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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

News & Notes

No big changes to announce right now, the profiles get posted as scheduled, and the first challenge will be posted as scheduled. This post is just for me to update you on how things have went during sign-ups. In short they went extremely well. My personal goal was to have more people sign-up in SpinTunes 3 than we had in SpinTunes 2. We had 35 sign-up in the last contest, and in this contest we blew away that number (you'll see by how much when the profiles get posted). I've worked harder at spreading the word for this contest than I did with the previous 2. But what helped more than anything is the SpinTunes veterans (and fans) who were spreading the word as well. So a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has been talking up the contest during the past 2-3 weeks.

Together we did so well that it's actually caused a small problem. When I asked the judges to help out with this contest they were under the impression their workload would be considerably less than it is now going to be. So I also owe the judges a BIG THANK YOU for sticking with it & not saying "Fuck off, this is too much." The judges really do have a tough job this go around. Reviewing the number of songs they'll have on the table in the short span they are given is not easy. Not by any stretch.

In the future I will plan for having a larger than expected group of sign-ups. I've already written down a few ideas for SpinTunes 4, but I don't plan on changing anything for this contest. The rules will stay as they were originally posted.

For those of you who don't know already, my laptop crashed about a week after sign-ups started. That's the computer I used for streaming the live listening parties on U-Stream (http://www.ustream.tv/channel/spintunes). Now I'm using a borrowed desktop (that's kinda crappy) & I'll have to see if it can handle U-Stream. If not, there's a chance someone else will host the party.

The loss of my computer also means that you would make me EXTREMELY happy if you sent files that BandCamp is cool with. (details can be found on the rules page) In the past I've excepted MP3's & even a couple of YouTube videos that I converted myself for upload onto BandCamp. I'll probably have some new software & still be able to do that...but it would be one less thing for me to piddle with if you can handle it yourself. If all you can manage to send is an MP3..so be it. I'll get it done.

If anyone has any questions you can always e-mail me, and I'm very good at responding to comments on the blog. Often blog comments are even better cause someone might have the same question as you. If you want to ask me questions in real time you can try to catch me hanging out in "ArtiFiction" (link's in the sidebar). I'm almost always in there the night I have to post an update on the blog. For instance I'll be hanging out in ArtiFiction tonight because I have to post the profiles around 1AM. It's fun to be able to hang out with everyone during the big reveals. So on the nights when there's a song deadline, or when reviews & results are getting posted...come hang out. Not just with me, but with others in the contest.

I think that's all I was planning on blabbering about until Wednesday...so good luck everyone, and thanks for being a part of SpinTunes.

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