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Saturday, August 10, 2013

SpinTunes #7 Round 3 Review: Ross Durand

What is a jingle? Catchy, I should be able to sing it after first listen. Clever, turns of phrase and such. Makes me remember the product. I’ll go with that.

All of these are pretty good, with the exception of one track that I didn’t really feel met the challenge. Much of it got parsed by how I felt about completion of the three criteria I suggest above. I thought that one was clearly the best, and I had a clear top four. Other than that, the ranking dealt with how I favored details.

Ominous Ride - Beano Jingle
String bass intro - excellent! Tuba - Excellent! Spelling out the name - Excellent! Adding a “k” to the end - Brilliant!

Blimp Exhaust - K.K. Jingle
(note: as I wrote reviews, I wrote Edric’s first, so this flows kinda weird)
I feel very similarly with this as with Edric’s. A bit complex first part, I like the hook that ends each half, the “cross, and” line works great. As with Edric’s I feel I can easily picture this commercial in my head. I think I’ll have to wait and see which one I learn to sing along with first to break the tie between these two, because I feel so similarly about them.

Edric Halleen - Summer
I can picture the commercial in my head. I like the slogan at the end and the repeat of the slogan. It would go well on the sign at the grocery store with the product promotion. The other parts of the song are slightly more complex than I’d want if I was the exec choosing the  jungle I think. But this is very good.

TurboShandy - Haggis In A Can
Production problem - the words are really buried. I feel like the slogan is a little long and doesn’t jump out at me. I wish there was more repetition or something. The musical style is great for the haggis product. The ending is abrupt, too. I think some editing to shorten the first part and allow you to repeat the in a can, aye we can (rhymes with itself?) part would have made it a better jingle.

Mariah Mercedes - Catan
Ok, this game was just the BIGGEST craze at my summer camp for the last three weeks!!! I wish it spoke to just how cutthroat the game can be. I like the style you chose and the repeated slogan at the end is good. Something about the opening half seems  - hmm - I wish it were more catchy from a melody point of view. It also has a pretty long instrumental intro for a jingle.

Governing Dynamics - Kim’s Etsy Store
Not sure I’ve ever seen this advertised on the internet, but I am going to give you a benefit for the fact that it is at least a real store. Again I think it’s too many words too fast. The “Kim’s Etsy Store” hook is good, and I’ll clearly remember what the add was for, although I’m not sure I’ll remmber what she sells there. There’s also a spot where you add a beat and take one away that I found a bit awkward for this context.

Menage a Tune - Cialis
The new age piano is perfect. Everybody is really squeezing a lot of words into these. I wish this had a better hook or catchy slogan. A great song to accompany a commercial, not sure if I quite feel like it has the catchiness of what I think of as a jingle.

RC - Chillow
Just got these for my kids. This is another one that sounds like a song that would go well with a commercial, but lacks some of the hooky, word play things that I associate with a jingle. Although the inclusion of “chillax” is excellent.

Boffo Yux - Krypton
The spoken word stuff feels like a cop-out to me. Not a jingle. sorry.

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