you can still send it in.

Listening Party Location:

Deadline Eliminations:
Scoop - The Orion Sound - Ben Taggart - Marlon - "BucketHat" Bobby - Ohm-I - Rebecca Gurney - Gorbzilla - Evil Beej - Trash Boat - Touch And Go - Bryce Jensen - Godz Poodlz

Embed of the LP:  Go to the link above if you want to chat with us while you listen! 

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