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Monday, August 22, 2011

SpinTunes Feedback

I just sent out surveys to people who signed up & entered a song into SpinTunes. If I missed someone, just send me an e-mail & I'll respond.

If you respond via e-mail I will not be posting your responses or sharing them with anyone. They are just for me to mull over while thinking about SpinTunes #4.

For those of you who just followed the contest, but did not sign up, you can also leave feedback in the comments section below. You can also e-mail me if you want your thoughts kept private. I'm not going to debate things with people right now...this is just your chance to vent. I'll copy & paste the meat of the e-mail below if anyone wants a prompt to use....I hear you like prompts... :p

This post will be deleted in a couple weeks, and when this post gets deleted, I will stop using the SpinTunes e-mail address until it's about time for SpinTunes #4. From that point on...don't expect responses from that account.

1. In general, did you like having more people involved in the judging this time around?

2. Of the 5 regular judges, which did you find to be the most helpful, and why? (Mike, Glenn, David, Mitchell & Ben)

3. Of the 5 regular judges, which did you find to be the least helpful, and why? (Mike, Glenn, David, Mitchell & Ben)

4. If the schedule were to change to allow more time for communication amongst the judges, would you be for adding another week between challenges? Would make communication easier, but that’s a long break between rounds & there could be a loss of momentum & interest that comes with that.

5. Is there anyone you would like to see as a judge in a future SpinTunes? If so, tell me who & why?

6. What did you think of the popular vote being used in Round 1 & 2? Did you hate it or want to see it used in Round 3 & 4 in a similar way?

7. Would you like to see the Molly Lewis Rule brought back? A couple people have suggested having 4 finalist AND keeping the Molly Lewis Rule.

For those that don’t remember, the Molly Lewis stated that:
- If a finalist doesn’t enter a song, the highest ranking musician that was eliminated from Round 3 who also shadows Round 4 will be allowed to compete as a finalist.

It was also suggested that this rule be applied to every single round. So people who fail to enter a Round 2 song, could be replaced by the highest ranking musician that was eliminated from Round 1 who also shadowed in Round 2. This would encourage more people to shadow, but give no promises that the song will be allowed to compete.

8. If we have around 40+ enter a song in round 1 again, would you be against randomly breaking the entries up into 2 different groups & having 2 different sets of judges rank & review each? With the large turn out we had this time, it’s fairly difficult for judges to rank & review that many songs in the first 2 rounds. After the first 2 rounds, the remaining competitors from each group would merge into 1 group for rounds 3 & 4.

9. If you could create a future SpinTunes challenge, what would it be & why?

10. Ok, time to vent. Anything I didn’t mention that you want to bend my hear about do it now. It can be about anything related to the contest so lay it on me.

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  1. 1-9 answered via email, 10 answered at http://potluck.com/2011/08/spintunes-3-wrap-up-recommendations/ which others might be interested in taking a look at.