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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

SpinTunes #11 Round 1 Songs

First off, I'm sorry.  U-Stream was so horrible that only a couple people seemed to be able to use it.  For most people it was so buggy & so many ads popped up you couldn't listen to a single song all the way through.  We will be looking at alternative places to hold ALL future LP's.  We will NOT be using U-Stream anymore.

I ended up posting the album early simply because I felt your songs deserved better than to be heard for the first time in U-Stream.  I started a G+ chat & invited everyone to join & just chat about the songs or the round.  Here's a group shot from the hangout.

The songs are now available for FREE download. Until the round 2 songs are posted I will only allow people to download the round 1 album as a whole. But even after that, PLEASE download the entire album vs downloading just a handful of songs while the contest is on going. BandCamp limits how many free downloads I can give away, and 1 album download counts the same as 1 song download.

If this was your first time turning in a SpinTunes song, you are NOW officially a SpinTuner.  Which means you are now allowed to join our private Facebook group where you can chat SpinTunes or any other music related topic you want with the rest of the bunch.  You just have to send a join request, and I'll gladly let you in.

We had 23 total songs turned in before the deadline & we had 11 shadows turned in.  That's right 11!  What's even more amazing is that 9 of those shadows were ALL from Jailhouse Payback who turned in 10 songs for this round.  That's easily a new record.  The judges will not be eliminating anyone this round (unless there is a DQ), but they will be reviewing & scoring you as usual. Good luck to you all, and well done!

(Album cover by Matt Schubbe)

- Judges & guest judges need to turn in their reviews & rankings by January 30th before noon (Sat).

- Reviews & scores will be posted January 30th before 11PM (Sat).

- January 31st 1AM (Sun) the Second Challenge will be announced.

Aside from all the great songs you guys wrote for the album, we also had another kick ass cover of "Today's The Day" by Inverse T. Clown to share.

Videos: If anyone wants to make a VIDEO for their song, I will include it here:

Links Of Interest:
- Edric Haleen posted a song bio for his song.

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