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Monday, June 20, 2011

Round 1 LP & Deadline News

As with every SpinTunes deadline there is usually good news & bad news. The good news is that we had more official entries for this round than any other round in our short history. 37 people managed to turn something in on time. The bad news is of course that 23 people did not turn something in on time. A few people pulled out of the contest, while others just missed the deadline. For those of you that missed the deadline, but have a song (or part of one) finished, get it turned in. Shadow entries are awesome, and everyone in the contest would love to hear your work. Right now we have 7 shadow entries to go along with the 37 regular entries. Anything else that's turned in will be added to the album, and played at the listening party.

The listening party will be hosted by me, and it starts at 8PM TONIGHT! Like always, we're going by my time, not yours. (counter has been updated for you) I will play the songs in the order they were submitted, and then play the shadow entries at the end. I hope you decide to stop by, and bring friends. I'll probably get there 15-20 minutes early, but the SpinTunes songs won't start until 8PM. All songs will be available for FREE listen & download shortly after the LP.

Listening Party Location: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/spintunes

So many people pushed the deadline, and didn't turn in a draft early. If you wait until the last 15 minutes to turn something in, there's a good chance you'll end up missing the deadline. Files take longer to upload & send than you think, links may not work, power outages happen, computer crashes, bounced e-mails, etc..etc... I know sometimes waiting until the last second is unavoidable, but this round (as well as others in the past) are great examples of why you should do your best to avoid it. If you send in a rough demo early, at least that gives you an entry if something horrible happens & you don't update it by the deadline. The deadline is as much a part of the challenge as the lyrical/musical prompt.

Deadline Eliminations: Heather Miller, Common Lisp, Bram Tant, Darrell Maclaine, Cass and Dannerzz, David LeDuc, Anna P, The Vespus, InfernoVivo, Dylan Ihde, Ben Tracy, Donutworthy, MC Squared, Wire Fixerson, Jimmy DiNardo, Megan M, Quetzalcoatlus, Green Mama Bathsalts, Patrick Goodden, DrTRB & Deftlemons, B-Type, David Ritter & Zinkline.

(Details about the round 1 judges eliminations will be posted after the LP.)

(PS: I'm very tired & haven't slept yet. I'm about to do that now. If I forgot something or made an error (#BlameHeather), just tell me via e-mail. Don't expect a quick response...cause as I said...I'm going to bed.)


  1. Thanks for your hard work, Travis. Looking forward to the Listening Party tonight! I hope those who got deadlined but have a song finished or nearly finished will turn in shadows before the party.

  2. Thanks, Travis! So, eleven artists eliminated each round?

    True story: I set my song to upload then fell asleep while waiting. I woke up half an hour before the deadline. Terrorfying.

  3. Graham, your Donutworthy writing was stellar. That was Denfail all over man! We'll get the shadow right! You are awesome!

    Sheesh. Good thing we're all just trying to have a good time here, and this is for learning. :)

  4. I really enjoyed the LP; I'm downloading the album now.

    I guess at least I can say that I didn't blow it at the last minute. It was a week-long disappointment. I worked through most of the first weekend, and then it turned into a week of very extensive overtime at work, including two near-all-nighters and travel. I finally had a few hours blocked out Saturday and was going to try for a rough demo, but I found that my audio interface had fried itself in the heat of my upstairs studio room. Aaand that was all the time I had.

    Trying now to block out some time to work on shadows...