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Sunday, August 7, 2011

SpinTunes #3 Champions: Matt And Donna

Runner Up: Pat And Gweebol
3rd: Ross Durand
4th: Charlie McCarron

Congratulations Matt And Donna! You survived all 4 rounds, and you both are now SpinTunes Champions. I wish I had a big fancy prize to give you, but in SpinTunes it's the musicians who provide the prizes. You've done more than your share with your 4 entries, and along with all the other great songs everyone can enjoy the prizes. Hopefully we can get you a SpinTunes t-shirt in the future, but it may be awhile. We've already got enough money (when Google gets around to sending me a check) to buy Kevin a shirt, and after we get Mitchell one, you're next.

It was great having you involved with the contest, and I hope to see you in SpinTunes #4 as judges or competitors. (expect an e-mail in December about judging)

ALL the finalists did a great job. You all earned your way into the finals, and I could have been happy with any of you being the SpinTunes #3 champion.

Totals & Reviews:
In the end 24 of 40 people sent in their votes/rankings, and the final count was:

Matt And Donna - 71
Pat And Gweebol - 60
Ross Durand - 58
Charlie McCarron - 51

Popular vote totals:

Pat And Gweebol - 19
Matt And Donna - 10
Ross Durand - 5
Charlie McCarron - 2
(36 total votes)

Mitchell Adam Johnson - Glenn Case - Ben Davila - David Santucci

Guest Judge's Review: Walt Ribeiro - Anhayla - Chris Commisso
Alternate Judge's Review: Spin

Thank You
Not only to the finalists, but to everyone that signed up or participated in SpinTunes. Judges, shadows, fans who listened & voted... I'll once again be sending out e-mails to everyone in a couple weeks. It'll be your chance to leave feedback with me that I can take into consideration when planning SpinTunes #4.

I'll be updating the "SpinTunes Hall Of Fame & Records" page sometime this week. In case anyone is interested in knowing more about how the stats have changed from 1 contest to the next.

The next contest will probably start around Jan. Between Song Fight, Frankensong & various other projects, there should be plenty to keep you busy until SpinTunes #4. Keep an eye on my Spintown blog, because I normally post about those type of things there.


  1. Thank you, kind Sir, for putting on this whole shebang.

  2. I will reveal that I voted for Matt and Donna as #1. The horns and harmonies were gorgeous. But it was _really_ hard to decide. In particular, I thought Charlie's song was really very good too and so he got my #2 vote.

  3. Thanks to all who voted! We had so much fun working on music for this. It's truly an honor just to have been a part of it. Spin, you run a great show. Thanks for putting it all on.

    Paul: Thanks for the big ups! Donna will be glad to hear that you liked the trumpet part. She wrote/played and I think she really nailed it:)

  4. Thanks to Travis, all the judges and guest judges. There is the "White Elephant Music Club" on facebooK.


    Something BIG will be done there, probably in October and December, but plans for the REALLY BIG PROJECT will take place over the next two weeks. Come join the fun there too.

    This was a very fun SpinTunes. It's nice to see such a large Contingent of Minnesotans represented! And congrats to Matt and Donna on the win!

  5. Congrats, all! To Matt and Donna, of course -- but also to EVERYONE who participated. The musicians. The judges. Even certain people from Ohio. These are always a great deal of fun, and spawn a lot of awesome music. Here's looking forward to Four!