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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SpinTunes #2: Profiles

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SpinTunes #2 Rules - SpinTunes #2 Schedule

Round 1 Challenge: There's No Place Like Home - Write a song about YOUR hometown. (2 minute minimum) (they had 11 days) (Results)

Round 2 Challenge: The Musician Strikes Back - We want you to write a sequel. A song that picks up where another famous song left off. (2 minute minimum) (they had 8 days) (Results)

Round 3 Challenge: Secondary Historical Figures - For this challenge we want you to write a song about an unknown character from history, and what connection they had to a major historical event (fictionalization is fine). Paul Revere's stableboy, General Custer's wife, Hitler's art teacher, King Richard's blacksmith, etc... (2 minute minimum) (they had 8 days) (Results)

Round 4 Challenge: It's-A Me, Mario! - Write a song from the point of view of a videogame character. (2 minute minimum) (they had 8 days) (Results)

(Profile order is based on who sent in their entry form first.)

Edric Haleen: Edric likes writing songs, even though they're often different than others may have been expecting at first listen. Care to know more? Check out the link below to visit his website. (Also, please consider checking out http://happinessboard.com to see -- and add to -- the Happiness Board! Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, or your money back!)

Links: Website

R1: Lansing, Michigan
R2: O! Say Can You See?
R3: Voted Out I Was There

Charlie Wolf: Born in 1993, Charlie Wolf is a musician whose quirky folk songs have already won him a lot of acclaim from listeners. Though young, Wolf already has a large list of achievements--having released his first album, Our Wonder Years, and played at many of Los Angeles's finest acoustic venues. Wolf's songs, which often showcase his characteristic dry wit, are more than words and music. They are tender ballads, epic stories, and wry commentaries--or in Wolf's words: "songs of love, loss, and Canada".

Links: Website - @charliewolf - YouTube Channel

R1: I Love LA
R2: Deadline Victim

JoAnn Abbott: Possessing more enthusiasm than actual music theory or even the ability to read music or PLAY anything, JoAnn had such a lot of fun last time that she is going for it again! Only this time with new recording equipment so if her songs stink it will not be due to mechanical probs, just to her innate talent…or lack thereof. She is looking for instrument playing pals to team up with, and will pay with cookies!

Links: @calliopeva

R1: Voted Out Not In Copiague
R2: Georgia Morning (Shadow)
R3: Candle In The Dark (Shadow)
R4: Go For The Eyes (Shadow)

Emperor Gum: Graham Porter's one-man hyphen-loving classically-influenced post-alternative folk-rock band Emperor Gum, based in Cheltenham, UK.

Links: Website - @EmperorGumNews - YouTube Channel

R1: Voted Out Cheltenham

Brian Gray: Brian is a software engineer from Los Angeles. He has studied violin, piano, percussion, voice, music theory, orchestration and composition, and is learning guitar. He sang a cappella at Pomona College in the Men’s Blue & White. In the fall of 2009 Brian started to record an album of nerd rock. He completed his first-ever original song, “Staff Meeting”, on October 22, 2009 and plans on having a complete album by May 2011.

Links: Website - @BrianGrayMusic

R1: South Bend Aid
R2: Voted Out One More Cloud
R4: Hard To Get (Shadow)

Heather Miller: I remember as a kid, wearing a cape, somewhere upwards of 17 crazy pigtails and bouncing around the bedroom of a small trailer in Iowa, changing the colors to “Yellow Submarine” for as long as my dad would play it.

Fast-forward to college, teaching myself chords with a loaned guitar and book of Easy Beatles Songs. Then homework to write a melody every day. Turning to my poetic-rambling filled journals, I picked out a few pieces and dove in.

I succumbed to my practical side for a few years after college, but lately little songs about life keep knocking at my door. I've been trying to answer more often.

Links: Website - @LyricalVenus - YouTube Channel

R1: Voted Out Fairfield

The Boffo Yux Dudes: We're serious in our lack of seriousness. Veterans from many a comedy skirmish, we're back again to create mirth and merriment for your listening and dining pleasure. Al is the tunesmith, while Tom wields the linguistics. And they both haven't managed to stop laughing when someone says 'Doody' yet. Go figure.

Being the elder statesmen of the contestants, they plan on annoying the living crap out of everyone by using the same word over and over again in every song challenge. And that word is ‘Blarf’.

Links: Website - @BoffoYuxDudes - YouTube Channel

R1: Voted Out It's My Hometown, Syracuse, Baby!
R4: Floating Away (Shadow) - One Level Down (Shadow) - Elf Shot The Food (Shadow)

Inverse T. Clown: Inverse's recent frustrations with the various thwarted objectives of life in general have landed him here: at another songwriting competition. Hopefully, the world is ready for another wave of synthetic, arcadian music, because Inverse has an amount of pent-up genius ready to explode out of his body in a mess of blood-soaked ribs and soul-rocking awesome. You have all been warned.

Links: Website - @InverseClown - YouTube Channel

R1: The Pinpoint Accurate Telling Of The Origin Of Salem, OH
R2: Hey, Jessie
R3: Voted Out I Have A Leap
R4: I'm Tops (Shadow)

Governing Dynamics: Governing Dynamics is a one-man alternative-post-emo rock band here to rock your socks off. Or possibly make you sort of mopey and depressed. It all depends on the challenge, really.

Links: Website - @travisnorris

R1: Stars Over Avalon
R2: Melt In The Sun (So Many Pretty Ways)
R3: Voted Out Los Alamos
R4: One Four One (Roach) (Shadow)

Austin Criswell: My name is Austin Criswell. I am a singer/songwriter who just wants to play music for people to enjoy. I have been playing guitar for about 8 years now and i love it! I love music in general! It is seriously what gets me through the day sometimes. I never sang in front of people until about 4 years ago, im a shy guy, and i havent looked back since. I dont really want to be famous i just want my music to be heard :)

Links: @ACMusic7 - YouTube Channel

R1: Mount Holly
R2: Deadline Victim

Danny Blackwell: Danny Blackwell is a British composer who made his name in Spain by winning the prestigious 'Greenspace' award for young talent with a musical project called MONO YA MONO. He has played concerts with acts such as Sonic youth and Anthony and the Johnsons and recorded with hit producer Matthew Herbert.  He is currently working on a book on Japanese Haiku poetry and eating too much cake.

Links: Website - YouTube Channel

R1: A Song About Woodsetts
R2: Voted Out Like A Family & La Reina (Shadow)

Steve Durand: Steve Durand is a trumpet player and songwriter who likes to infuse his music with swing and jazz stylings.


R1: In Paradise With You
R2: Miranda
R3: Voted Out Cuban Missile Mambo

Common Lisp: Common Lisp, aka Paul R. Potts, is a middle-aged computer geek who has been playing guitar since he first bashed out Iron Maiden songs in garages in Northwestern Pennsylvania back in the 1970s. A few years ago he re-dedicated himself to guitar playing and decided he wants to take music much more seriously... but not in a sad, grumpy way. Besides covers, he has written and recorded two songs for Song Fu and collaborated with Joe "Covenant" Lamb. He cannot sing, but this doesn't stop him from trying.

Links: Website - @paulrpotts - YouTube Channel

R1: Leaving Ann Arbor
R2: Voted Out Science (In The Service Of Beauty)
R3: Sherman's Lament (Shadow)

Ross Durand: I've been writing songs for about as long as i can remember, as well as studying classical music. I still write and someday someone will discover me, or ar least people will listen to my stuff at my funeral and think, "Damn, he was pretty good!"

Links: Website

R1: From There
R2: Folsom Breakout Blues
R3: Voted Out Ivan Vaughan

via Satellite: It was a dark dark day when musicians Kylie, JM, and Joey left their home planet and hitched a ride on an orbiting moon to reach the earth. Their mission? Musical domination. Their method? Ingraining their sound into the minds of internet listeners everywhere. Collaborating their powers from Michigan and Arizona, they are coming to you live via Satellite.

Links: @via__Satellite - YouTube Channel

R1: Deadline Victim From Home (Shadow)

Ben Walker: Ben is an internet songwriter, geek pop troubadour and Hammondista. He wrote the Twitter song, headlined the first Twestival, wrote the Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall song, headlined the River Cottage Autumn Festival, played Ben's Big Gig live to the internet, played in the Tumblr office on his Man (hat on) tour of New York, wrote an album of 12-second songs and freaked people out by setting their tweets to music. He also plays rock Hammond with Little Fish.

Links: Website - @ihatemornings - YouTube Channel

R1: Oxford
R2: Voted Out When I'm A Hundred And Two

David Ritter: David Ritter is an Internet Musician who writes songs in the Geeky category of things. He holds a bachelor's degree in music but asks that you don't hold that against him. He writes about things he enjoys with hopes you like them and can openly dance to them. David started a Song a Week Project in January 2010 where he writes and records a song a week and releases it on his website: MacMufasa.com. He's written popular songs about Grant Imahara, Wil Wheaton's Shirt, Marvel Cats, and many more.

Links: Website - @MacMufasa - YouTube Channel

R1: Voted Out Fired
R2: Cage Of Love (Shadow)
R3: Portal Of Doom (Shadow)
R4: Pitfall! (Shadow)

Swatshots: Matthew and Ethan have been friends since 2nd grade where they only met sporadically at recess. Now, so many years later, Ethan is a Music Education major and Matthew is an English major at different Illinois universities. The duo has finally decided to put their creative abilities to the test with this competition.


R1: Voted Out Level

Ominous Ride: Ominous Ride was born in a Birch lean-to amidst smoky slurs and foul recognitions. In the past decade, the group has recorded two-dozen albums, and has toured the better part of the northern hemisphere. Unfortunately, the vast majority of OR’s music was lost when the group’s tour bus accidentally drove into a live volcano. The band's most recent album, Look at my Hand in B Flat, is arguably the group’s most minimalistic, exhibiting stark moments of beauty within otherwise mediocre compositions. As one fan put it, “I wish I could have been conceived to this album.”

Links: Website

R1: Voted Out San Francisco

wait WHAT: Glen Nesbitt, Shelby Prendergast, and Alex Benavidez are mysterious. Or ARE they?


R2: Deadline Victim

Rebecca Brickley: Rebecca often goes by “Beka”, which is confusing, and she’s sorry. Coming from a background in jazz piano, Beka now writes pop/rock music in the vein of Regina Spektor and Sara Bareilles. Sometimes she also tries play the guitar in abandoned coffee shops. Her hobbies include interning at DFTBA records, quoting the LOTR movies verbatim, and embarrassing herself in public. She’s also a junior at her university, studying music composition and audio production.

Links: @bekabee - YouTube Channel

R1: Here
R2: Elderly Dream
R3: Oh Mercy
R4: Where I Am (placed 4th)

Chris Cogott: When Chris isn't rappelling into dark and dank treacherous caves, or zip-lining over the highest treetops deep in the deadly Mexican jungle, he can often be found hardly at work, writing and recording songs for you. Should I, oops, I mean, should HE blame Heather for his complete lapse and fail of totally missing the first SpinTunes? After all, Travis says we could blame her... NO! Of course not. He doesn't even know Heather. He only has himself to blame. This time through, there will be song(s) and hopefully some of you might like them.

Links: Website - @chriscogott

R1: Fairfield
R2: Roadward Bound
R3: Final Flight
R4: In Bright Falls (runner up)

Zarni De Wet: Singer/songwriter that hails from South Africa currently at the Berklee College of Music. Hates celery. Thinks 500 days of summer is the story of her life. Almost pursued a career in chemistry but realized she was too obsessed with the quirks of people and needed to be in touch on a 1:1 basis.

Links: Website - @zarnidewet - YouTube Channel

R1: Where I'm Gonna Go
R2: Stacy's Dad
R3: Eric
R4: The Bleeding Effect (placed 3rd)

Duality: She’s from Xondor, where kittycats grow large like bush dragons, and pianos flow like tacos. He’s from Scotland, and likes Vikings, PayDays, pretty guitars, and telling creepy stories while smiling. The Bluebearded Master of SongFu did Joecast the Invisible Girl’s strange poetic tunes. It didn’t make the self proclaimed Angel of Death shy, so they decided to create the enigma of Duality..a fusion that stimulates and mystifies all observers. They have a great time, and both really like pie.

Links: Website - @Duality237 - YouTube Channel

R1: To The End Of The World & I Just Can't Find A Virgin (Shadow)
R2: Voted Out Mars Ain't The Kind Of Place & Today (Shadow)
R3: Columbia (Shadow) - Historical Verity (Shadow) - St. Andrews (Shadow) - Triangle (Shadow)

Russ Rogers: Russ has been a professional singer/songwriter, musician and comedian for more than twenty years. He recorded three albums with Kit and Kaboodle. He competed in Masters of Song Fu by himself and along with Rhod Durre, as part of Godz Poodlz. Godz Poodlz also competed in SpinTunes #1 and have an album on Bandcamp. Russ founded the White Elephant Music Club on facebook. http://facebook.com/whiteelephantmusic Russ has a solo family entertainment show called "Rusty's Rocking Jamboree!"

Links: Website - @RockingJamboree - YouTube Channel

R1: Voted Out Song For St. Michael

Ryan Ruff Smith: Ryan Ruff Smith is a songwriter and musician from Minneapolis, MN. He writes for and plays in a retro pop group called Spencer McGillicutty and is currently starting work on his first official solo album.

Links: Website - @spencerpop - YouTube Channel

R1: Golden Valley Sunday
R2: Baby, We're Through
R3: Voted Out The Driver (Dallas, 1963)

Charlie McCarron: Charlie is an experimental composer from Stillwater, MN. His musical claim to fame is a “polyalbum” – a cinematic double album where you can play both CDs at the same time. These days he enjoys writing folky acoustic tunes, but he can also be seen wielding a wiimote and laptop from time to time in his aleatoric band, The Cagetones. One of his favorite distractions is the Cover of the Month Club.

Links: Website - @charliemccarron - YouTube Channel

R1: Stillwater MN Air
R2: Over The Bridge
R3: Voted Out Queen Of Heart
R4: The Pac​-​Man Duet (Shadow)

Mitchell Adam Johnson: I write songs. I value melody. I'm going to Beetlejuice in 30 minutes. That is why my bio is short.


R1: London
R2: When Donna Came Back
R3: Pictures Of Love
R4: In Another Castle (Winner)

Gweebol: Gweebol is something between a moppet and a muppet.


R1: Darktown
R2: Thank You Mr. Postman
R3: Voted Out She Said, As She Handed Him The Telephone


Bram Tant: Bram is a 20 year old Computer Science student from Belgium who loves playing the guitar and writing songs. He has previously competed in the Masters of Song Fu songwriting competition and is a member of the "Too Much Awesome" music community.

Links: Website - @dantesxx - YouTube Channel

R1: Living In The Countryside

Mark Humble: Mark Humble is a singer songwriter who has written and arranged songs for Disney, Sesame Street, and the Smithsonian. He has composed music for A&E International’s Biography. His CD, “Guilty Pleasure Cabaret” is available on cdbaby.com , itunes and amazon.com. You can see Mark play his latest songs on his YouTube channel, misterhumble. His next live show is at the Sidewalk Cafe in New York City on January 29th, 2011. Mark lives in Brooklyn with his wife Marnie and their daughter Lucy.

Links: @markhumblemusic - YouTube Channel

R4: I'm Q​*​Bert, Babe

Caleb Hines: Software engineer by day, Caleb occasionally pretends to be a musician on the internet by night. He is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist (recorders, flute, ukulele, melodica, piano, bass, computer, etc) who is more familiar with 300-year old music than with the more “modern” stuff. Since discovering Jonathon Coulton, he has been updating and diversifying his style, largely through competing in Song Fu.

Links: Website - @calebhines - YouTube Channel

R4: The Writing On The Wall

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