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Saturday, August 10, 2013

SpinTunes #7 Round 3 Review: T.C. Elliott

So... I thought judging 30 second songs would be easier. After all, it's only a few minutes of music to have to go through, right? Wrong. It was HARDER! *bangs head on desk* As is my usual I rank them primarily based on the order that I like them. Sometimes that includes how well they hit the challenge, or how creative they are.
Congratz to all the entries. Not a single entry here that I didn't like (possible exception are the Pigfarmer Jr entries. But there are two of them, so that's not a single entry. *laughs at own joke*)
Edric Haleen - Summer
I could have sworn that you were doing a cover of Iron Man based on that bass drum intro. Bomm Bomm Bomm Bomm (insert happy music instead of Ozzy weird voice and an Iommi riff. That being said, this is quite simply a nearly perfect jingle. It is product appropriate, it is catchy, it repeats the tag line and even slows it down for emphasis.  It would be great for a commercial. But I think I'd rather of heard an Iron Man parody.
TurboShandy - Haggis In A Can
Now THIS has character. It's got grit. It's got suet and spice. It's got fun written all over it. There are things I don't like about the songwriting. (Using the word "it" twice in a row in the fourth line makes me cringe. Don't ask why. I SAID DON'T ASK!!!)  It doesn't really sell the product as much as let it be known it exists.  But the energy, the friggin bagpipes and the great vocals make this entry one of my favorites.
Blimp Exhaust - K K Jingle
I like the guitars. I like the jingly melody. I'm not sure they go together in a jingle. No, I'm not saying I don't like it. I'm just saying that I wouldn't hear this in a commercial. Now is that a scoring criteria? I dunnae.  Reading the lyric it is obvious, but it took me a listen or two before I really got the message of what you were selling.  The Tag out was nice and jingly, too. But I like this song.
Menage a Tune - Cialis
Good job selling the product. Not so good highlighting what the product was. If I was the guy paying for the ad spot I'd say no. If I was the guy listening to a SONG in a SONGwriting contest (emphasis stolen from Dr. Lindyke) then I'd say you fulfilled the challenge nicely with a jingly song that wasn't too jangly. Good melody nice presentation.  
Ominous Ride - Beano
The tuba is a perfect touch, the jingle is awesome. Creative, it sounds good, the b e a n okay is a great tag line that works both as a song and as an add or catch phrase. (Is that already something they do?) This one is a great combination of song and jingle. I like songs. And you've got me singing along with this one. How did you do that with a jingle? A note on the :32 second length. I see at least a second of space at the end, so I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt. But it should be noted all the other entries trimmed their entries to exactly 30 seconds (except that good for nothing shadower, Pigfarmer, who no-one likes anyway.)
Governing Dynamics - Kim's Etsy
Okay, this one isn't as jingly as the BEANO song, but it's just as good and appropriate. Do you know Kim? Is Kim a friend of yours? Is Kim a guy or a gal? Ah, it doesn't matter. You need to get Kim to use this jingle to help out with the etsy store. It's that good.
RC - Chillow
So you went less jingly and more 70's t.v. theme song in the music. BUT IT WORKS. Seriously relaxing for a chillow. In other words, the music supports the product really well. The lyric is both funny and informative. I think I really like the combination of serious music/vox with silly product.  And the tag out lines are funny. Smile. on. my. face.
Boffo Yux Dudes - Krypton
Is this a jingle or a commercial? In your lyric it even shows the jingle starting a few seconds before the end of the advert.  Yeah, it has music throughout but it isn't really a jingle till the last bit. And the challenge was to write a thirty second jingle.  For what it's worth, I liked the commercial.
Mariah Mercedes - Catan
Players of the board game will really like this. Those of us who hadn't ever played it won't know what the heck you are talking about. But then that gives it a kind of cult following feel. You know, where you have to know what is going on to get the joke?  I'm not scoring by salability per se, but if I were this wouldn't be good.  It IS creative and works well with the product. So from a the standpoint of a SONG, it really works well with the product you've chosen.
Menage A Tune - Viagra (Shadow)
I love this lyrically. The first three lines and the last line are great. You have a good "sell" there towards the end. The music is jingly. I actually like this one more than the other for pure put a smile on my face fun factor.
P.J. - Chicago Handcuffs 1 (Shadow)
Annoyingly loud guitars. This ain't so much a jingle as an assault on the ears. It does have salability in the "use chicago handcuffs" lines. It plays commercial with the tag out line, but it's a song. Obvious dip in guitar at the end to make it exactly 30 seconds and it still shows :32 on the board. Good thing we aren't scoring this one. Plus I'd have to score myself lower and that's no fun.
P.J. - Chicago Handcuffs 2 (Shadow)
I like this one lyrically. Who else uses a reference to  porn in their Spintunes jingle entry? No-one, that's who.  (Okay, I'm biased.) Another entry that isn't at :30 (although I think this one actually is at :30 with a second of spare space there.) Oh, and the singing of Handcuffs is off time with the guitars. That's not good. I should have done better.

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