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Saturday, January 30, 2016

SpinTunes #11 Round 1 Reviews: Kally O'Mally

Never Done That Before - Keen Si
Good punk song, nice arrangement, great guitars and sound, but no hook and the vocals
need some beefing up within the arrangement. 10

The First Time - Jeff Brown
Nice acoustic guitar sound and simple melody, the arrangement needs to go somewhere,
right now it's multiple A sections. 21

Megalodon - My Foolish Mind
Super interesting! Great production values on the arrangment and I like the chorus,
there's a lot of good happening in this song, but it feels like it needs more time in the
shop. Close though. 14

Eric Haleen- How It All Began
Nice! Broadway Bound… Great piano chops and vox. 8

Sam Rodewald - My First Song
Nice, I like this one. All the elements are heading into the right place and I hear a lot of
potential in what you're doing. Keep tightening up your production values. Good
arrangment and melody. 13

Steve Durand - Original Sin
Like it! Very jazzy, great production. I would ditch the intro and let the song start where
it starts. The intro is distracting. 6

Ellie Sparrow - Footprints On The
Nice song that has potential. Your voice needs to be louder in the production and the
kick drum is too loud and distracting. Keep a super simple beat for this and let your voice
sit on top. 12

Governing Dynamics- Fool Me On
Nice production and good vocal sound. The melody is a bit wandery at the beginning but
it settles in once you get going. The first few notes you sing and the confidence in which
you deliver those first few lines often make or break it. 7

Glen Raphael - First Time
Nice song, nice arrangement and voice. The click track is distractingly loud. Very nice
guitar work. You deliver the topic well. I could see this doing well on youtube, your
harmony vocal comes in louder than your main vocal. Get that main vox out front
please! 11

Rob From Amersfoot - The First Time You Die
This feels like three or four separate songs, but I like what you're doing production wise. 18

James Young - Alone
Nice song! Kill the first verse, it should start with the chorus or the second verse.
(probably the 2nd verse) Check your cymbals to see if they're panned to the left. This
has great potential. Nice melody and voice. 4

Jailhouse Payback  - First Time Caller
Love it! Great harmonies, love the instrumentation. Jangle in my pocket… 2

Ominous Ride  - Maiden Trip
The bass line is stepping on your vocals. Otherwise I like it! Sorta Pink Floydish. 3

Pigfarmer - Kill A Man
I like this too, but it's sitting between a rap and a metal song. I would try an effect like
radio voice on the lead vocal during the verses and perhaps speed up that tempo a bit as
well. Good melody and production. 9

"Buckethat" Bobby - Free To Be Me
Nice arrangement, a bit depressing though. 22

Emporer Gun - Leaving
well developed chorus and nice lyrics. It's worth continuing to develop.. The pitchiness
of the vocals distracts from the melody delivery. 20

Mark Humble - First Time You Broke My Heart
I love this… great production and song. Sounds like it's from the '70's, definitely a fav.
The harmony vocal in the bridge is a bit too loud. 1

Ross Durand - Premiere
Sounds like a song that would be used at the Tony Awards to celebrate the actors. It's a
good arrangement. 17

The Buffo Yox Dudes - First Wurst
Some interesting chords in the chorus. 19

Turtle Fence - First
Interesting baritone/bass voice. It sounds like the voice is placed too far back in the
throat when it needs to be more forward and on the teeth for easy moveability on the
melody. Big voices placed in the throat can sound flat and as though they're difficult to
move. Work on the voice and the rest will start to fall into place. The song lacks
differentiating sections and doesn't really grow. Good attempt. 23

Ben Taggert - Like The First Time
Nice church worship song. Nice clear sections and a nice voice. Good job on the key
change. Keep working on your skills and you'll get better. 15

John Eric - Perry's Song
Very nice song. Nice delivery and arrangement. Vox gets a bit pitchy at times. 5

Adam Sakellarides - Have You Heard
Funny brussel sprout song. Good arrangement and nice voice. 16

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