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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Listening Party & Deadline News

Listening Party Details
- Tuesday July 13th 8:00PM EST (that's today people)

- Will be held HERE, and hosted by Jules.

- The songs are already uploaded onto the Bandcamp album, and they will be available for everyone to hear & down for FREE shortly after the LP.

Deadline News:
In this round most people managed to kick the deadline square in the junk. I got songs from 17 of the 20 people still in the competition, and a couple shadows as an added bonus. The 3 people who didn't get their songs in on time are eliminated, but the judges will also be eliminating 5 others before the round is over. Shadow entries are still being accepted...deadlines don't apply to shadows.

I would like to get through just one round without some unexpected hitch coming up. The wording of one of the rules will be changed for round 3, I'll give you more information on what rule & why in the near future. It's not really a rule change, as much as a wording change & clarification.

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