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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Listening Party & Deadline News

Listening Party Details
- Tuesday July 27th 8:00PM EST (that's today people)

- Will be held HERE, and hosted by Jules.

- The songs are already uploaded onto the Bandcamp album, and they will be available for everyone to hear & down for FREE shortly after the LP.

Deadline News:
- 3 people were eliminated because they missed the deadline. (Godz Poodlz, Gorbzilla & "Buckethat" Bobby Matheson)

- There are still 9 people in the contest, and that number needs to be cut down to 2. So the judges will be making 7 cuts this round.

- A couple of shadow songs have already been submitted this round, and hopefully we'll get a few more. As of right now there are 11 songs on the round 3 album.

- No screw ups, drama or clarifications to report this time. w00t!

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