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Saturday, March 4, 2017

SpinTunes #12 Round 3 Reviews: Joe Lamb

Well.. this round has been an *experience*, hasn’t it!?  :)

Song No: -  Artists – Review – Marks out of ten – (Placing)

1- Jailhouse Payback - Loved this from the off. Set the standard for this round, and kept it flying to the end. My winner.
9.5 / 10 (1st)

2 - Army Defense - Very interesting track (TBH ‘Splyng’ sounded like it was being used as a Proper Noun to me. (Brand Name)) But I can (just) see it being a generic term... (except it really does sound like an advert...) I liked the song...
7/10 (7th)

3 - Ryan M. Brewer - I dunno... "A feeling called Mareno" (Like "a feeling called Coca Cola") doesn't detract from the fact that the song is called Mareno (The Biggest little Casino...) and so alludes to Mareno being a proper noun. ) Either way. Whereas it was well recorded. Just not my style. (Didn't like the opening and the spoken section, or the ending... sorry.)
6/10 (14th)

4 - Ominous Ride - Oh! "House of the Rising..." Oh... no... Well recorded, nicely put together and interesting melody. I have to mark it a little lower than it may deserve as I don't think the *borrowed chords* means "Borrow from The Animals." :)
7.5/10 (5th)

5 - Brian Gray - Well... as I don't read anything about the songs (they stand and fall by themselves... not about what the artist has to say about them) I had no idea what the made up word was... "Cantable", which I thought meant 'sing-able' - and references to Sweeney Todd only bolstered that belief. So I could only think it was Wendigo.. but I know that IS a word, and a Proper Noun) It was only because I thought it should therefore be DQ'd that apparently the word is Cant'ible?? Too close to an actual word for me. And honestly, apart from the line "On St Wendigo's Day", it didn't do much for me.
6/10 (15th)

6 - Zoe Gray - This is the most mature thing I have heard from you. (It's just a shade too long) On first listening of this I was dreading that Lullaburbia was going to be a proper noun for a place... but then I thought you were singing "when you sleep etc..." So, safe from DQ and I could relax and enjoy the (a little bit too long) song. But then I listened to it again... and realised you were singing "Where you..." every time – which, to me, in context, should mean Lullaburbia IS a place, and thus a Proper Noun. That said, I've grasped at the very thin straw which some other judges threw me and can (just barely) accept that it isn't.
8.5/10 (3rd  if not DQ'd)

7 - Kyleen Downes - Vocal a bit swamped (very bassy) it's a groovy little song. but needs a bit of work and polish
7.5/10 (6th)

8 - Bryan Schumann - "Without human can earth survive?" "Easily" :) To be honest, again on first listening I thought "Proper noun" cos I thought you were singing "Without YOU, man, can earth survive?" ! :) Dunno, sounded like you were trying too hard to be Rage Against the Machine... and where that's not a bad thing to aspire to, you didn't quite hit it - and so it ended up sounding a bit like a pardoy. Which is a pity, because the chant of the "made-up-words" was quite hooky!
6/10 (13th)

9 - Steve Stearns - Yeah.. I hear George Harrison in here. And whereas Bryan didn't quite pull of RAtM, you're hitting Harrison's 'Ex-Beatle' / "Sgt Pepper" sound beautifully. Really liked this. (Neil Innes would snap this up as a Rutles track in a cold second!) The backward masking went on too long! Ben Franklin or no!
8.75/10 (2nd)

10 - Rob From Amersfoort... Oh Rob... I can't see this one NOT being a Proper Noun. And as such must be a DQ. The song itself was alright, but I didn't think the white noise at the end to extend the song to the 2 minutes helped. 5/10 (17th if not DQ'd)

11 - Mick Bordet - Gazebonea... well, it is never referenced to anything except used as it is... so cannot say whether it is a proper noun or not. Loving the dark, but does it have replay value? Not this one.
6/10 (16th)

12 - Ross Durand - This had SO much debate. Is a the name of a medical condition a proper noun. Consensus said No. Which is good, because I really liked the song. Simply done, but very effective.
8/10 (4th)

13 - Boffo Yux Dudes - The middle eight killed this one. Which is a shame, ‘cos it was a great idea about a true legend (Though I see him always as a MAD artist!)
7/10 (8th)

14 - Governing Dynamics - Very muddy recording, which is a shame, because I think this one could be a really cool song. Vocals letting it down a bit though. The middle eight just sounded off, very messy. (Very unlike GD!)
6.5/10 (12th)

15 - Shyfox - The last 30 seconds of this were great. The rest sounded a bit... almost random... but not unpleasantly so.
7/10 (9th)

16 - Lucky Witch & The Righteous Ghost - The keyboard was too discordant for this, which again is a shame as the vocal was intriguing, but the keys, off-putting.
6.5/10 (11th)

17 - Adam Sakellarides - Yeah... okay... a fully fledged story, a made up word - lyric is stretched a little in the second half of the song, needs a of tightening up.
6.5/10 (10th)


Alex Forger - Televice - Has got to be a proper noun? This would have sounded a bit better a little faster, I think?

Lucky Witch & The Righteous Ghost - Dissomnience -  Well, a bit long, but dammit if I didn't like this! (I like strange and dark sometimes!)

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