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Saturday, July 17, 2010

SpinTunes #1 Round 2 Review: Heather Zink

Edric Haleen – “Love”
You are amazing. Period. There was no challenge picking the top spot this time. I was into the song the entire time it was playing and every time I listened to it. It’s so fresh and raw. Of course, the important part was there: you met the challenge. I love your dynamics, and while some other people might not see that as important, that’s really what takes a song and makes it music. Music is all about using your devices to emote, and you’re insanely good at that. I could probably write a lot about this song and why I like it so much, but…I have a lot to do.

Gorbzilla – “Than Infinity”
Okay, first off, adorable. Secondly, great transitions between the verses and choruses! I really liked what you did with the guitar and the whole feel of the song was really fun. The lyrics only added onto the fun that I was already having and added a sentimental value that made me smile. What a great gift! Nice job.

“BucketHat” Bobby – “Space Pirates”
I love this song. This was a very visual song for me, I totally could see you telling the story during the verses then when it came to the chorus there are all these crazy pirates dancing and singing in a thought bubble of sorts. The ridiculousness of it all had me laughing the whole time particularly, “We’ll laugh really smugly/We’ll call your mom ugly.” Those are some beautiful lyrics. The challenge was obviously there, it didn’t really flow, but it was acceptable for this song because I feel like you chose to do that stylistically rather than pausing so the time change wasn’t awkward. That’s how I felt it at least. There are so many thing about this song that I like, I don’t want to take up lots of room for small details, but great song Bobby! I’m really glad you got it in!

Sara Parsons – “A Little Time”
I’ve told you before and now I’m going to tell you again: I love your harmonies. You have a really nice talent in the fact that you can write slow, quiet, and delicate songs that don’t bore me. Transitions between the time changes weren’t awkward at all, which is important for this challenge. Fantastico!

Ross Durand – “Waltz With The Devil”
Ross! This is what I’m talkin’ about! You did a great job. The challenge was there, which is of course , the most important thing to have here. The transition was noticeable, but subtle, and pleasing to the ear. Finally, I really liked the message of the song, so that definitely earned some points from me. You have a really nice sound and I enjoy what you have to offer to this competition!

The Offhand Band – “Another Universe”
Really nice job! The transition between time signatures was flawless, really. You had a very creative idea for the song, I just wish there would have been more during the verses, though I thoroughly enjoyed the choruses and I thought the ending, where it was just piano, was great. Very solid!

Caleb Hines – “Insomniac Lullaby”
Wow, do I know that feeling. Highly relatable, humorous idea, AND you got the challenge right! Every time it got to the chorus, I found my eyes drooping and I just wanted to crawl into bed, so maybe I’ll play the chorus on loop for my personal insomniac lullaby. The pause during the transition, I felt again, was a stylistic choice, sort of a moment for the character to stop and calm down. I, personally, didn’t like the sudden ending, but overall, I enjoyed the song.

Godz Poodlz – “Identity Assumed”
POODLZ HUZZAH! You guys have another song with a great transition between the choruses and verses! It was a really creative idea and had equally creative lyrics, though I didn’t really connect on a personal level with the song, obviously, I’m not a secret agent, but there was just something that didn’t click. The music was a little repetitive and that could have been part of the cause for the non-clicking. Still, it was a really great entry and entertaining!

Governing Dynamics – “Eleyna Dreams”
I really liked this song. You have a really unique soft-rock sound for the competition. I also think you have a really unique approach to writing. There’s just something so different from you and everyone else in the competition and it’s a bit of fresh breath getting to your song. You’re another good example of a good transition between time signatures. The only thing I have to be picky about is, it seems that some of your lyrics are out of place. You’re really close, it’s just now and then there are words or phrases that don’t fit like the rest do. But, I really liked it…as I said before! Good job!

Jenny Katz – “Miss You”
This was a very interesting song. I didn’t love it as much as your round one song, but it still has lots of potential! I liked getting a taste of your harmonizing skills and one reason I’m quickly becoming a Katz fan is because of your unique lyrics, I really love them. You can say so much without making it sound awkward or overwhelming. Your shift between time signatures wasn’t entirely smooth. It didn’t feel tripped, fell down, then got back up, but there was definitely a stumble. As far as instrumentation goes, I really didn’t love the music in this one, but your singing was lovely. Otherwise, it was a very nice submission.

Denise Hudson – “Flex Time”
Okay, I feel like I’m repeating a few things from what I said to Jenny. This is SO interesting! Very fun to listen, too! AND, you’re also very lyrically talented. The song was also really sassy, including the transition, it felt like a strut. I, also, really appreciate you going out of your comfort zone and not using piano. You really pulled it off with the drums, but while you nailed the awesome rhythmic part that went well with the challenge, I feel like some of the musicality was lost. Still, I had so much fun with this song!

Charlie McCarron – “Sleep On It”
What a beautiful song. I felt very strange emotions toward this song the first time I listened to it and I felt the same way every listen after. It started out really strong and I really was enjoying it until the chorus. I really liked the melody line of the chorus, and the dynamics, particularly of the first time you sang ‘song’ were great. However, the lyrics for the chorus kind of disappointed me. Then I was excited about another verse, but it was really short, then the chorus again. I liked the change of words from “This is not that song” to “Life is not one song,” it made a big difference it the chorus, but I had not been so happy about the verse. (I hope I explained that well, especially the dynamic part, that was definitely more a visual thing for me.) Oh yeah, the challenge? It was there and the transition was very smoothed over and well done!

Steve Durand – “Rara Avis”
Yet again, another example of wonderful time signature transitions! I wasn’t a of the repetitiveness particularly during the verses. However, I do like the horns, and find that very unique in the challenge, so I’d like to hear more of them. I also thought the lyrics and message were cliché and cheesy. The song felt a little noisy and also rushed. I might have enjoyed it a little more had it been slower and more tender, but, these are obviously just my preferences. It was a pretty decent entry.

Kevin Savino-Riker – “Here At The Door”
There’s so much going on in this song! At some points, it’s really neat. At other points, it feels a little overwhelming to the ears and also makes the song sound choppy sometimes where there’s not even a time change. Also, there was the pause in between the chorus and the verse, and for this one, I felt it was unintentional and that it was something you struggled with. There were some iffy harmonies as well, it sounded they were trying to be suspensions or maybe cool dissonances (which I’m all for both), but in this case they really didn’t convince me. You really seem to think outside of the box, though, and I like that. Pretty solid, Kevin.

Heather Miller – “Bullseye”
You’re another unique voice in this competition. Your subject for the song was so different from everyone else, so points for that! I also, liked you’re small harmony parts for the ‘bullseye.’ I was wearily convinced by the time change going into chorus, however, going back into the verse was awkward and had to stop and wait for that guitar strum to really get the groove of it again. Also, there was a weird stumble between repeating choruses at the end that threw me off. Very original. Good job, Heather.

JoAnn Abbott – “Life”
JoAnn, there are some really great things happening in this song. I’m not entirely sure that it was a unique idea, but I feel you really did justice to the idea. The reincarnation/rebirth was something that definitely took me by surprise. The bell idea was also a creative idea, but sometimes, I also think that it was a downfall. The young, light bells got a little irritating, and the older, big church bells sometimes clashed with the voice. So, make sure when you use elements like that, that they sound good in the song. The chords both during the verse and chorus, though the rhythms were different, got repetitive, and for a song that is relatively long, listeners don’t want to hear the same thing over and over. However, I know that playing is new for you and out of your comfort zone, so I encourage you to continue to work on that, and appreciate that you did it!

Emperor Gum – “Smoulder (Yaoya Oshichi)”
The thing I have to say right off the bat, was I didn’t get much of a time change out of this song, mostly a tempo change. I liked the Japanese feel/sound at the beginning and I actually feel that this was a good song for you. Sometimes, it felt noisy and there was a lot going on. I think that it is a decent song, just not exactly what I was looking for.


Boffo Yux Dudes – “How Low Will You Go”
This wasn’t my favorite song by a landslide. I felt like it went on for a bit longer that it should have and was highly repetitive. Not to mention that it just wasn’t my kind of humor, so there’s a loss of preference points there. I’m still thrilled that you are shadowing, though!

Dr. Lindyke – “Minutes And Hours”
This was another really beautiful song! Kudos on the lovely, thoughtful lyrics to Mr. Hoover and to Mr. Leigh, I really love the emotion in your voice. You have dynamics pulling, pushing, and swaying that makes me get lost in the song. Great job.

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