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Saturday, March 4, 2017

SpinTunes #12 Round 3 Reviews: Jeff Campbell

Brian Gray
This is a great song and I was bummed when I thought it might be DQ'ed. This is my top pick!

Zoe Gray
Chorus is great and word makes sense in the lyrics. Cool vocal production. Points for writing, which is what this is about

Ross Durand
Wonderful and honest vocal delivery. Chorus is short but to the point, same with Bridge. And I get the lyrical refs. Great job.

Ryan M. Brewer
Cool intro. Memorable Chorus. I get what Mareno means, which is good.

Steve Stearns
Super cool, Grays/Jason Falkner feel to the writing and production. With some early Floyd vocals peppered in. Melody hooks are there for sure. High marks for production and melody, but points deducted for illegible lyrics. Only thing that’s keeping it from the top of the list, really. Still great job though.

Army Defense
Decent production, great lyrics that paint a picture, memorable chorus, and I get what Splyng means thru the lyrics

Kyleen Downes
The melody is there. Production leaves a lot to imagination in some spots. Overall, gets point across though

Alex Forger
Obvious current events lyrics. Melody is a little all over the place. Good made up word though. And decent chorus hook, albeit not too different from the verses.

Rob From Amersfoot
Great writing, production, and great 1st verse hook, chorus leaves a little to be desired though. And the later verses are kinda all over the place

Jailhouse Playback
Decent production, great lyrics that paint a picture, memorable chorus, dunno what the word means from the lyrics though

Bryan Schumann
Super weird and well done for a drum machine. Writing is kind of all over the place, and I can’t really make out what the word means thru the lyrics but points for originality for sure.

Great melody off the bat. And the made up word is funny and gets the point across. Nice writing work, even with a lack of a chorus.

Governing Dynamics
Killer musical production. Very Greg Dulli influenced. And good writing. Decent song, just needs an arrangement.

Adam Sakellarides
Melody is there. High marks for making up a cool word, although has mary poppins tributary aspects. Chorus and verse are same melody. Can’t really make the narrative out of the lyrics but still not bad.

Boffo Yux Dudes
Great, discernible melody at first, but then kinda goes off the rails lyrically. Has all the folk ballad boxes checked until that point though. I guess it begs the question, what about this song is supposed to be the takeaway? Other than it being well produced and super weird.

Mick Bordet
David Bowie album cut esque writing and production. No real melody or hook though so this one is all production, not writing.

Ominous Ride
Can’t understand lyrics. Chours hook is there, but not prominent enough till too far in the song. And I have no idea what the title means from the lyrics

Lucky Witch & The Righteous Ghost
Melody exists right away. Although the made up word is just kinda 2 words put together. Same as lovechild. Good writing fundamentally though. Ranked lower b/c of the word though.

Lucky Witch & The Righteous Ghost
It’s a poem, not a song.

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