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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

SpinTunes 3: Round 4 Songs

The album is now available for FREE download, and you can vote for your favorite entry as well.

For the time being, in an attempt to save on the free downloads, you can only download the album all at once. I will make individual songs available for free download in the near future.

"In the last round, everyone who has been eliminated (who also submitted at least 1 song) will be allowed to rank the songs. This round the judges have no say in matters, but they will still be required to review each song. Rules for a tie are altered just a bit. Popular vote is the first deciding factor, then the judges, and then I am the last deciding factor." - Rules Page

I'll be going through the list of sign-ups tonight/this morning & sending e-mails to those who are allowed to vote & rank the songs this time. If you don't get an e-mail, but think you should have a vote feel free to contact me. (rumor has it I'm not perfect) Your rankings will not be published on the blog, but I will be posting the names of the people who vote.

I want to thank people for staying at the LP even though there was a 25 minute delay due to tech issues. Tested it yesterday, was fine. Tested it today, it was fine. Broadcasted a Pre-Show for over an hour before the LP, and it was fine. 5 minutes before the LP was supposed to start...shit storm. So thanks for entering great songs & sticking around for the show. Good luck to all 4 finalist.

You can find the album on BandCamp by clicking the image below:

(Album cover by Dr. Lindyke & Photo by Reinfried Marass)

People Who Have Voted:
Luke Brekke, Esquire - The Offhand Band - Gold Lion - Edric Haleen - Wait What - The Boffo Yux Dudes - Ethan Ivey - Caleb Hines - Bryce Jensen - Jutze - Chris Cogott - Spencer Sokol - Dr. Lindyke - Menage' a Tune - Emperor Gum - Inverse T. Clown - Heather Miller - Matt Walton - "Buckethat" Bobby Matheson - Governing Dynamics - Steve Durand - David Ritter - Common Lisp - Godz Poodlz
(24 of 40 votes have been cast.)

- August 6th 11PM (M) - Judges reviews are due & eliminated competitors rankings are due.

- August 7th 1AM (T) - Reviews are posted & the winner is announced.

- You can vote for your favorite song with the poll in the right sidebar. -->

(If anyone wants to make a video for their song, I'll include it here.)

Reviews & Links Of Interest For This Round:
(If anyone writes any reviews or song bios please send me the links & I'll link to them here.)

- Sammy Kablam posted a Negative Reinforcement review of this round.


  1. Bummed that I can never make the listening parties because of my work schedule. :( I feel like I've been missing out on something.

  2. dear sir,
    i can not write a song, but because i loved Reinfried Marass 's attached picture, and it inspired me, i thought it worth a humble immature lyric, so i submit here part of a song: a lyric :) at least i tried:

    i am a deserted beauty
    standing in the finish line alone,
    recalling silently, aimlessly, broken
    the roaring time which is fading away

    but , can i veil my beauty
    behind dust and rust,
    and shun him away?
    he whose sight and fingers
    reach beyond decay?

    he who through his lens
    and craftsmanship
    traces all my colors of fall.
    and restore my luster anew.

    i am rewarded enough
    to have him signed my glory
    with his red dot as
    "old yet graceful, ageless pride
    of all time"

    By: S'lala Alem

    (forwarded by Spin)

  3. Only a partial review for the 4 in competition-

    Pat and Gweebol. I like Gweebols voice so much I think I would vote for her if she sang a phone book. This song makes me happy in a way similar to how “Me and Caroline” does. :o) I keep listening to it to try and learn how they do that, what makes happy songs really resonate in me and get listened to over and over.
    Ross Durand I love how he can be singing about both a car and a man coming to terms with his age at the same time, and the way they both are resigned to their fate and maybe a little regretful, but seem content with knowing they had full lives; the singer is not wallowing in the past but living in that bittersweet part of memory.
    Matt and Donna Very similar in feel to Ross’s, looking back in a sweet sad way, perhaps a bit more sad. Very pretty. The story is like a cross between Travis Norris’s and Ross’s.
    Charlie McCarron- his songs are what Kenny G would sound like if he had decided to sing instead of play the sax. They are musical warm fuzzy blankets.

  4. I feel very honored that Shadia Alem, one of Saudi Arabia's most acknowledged visual artists and 2011's Biennale contributor, watches this contest and even feels encouraged to add a little poem ...

    Many thanks,

  5. Hello, is this your only site or you personally own some others?