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Saturday, March 4, 2017

SpinTunes #12 Round 3 Reviews: T.C. Elliott

There was quite a bit of discussion about a surprising number of entries as for the lyrical challenge and DQing entries. While your approach to fulfilling the challenge(s) did affect my ranking, it didn't as much as I thought it might. I rank based on how well the song connect to me as a listener (rather than a critical examiner) first and then considered technical approaches etc., later.   This was a very interesting round. I was pleased in the borrowed chord challenge and the range of use.  Going in I thought the lyrical challenge was the easier of the two, but it turned out to be the bigger challenge, imo.

17. Ryan M. Brewer - Mareno - I like the melody, the guitar is driving without being heavy. Your vocal performance works really well and the chords under the title line, well the chorus, really, is excellent. Those ooh hoos are a nice touch. I like the 6/8 bridge/changeup.  I'd definitely listen to this song again

16. Ominous Ride - Wrenchion di Gnausque - I could tell this was an OR melody, I don't know what it is, but it just seems to fit what you'd do. But I really do like it. It's excellent. The mix might be just a bit muddy.. or maybe just not quite as clear as I hoped. The vocal is just a hair harder to hear than other tracks, but it seems to be the overall volume of the track rather than the mix. Did I mention I like the melody? I would definitely listen to this song again.

15. Zoe Gray - Lullaburbia - Your vocal is excellent (as usual) and the melody kept my interest throughout. I like the texture of your song quite a bit. The more I listen to this the more I like it. I would listen to this song again.

14. Ross Durand - Amoreliebephilia -  I like the guitar and melody and your vocal performance all quite a bit. you did a great job of explaining your word without defining it in the lyric. This is actually a pretty darn good job of hitting the challenge and being likeable at the same time. I would listen to this song again.

13. Brian Gray - St Wendigo's Day - That's a good vocal performance. The song notes really helped me enjoy this song. The lyric is more interesting for it. I like the rhythm and the atmosphere of the track. I'd listen to this song again.

12. Kyleen Downes - Pondle - This is an interesting song. I had a small bit of trouble grasping exactly what you were getting at, but I do like the vocal performance, the melody and the arrangement.  I'd listen to this song again

11. Army Defense - Splying - So this splying thing is a type of water? It's not like Fanta (which would be capitalized) right? I like the rhythm, the optimistic sound and the melody. The synth  single note line fits the concept. I'd probably listen to this again.

10. Governing Dynamics - broken/lost/alone/adrift - I like the feel of the song. But there was something in the mix, the vocals, that seemed muddy and was causing me some ear fatigue.  I liked the guitars and /bridge/ section as a nice counterpoint to the ease of the rest of the track. This has some good writing in it, and I like your verse lyric and the idea behind your song. It isn't bad, but I feel it didn't quite reach full potential. I might listen to this song again.

9. Steve Stearns - The Eneffable Moment Of Mazoom - The guitars were cool from the start. The entire track is a bit quiet compared to the competition. (It's okay, I turned it up.) I like all the alliteration in the lyric. I don't know if I admire the use of "scram" or if I think it doesn't quite work. The melody on the chorus is good. This reminds me of some 70's songs, maybe Harry Nilsson?, in a good way in the melody and the lines in the guitars etc.,  I like this song well enough but it isn't quite in my wheel house.  But  I'd probably listen to this song again.

8. Jailhouse Playback - Nojrelias - A perfectly fine song. I like the melody in the verse (and the chords on the last line.)  It's pretty well written and I'm a bit impressed with the construction. But it just doesn't stick with me much after it's done playing. I might listen to this song again.

7. Bryan Schumann - oblagetauta agmepulot  - I like the arrangement pretty well, but the mix is a bit off for me with the rhythm buried a bit, but I like a lot of the texture. And I like the guitars, especially at the beginning. The spoke/rap idea grows on me as I listen.  I think the "without human.." line is a bit ambiguous until you see the rest of the lyric. There is a fair amount going on which is fun to listen to again and pick out other bits to enjoy. But ultimately, it just doesn't grab me as much as I'd like it to. I think this is a good write, but it fails to hit the head of the pack. I'd listen to this song again.

6. Shyfox - Am I Yurtinforfum? - The laid back vocal delivery fits well with the guitar line and soft mix. There is something about it that just doesn't sit well with me, though.  I want to like this song more than I actually do. There isn't anything that I especially don't like, it just didn't do a whole lot for me. Although, I'll say that melody grows on me with repeated listens. I might listen to this song again.

5. Rob  From Amersfoort - The Ignorists - I like your word and the use of it more than most. This is one of the few that seems like it could be a word that I just haven't run across before.  I like the rhythm throughout the song. But ultimately, I'm not that drawn in to this song. I might listen this song again.

4. Adam Sakellarides - Delbajifrasticderigibalistic - I like the vocal performance and melody on the title line, but not nearly as much for the rest of the song. I'm just finding this song ordinary. I'm not likely to listen to this song again.

3. Lucky Witch & The Righteous Ghost - Hatebaby - More guitar, lower the vocal track a hair. And maybe change something up for the chorus to give it more punch. Bring in something or subtract something from the verse or something. I just need more dynamics in the arrangement in order for this to go from having potential to being something I'd want to listen to again.

2. Mick Bordet - Gazebonea - The melody is ok, the vocal is a bit up in the mix, especially to start. I did like the shimmering guitar and the arrangement of other elements.  It went on for a bit with the end bit seeming to take forever. While I liked the texture I just wanted something to happen at some point. I probably wouldn't listen to this song again.

1. Boffo Yux Dudes - Bilpm - The Ballad of Don Martin (Cracked Up) - I thought the vocal performance(s) were good, but I didn't much care for the arrangement. I like the idea of writing a tribute to Don Martin, but half your song was onomatopoeia and I'm still not sure if you actually defined a new word or not. While I like the idea behind the song, I feel it failed to make a connection. I just really didn't care for the melody all that much and I'd probably not listen to this song again.

Alex Forger - Televice - SHADOW - Lyrically, I think you did a great job with your word and your use of it. Your vocal has a nice, warm quality to it. The vocal might be up a bit in the mix, but it sounds good so I don't mind. The plain arrangement works okay and really does benefit from the small bits on the chorus, but I feel it needs more.  And the pace is a bit plodding. This isn't bad but a few tweaks could make it better, I think.

Lucky Witch & The Righteous Ghost - Dissomnience - SHADOW - I like your word and the lyric in the verses are good, I like a lot of the images, especially the last verse before the chorus and right after chorus2. The transitions are a little abrupt and this ends up being a bit plodding in its delivery. I like the ideas here but it's still a little rough.

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