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Sunday, March 18, 2012

SpinTunes #4 Round 4 Review: Cherry Lee

I've followed Cherry on YouTube for years now. Her original songs are wonderful, and are the prettiest sounds you'll ever hear come out of a bathroom (TheBathroomGirl is her YouTube handle). You can find out more about Cherry by visiting her website.

Just so you can put a face with the name, here's a video of her singing one of her original songs.

*You might want to thank her for doing reviews, especially since we had a regular judge drop the ball this round...again.*

- Spin


1. Steve Durand - Beautiful Voice
VERY good use of instrumental and interesting to listen to. Not the best voice but it works with the humour and vibe of the song. Very pleasurable and endearing to listen to, could imagine it on the stage of a musical theatre production with lots of colourful props! Big smiles!!

2. David LeDuc - Fear
Great beatboxing. Meaningful lyrics, and the delivery was genuine and unconceited, so it works in your favour that you don’t sound like a “rapper”. Cool vibe.. would have liked to heard more instrumental build up, and a possible background melody built into the latter part of the song. A lot potential.

3. Jess Scherer - Threadbare
Good build up, good effort with instruments. Harmonies are spot on. Wonderful delicate vulnerable voice which gives credit to the theme; easy on the ears.

4. Edric Haleen - Exultation
Joyous, uplifting, energising. Strong and confident melody and harmonies which instil the listener with the same emotions. No one can deny the professional sound of this very polished performance, but I would have liked to see more creative and varied use of “instruments” to respond to the challenge.

5. Menage A Tune - Don’t Miss The Rainbow
Lovely warmth in your unpretentious voice in contrast with slightly eerie back music; nice uplifting lyrics. A creative composition. Like how the ending faded out..

6. Brian Gray – Before You Go
Impressive harmonies and when the beat came in, that was an awesome surprise, and the key change for the chorus kept things fresh. Some of the harmonies in the chorus are off. Good energy maintained throughout.

7. Drei Viertel Drei - Igor’s Jigsaw
Very good and appropriate production and effects used. There were very impressive and imaginative sound effects but sometimes it felt like they did not come together as a song. Felt like when the bass came in it had promise, bass should have continued and come in earlier.

8. Jakob Hailer - What Do We Need
Good effort with creative man made instruments, but unfortunately, not quite pulled off. Melody and “music” don’t match and lyrics a bit too repetitive.

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  1. Having done "Don't Miss The Rainbow", I liked the ending too, almost wished it could be longer. Thanks for listening and reviewing!