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Sunday, August 7, 2011

SpinTunes #3 Round 4 Review: Walt Ribeiro

I sure hope you guys are familiar with Walt & his projects already, but if you're not...you have to check out http://ForOrchestra.com. I'm extremely happy that Walt was able to review a round of SpinTunes.
Jonathan Coulton 'Want You Gone (Portal)' For Orchestra by Walt Ribeiro by ForOrchestra

Walt Ribeiro
Composer, Pop Songs Arranged For Orchestra

Charlie McCarron
As you become in tune with the lyrics and grow to know fiona, you really appreciate this piece. It breaks the verse-chorus-verse rule, and that's refreshing. I love the female backsingers at the last chorus, which had me thinking it was fiona entering into the singer's world. a beautiful, not over-produced, and very thoughtful piece. the soft words, polite drum beat, arpeggio'd guitar, and backed male lyrics allow you to relax. You may not be able to fall in love with your first best friend, but you'll surely fall in love with this piece at first listen.

Pat And Gweebol
Getting past the uncompressed audio, MIDI instruments, and unbalance volume of the singers, I actually enjoyed this piece. I liked the theatre-feel of this piece, and how well the arrangement was. If the instruments were 'real' then it'd sound fantastic, and so I understand not everyone has a band at their disposal. I also enjoyed the backup singers, the drum beat, and how everything dropped out at the end. A good composition.

Matt And Donna
The piano was very beautiful, but i wonder if there could have been more to this piece? Maybe a violin passage while the bass drops out? the song grew on me, both for it's soft drum beat, and interesting chord progression, and trumpet section.

Ross Durand
The lyrics seemed odd at times, and didn't spark too much creativity. The production was great, and I enjoyed the singing. However, the guitar strumming seemed a tad off at times, but maybe that was intentional. I really wish the pre-chorus had more 'punch' to it, a common technique to use is that rather than add more punch to the chorus, perhaps 'thin out' the verse, that will create the same effect while also allow the listener to breathe. I liked the hook.

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