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Saturday, March 4, 2017

SpinTunes #12 Round 3 Reviews: Zarni de Vette

Ross Durand 
I really liked this… for me, that is what the exercise was about. Making up a word that can still serve your message well and you totally did that. I thought the song was so sweet, nice melody and production. Also your line “I fall a little bit in love with someone every day” works really well to just drive home your message. Didn’t feel forced or anything.. you almost made the word sound like it is a real word

Zoe Gray 
I really enjoyed this- its my favorite you’ve done so far. I love that you made up a word that sends such a strong message that you can say it to anyone and they can infer what it means. You used the opportunity well to say something substantial and you did it well. The production worked great and was really cool. Good job!
Beautiful images; midnight wrapping you around her finger, cotton candy sunsets….love!

Ryan M. Brewer
Loved the use of mareno- marine casino. Very imaginative and great production that served the song well. Great melody, rhyme scheme…the whole thing just worked for me

Brian Gray 
Very clever made up word; loved the images, melody and different musical sections. The epic sounding choruses served the epic idea of St.Wendigos day really well. Cool harmonies!

Jailhouse Payback 
good description, really sets the scene and gives life to the word. Nice clean production

Lucky Witch & The Righteous Ghost
Super clever with the hate baby; one can definitely imply what this is about without even hearing it. The melody didn’t match the music (chords) as well as it could’ve I think and for that reason I had to rank it a bit lower. I wonder if the production would’ve been better just vocals and the guitar underneath? For me, with your great idea, that would’ve been enough. The organ or synth part is a bit distracting

Governing Dynamics 
I ranked this higher because, as always, your production is well rounded and beautiful. Your made up word came across more like a foreign language to me than using  a new made up word to further or make your point. Felt like you could’ve not had the made up word in there, and I still would’ve gotten it so I think that was besides the point of the song challenge

Cool and creative. In the production, I dont know if you needed the lower octave voice- i found it to be a bit distracting

Steve Stearns 
Mazoom to me sounds like a different than word that how it was used here but good job- creative

Bryan Schumann 
I like the overall idea here and I think the production works really well with the different sections and the message you are sending. Besides for the fact that the word sounds really cool and of another civilization or even extraterrestrial, I wasn’t sure how it serves the song. In other words, I got a message from all of the lyrics without that phrase even being in there so Im not sure how the made up word contributed a lot here except for maybe inspiring the idea in the first place. The production got a little too noisy for my taste at the end

Army Defense 
I didn’t quite get the idea behind the word here- liked the melody and the production though! I think abstract and metaphorical lyrics are really cool but in this setting, when the whole song centers around a made up word, I could’ve used some more clarity elsewhere

Ominous Ride 
Really cool production and overall sound. I didn’t really quite get the meaning of the word

Boffo Yux Dudes
The music distracted me a bit from the lyrics and everything going on. Less, and better parts are more, I think than a lot of parts that could all be a bit tighter

Kyleen Downes
Im not really sure how the word pondling is different than pondering in this situation or if you were playing off another word; I didn’t totally get it either way

Adam Sakellarides
The made up word was a bit too long for me; I think you could’ve gotten the same message across with a better made up word…

Mike Bordet 
Didn’t love how the music was set over the chords…I find it hard to judge the piece with so few lyrics

Rob From Amersfoort
I see what you were going for- the word is just made up enough to slide through the cracks and make your point but not as creative as some of the others. You didn’t really make a whole new word, you just turned an adjective into a noun.

Alex Forger (Shadow)
Thank you for doing a nice but simple production. Your voice is so lovely too. You used the made up word well and made the song challenge seem like it was an easy task. Good work!

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