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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spintunes #4 Round 4 Review: Donna Schubbe

My reviews again are ranked from my favorite to least favorite… though this round made it pretty hard to choose! Congrats to you top four! Be proud for making it so far and submitting such solid songs. It has been a blast to be a judge for ST4!

Steve Durand
YES! This is what this challenge is about! This song is so fun and you really embraced making as many sounds as you could with your body. The variety of instruments you were able create with your body & mouth is fantastic. Not only is this song super fun and catchy musically, the subject matter and lyrics are also well thought out and I loved the self-referentiality. I found myself smiling non-stop through this song. Great work in this competition Steve! I think you really hit your stride these last two challenges, they seem like they were made for you!

David LeDuc
Good work! At first I really thought that you were using a shaker, it is amazing how you were able to exactly mimic that sound. I could hear a lot of variety of “body part” instruments, mostly percussive. Your harmonies in the chorus are really great. I think your subject matter will hit home with many people. Writing about fear is a great choice for this challenge. You have been able to crank out such variety in your song styles throughout every challenge and that is really impressive. Congrats on making it to round 4!

Edric Haleen
This really sounds like it is direct from the Lion King musical. Your voice sounds amazing and I love the layering! I fell like you made this more of an a capella song with just enough claps to meet the challenge. I wish you had pushed yourself out of your comfort zone a bit more to try making more instrumentation with your body. I know it sounds silly that I say you should have challenged yourself when you most likely created a new freakin language! I understand the challenge in that! But I guess I am just going by the challenge request for any sound you can make using your body. Great work on making it to the final round, and overall this is a solid song and you should send it to the Lion King. It has been so fun to see what you come up with every challenge and your quality is never lacking.

Jess Scherer
Nice pretty vocal harmonies. I know this must have been a big challenge for you with out your best bud, the piano, this round. But I think you did great and your piano would be proud. I found myself hearing new background instruments with every listen. I could tell you were pushing your vocal range in this challenge, but I think you did a good job. I wish that your body part instruments were a bit higher in the levels, the song stands out more like and a capella song because of how quiet the background instruments are. Overall this is a nice song and you should be very proud for making it to round four! It has been super fun to see you grow and expand with each passing challenge. You have a way with the piano and you make very cute poppy music. Great Job!

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