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Saturday, August 24, 2013

SpinTunes #7 Round 4 Review: Ross Durand

Well, last round. A bit bittersweet, as this marks the end of my reign as Spintunes champion, it will be interesting to see who the eliminees decide is worthy of becoming the new champ. Congrats to all four finalists, it would be hard to argue against any one of you winning, but my opinions are below..

I'll go ahead and say I think RC wins this round, hands-down. Perhaps it is partly due to my own musical tastes and/or my own feel for this photo (disclosure: the photographer is a close personal friend), but I feel that RC captured a nostalgic feel in both the music and words that reflects a lost past that once shown and is now worn better than any of the other participants. And the writing and word work is just damned good!

Ominous ride is my second, I like the story and I get that you were going for an old fashioned style with the music, but it just didn't come together as a complete package as well as the RC song. Julietta is a great name choice.

I think third I would place Blimp Exhaust. The opening felt sort of forced and not well crafted to me. The images work, but the words don't flow. I like the idea of the story and nostalgia and I'm glad you went for that ending, but the two other songs are better.

Edric has the usual ambition, and I like the sentiment but I just don't feel like it's the right song for this photo. First, I just don't get that this is the ticket booth for a circus side show, the way the opening implies to me. It just looks too permanent, and I see circuses as running off trailers or tents. Second, I think you just run too far with what the tickets are for. Inspired by... sure. But just not the right match for me and this photo. I do like that you went for more arrangement than usual. (Ps - some of the lyrics and/or images seemed very familiar from your protest songs from last Spintunes, yeah?)

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