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Saturday, February 4, 2017

SpinTunes #12 Round 1 Reviews: Jeff Campbell

1 - Mariah Mercedes:
Love it. Great chorus, great performance, overall writing and production..

2 - Governing Dynamics:
Great clean guitar tones. Add more production on the chorus (“here’s to the losers”) and drive it home more as a hood. Double the vocals and had some gan harmonies in the later choruses. Killer lyrics too. And great delivery. Clean production that leaves me wanting for not much. Killer guitar solo too!

3 - Ross Durand:
Great mix, like wow. Back in Homeroom is a great chorus. Lyrics paint a picture and put you there. This is great song.

4 - Shyfox:
Great arrangement. Gets to the chorus quick the first time around, but the second time takes a little too long. The “Don’t worry, you got a birdie on your shoulder” line is your chorus. Drive that home. Repeat it many times threat. In fact, rewrite the song based on that line alone

5 - 27 Tikis:
Honest delivery. Good mix. Hooks apparent from the beginning. I like how the lyrics are indirect and still applicable. And it’s fun. This is a great song with a great arrangement. Not too long either.

6 - James Young:
Great song. Chorus repeats. Make production bigger. Use an acoustic room for the drums.
other than that, it’s super poignant and great late 80s writing and production

7 - Boffo Yux Dudes:
Great hooks. Parts are there. Arrangement could use a tweak and picking something to run with more as a chorus would help a lot.

8 - Jerry Skids:
Writing is amazing. The prechorus is killer. Running an acoustic guitar direct is never good but if it’s just a demo, I understand. I also get the BTTF refs, which is important. I wish now was then.

9 - Kyleen Downes:
Great simple production and honest and captivating performance. **Should have edited the breaths out of the vocal take and/or used a better pop screen though. I like that just as tension is building, the writing gets fun. The ‘do what you do’ hook is the chorus and we need to hear way more of that and could stand with less verses. Get to that part within the first minute of the song.

10 - Zoe Gray:
Pre hook should be the verse. Lay a low harmony on the chorus to make it more chorusey. By the second time I got to the chorus, I had already forgotten about the first one, but the Pre chorus still kicked me in the face. Chorus just needs more hook to it. The lines in the 2nd and 4th bar work great, but more harmomies and doubled vox would do it.

11 - Ryan M. Brewer:
Killer Production and performances. And hooks, both musical and vocal. The lyrics and arrangement is where I get lost. Some of it is a little too out there, with a song that has too much potential of a sum-of-the-parts rewrite.

12 - Lucky Witch & The Righteous Ghost:
The “crown of thorns” part is an amazing chorus hook. Like wow. And great vocal delivery. Need to drive that home more, and implement a performance of that guitar part that’s in tune, more tonally captivating. Something roomier and more compressed. Happy to help with this.

13 - Kevin Savino-Riker:
Nice vocal panning and writing and mix. Interestingly good simple tracking approach. Great driving home of the hook, but only once. Arrangement could use a tweak, but lots of great parts

14 - Heather Zink:
Honest performance and simple production, but no present hook, other than a repeating set of melodies.

15 - DJ Ranger Den:
Great vocal production. And message. And lyrics. There are however a bunch of digital hiccups at about 1:10.

16 - Army Defense:
Good hooks, straightforward songwriting. No defined chorus though.

17 - Steve Stearns:
Great intro. Make it half as long with that same drum fill on the 4th bar. Make the vocals less loud in the mix. Harmonies panned left is a killer move. No discernible chorus. You need one. Pick 2 lines and run with them. Lose the Tinder refs if you can.

18 - Alex Forger:
Memorable parts and melodies. Hook comes back enough to matter, but its moe folky than anything

19 - Jailhouse Payback:
Great writing right off the bat. The hooks are so good, I forget that it’s about current events. Add harmonies and/or doubles to the prechorus. 2nd part of the song kinda comes in unannounced.

20 - Ominous Ride:
Great production. Nice changes. I wish the one boat two boat thing happened earlier. I dunno if that prechorus is needed.

21 - Summer Wynn:
Great music. Vocals come in too overwhelming and to intense, although I can relate to every single word, I have a hard time giving it big marks for writing.

22 - Brain Gray:
Intro is a bit long. Snare drum tone needs work. Vocals sound like they were recorded accidentally.
Lyrics are too daring. Vocal performance is great though. Focus more on writing

23 - Bryan Schumann:
This is an aweome, Elbow esque production in the verses. By the chorus, it gets a little too weird for me though.

24 - Adam Sakellarides:
Writing is relevant, but lyrics are a little too period. Also didn’t hear a chorus. Great production though.

25 - Megalodon:
Good writing initially, but kinda goes nowhere. Interesting production approach.

26 - Caravan Ray:
Great vocal production, but not hooky enough

27 - Mick Bordet:
Honest performance, and great production, but nothing memorable in the writing.

28 - Turtle Fence:
I get the writing and that it means something. But I feel like the listener was never considered in this one at all.

29 - Emperor Gum:
This is like the Monster Mash of political songs. Best way I can put it. Only without the repeating hook.

30 - Dr. Lindyke:
Good example of classic Eastern European production and writing, but too comedic for me. And add to the keyboard tone

31 - Domingo:
Perfect East indian production. Not much in terms of repeating parts, but it’s a prime example of the style.

32 - Rob From Amersfoort:
This would be too weird for Kraftwerk. That says stuff.

Shadow - Andy Glover:
Great writing. Honest delivery.

DQ - The Crack Fox:
Amazing production. Honorable mention, but given that this is a songwriting thing, I’m stuck.

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