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Saturday, March 3, 2012

SpinTunes #4 Round 3 Review: Chris Cendana

I've been a fan of Chris on YouTube for a long time now. So I'm very happy he was willing to take the time to be a guest judge this round. You can find out more about Chris by visiting his website & YouTube channel. Just so you can put a face with the name, here's a video of him singing one of his original songs.

*You might want to thank him for doing reviews, especially since we had a regular judge drop the ball this round...again.*

- Spin


Edric Haleen - The Terrible Things That Transpired Today
I think you just pwned Dr. Seuss with one letter. Even though this is an email, tonight 'tis the time this terribly technical tester took... A standing O! Amazing job!

Gold Lion - Crossfire
This girl's voice is amazing and amazingly hypnotic. The only thing I was a bit disappointed with is when the percussion comes in, there is a lack bottom end. But great emotion and movement.

David LeBuc - Seven Letters
Sounds great. Good mix. Solid vocals, good lyrics. I could hear this song in a retail store. Great job!

Jess Scherer - This Twisted Tongue
Great singing, and a great piano solo! Fitting to use a bebop/pentatonic mode to give it a ragtime feel.

Steve Durand - A Song About Letters
Great instrumentals and production! Not a bad idea to make it a kids song! The banjo got my attention, coming from Applachia. Great stuff.

Ross Durand - Advice (Easy As ABC)
You have a comforting voice. Great finger picking, good micing for an acoustic track.

Rebecca Angel - My Tights
Beautiful voice. This song kind of has a campfire feel. Not bad, and people love tights!

Menage A Tune - Please Come Back
Beautiful piano playing. It sounds like there should be a choir in the background... almost like it has traditional church music influence. Lots of emotion and thought on this one.

Brian Gray - One Of Us
Reminiscent of the B-52s. The bass should follow the kick more and follow the other guitars less outside the solos. It will emphasize the beat more.

Caleb Hines - The Quetzalcoatlus (Shadow)
That is a one fun word. I really like the chorus.

Common Lisp - I.O.U.
Clever. Sounds like the child of a Beach Boy and a flower girl. I feel like a sitar belongs in this song. Not bad stereo placement. It's funny you said that coming up with lyrics is your weak point cause you did better than some others.

Jacob Heller - Come To Me Now
Well, at least you won't forget the lyrics. Vocals are a bit weak, but I don't think that was the focus of the song. The song is definitely catchy though.

Noah McLaughlin - Va Falloir
I wish I understood French well. At first, I thought you were just singing syllables. The vocals didn't seem much in key.

Kevin Savino-Riker - The Tin Knight
I see that you were definitely following protocol... kind of a Beatles influence I feel... the lyrics lost my attention though.

The Orion Sound - It Never Said He Wasn't
You need a drummer or metronome, but the theatrical feel was fitting. After listening to this song I kept saying "Raptor Jesus"

Governing Dynamics - Go To Sleep
This song definitely makes me want to go to sleep. The vocals are weak. The chord progression doesn't quite resolve at 1:13, which kind of leaves the build to the chorus, for lack of better words, hanging there.

Drei Viertel Drei - Carnival (Shadow)
Even though there were some interesting instrumentation, the vocals weren't very pleasing and the lyrics felt like they were random mode for 3 minutes. I can't say I liked that song.


  1. Thank you for your review of my song, and for coming in to help with judging!
    JoAnn/Menage a tune

  2. When I composed the music of Please Come Back, I was thinking about Mozart's Requiem. Obviously not the same caliber, but his song was an inspiration.