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Saturday, February 18, 2017

SpinTunes #12 Round 2 Reviews: Joe Lamb

Hello all...
Sorry... no rankings this time as I just ran out of time. (Long story!)
But I jotted down my thumbnail reviews (which I usually go over and then ‘place’).
Anyway.. here are my marks out of ten.
Ryan - Meatloaf! Some great line sin this. The outro could eaily have been halved though. (8)
Sumner - Bowie! Would love to hear this with doubled up vocals. Very sudden ending though. (7)
James - Metallica! I get the idea, but it just didn;t grab me. (6)
Zoe - Freezepop! Well put together. Maybe tighten the lyric a bit? (7)
Brian - Garth Brooks! Liked the chorus. Not so much the spoken verses (6)
Megalodon - Early Rush! I liked this. But something was missing.. I just dunno what!? (7)
Rob - ..... ROB! :)  I *so* wish your lyrics were clearer. Unique as always! (And I like that!) (7)
Bryan - Indigo Girls! Nice song... also a bit Lou Reed-ish. (6)
Lucky - Early Floyd! Decent enough, but sitting through 1m12s of quiet noise made it hard to give it a chance...(6)
Steve - Status Quo! (1) A simple dirving tune. Not bad at all. (7)
Mick - Kraftwerk! (1)  The shift in speed spoiled this. Got the concept, didn't help the song. (5.5)
Emperor -  Shakespeare! Lyric a bit forced. (5)
Kyleen - Beatles! Well put together and well put over (7.5)
Shyfox - Rolling Stones! - Yep nicely done! (7.5)
GD - The Jam! Loved the hook line. Good song, but weak end. (8)
Jailhouse - Quo! (2) Muddy recording. All a bit rough. (6.5)
Boffo - Daft Punk! Brilliant lyric. Really liked this. (8.5)
Turtle - Sorry guys... Just didn’t like this at all. (4)
Ominous - Peter Gabriel! Dark. Driving. Ominous. My Winner. (9)
Dr Lindyke - Humblebums! All I can say about this is that I really liked it. (8.5)
Ross - Donavan! Solid number. liked it!
Army - Kraftwerk (2) Lyric could be better. (Liked the Da-da-das!) (6.5)
Adam - Sounded very rough, both lyric and music. (5.5)
(the) SHADOWS!
Adam - This one didn't do it for me at all.
Boffo - You chose the right song to enter! :)
Mariah - Excellent. Loved this. Such a pity it didn't make it as an entry. Potential winner.

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