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Saturday, July 7, 2012

SpinTunes #5 Round 1 Review: John Anealio

I've been hoping that John Anealio would compete in SpinTunes for awhile now.  Unfortunately, his schedule has not yet matched up with ours.  So, to at least get him involved in SpinTunes, I invited him to guest judge 1 round.  If you want to learn more about John you should check out his BandCamp page.  Here's a taste of John's music.



  1. Felix Frost: Utterly Unique, Excellent use of time changes, Harmonically adventerous.
  2. RC: Great Classic song structure. Clear lyrical story. Nice Voice. Nice guitar blend. Emotional chorus hook.
  3. Governing Dynamics: Great voice. Appealing Angst-y Vibe. Nice harmonies.
  4. Godz Poodlz: Cool Electronic Arrangement, Good Storytelling and Song Structure. Great Hook.
  5. The Boffo Yux Dudes: Great use of 3/4 time, Great Storytelling lyrics, Strong Melody, strong harmonies.
  6. Mariah Mercedes: Beautiful, Original Voice. Unique chord structure.
  7. Jeremy Lambright: Nice Voice, Good Arrangement, Moody Vibe.
  8. Menage a Tune: Nice Intro, Great minor key melody, Surprising Chord Changes.
  9. The Orion Sound: Great Verse Lyrics, Nice delivery, Interesting characters and story.
  10. Dr. Lindyke: Strong Piano Playing, Interesting Lyrics. Strong Melody and Chord Structure.
  11. Zoe Gray: Nice Voice, Strong Melody, Interesting Lyrics, Nice Chord Changes.
  12. Trader Jack: Cool Synths, Strong Keyboards, Charismatic Singing.
  13. Caravan Ray: Great punk energy. Catchy Melody. Nice sense of humor. Good structure.
  14. David Ritter: Nice Verse/Chorus Contrast, Original sound, Interesting Concept.
  15. Greg Hosack: Strong melody and Harmony singing, Good song structure.
  16. Edric Haleen: Vulnerable, Moody, Picks up nicely at the end.
  17. Jailhouse Playback: Nice Song Structure, Good singing and harmonies, Good Title.
  18. Army Defense: Nice Arrangemet, Cool Synths, Nice build at the end.
  19. Buckethat Bobby: Nice Melody, Humorous Lyrics, Would benefit from more traditional instrumentation.
  20. Dex 01: Strong Chorus Melody, Good Structure.
  21. The Chocolate Chips: Imaginative Arramgement, Strong Melody.
  22. Wait What: Clever Lyrics, Nice Sense of humor. Charismatic Singing.
  23. Ross Durand: Nice Emotive Voice, Good Melody, Good Storytelling Vibe.
  24. Gorbzilla: Good Structure, Solid Writing.
  25. Milton: Great Arrangement, Warm Electronic sound.
  26. Rats of the Sky: Intense Electronic Arrangement, Confident Rhyming.
  27. Emperor Gum: Nice Guitar Sounds, Great use of clarinet, Nice overall arrangement.
  28. EvelBist: Great Chorus. Interesting Chord Changes. Nice Vibe.
  29. Hudson and Day: Confident Singing, Nice Arrangement.
  30. Glen Raphael: Nice Acoustic Picking, Clear lyrics.
  31. Heather Miller: Nice Voice. Good lyrics.
  32. Alex Boyd: Cool Ukelele Playing, Fire-y lyrics.
  33. Francis Wms. Original idea. Muddy sound that interferes with the delivery of the message of the song.

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