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Thursday, January 22, 2015

SpinTunes #10: Profiles

Time to meet your fellow competitors!  I suggest you all test out your links to make sure they are working, and if you notice anything else that's missing or wrong just let me know.  I'll fix them as soon as I can.

(Profile order is based on who sent in their round 1 song first.)

Dex01Massive dork who thinks he can write songs and a guitar that has been broken for over 6 months.

LinksWebsite - @Dex01 - YouTube

R1:  Get Together

R2:  Deadline Victim



Pete Murphy: I'm from Birmingham, England. I spent 20 years playing in rock bands. Now I just stay home alone and write songs. I discovered FAWM in 2012 and it changed my life.


R1:  (I Wanna) Get It On With You

R2:  Josephine

R3:  Liars

R4:  Dance All Night (placed 3rd)

Jurek Mika: Hello, there. I'm a singer and bass player from Germany. My band has played in various bars all over Germany. We play Funk Rock, Adult Rock, Psychedelic, Hard Rock, Punk Rock, Blues and even R&B... The first band I was a part of was called "ChinaTown" which later changed its name to "DJ-J._Productions". My current band is called "Red Thread Zen Advertisement" and we are working for "Red Bedroom Records".

LinksWebsite - @CockyFutureYouTube

R1:  The Mood For You

R2:  Scream Funk (Screaming)

R3:  Voted Out Yagi [Parte Uno]


Zoe Gray: Zoe is a 14 year old girl. She plays piano, guitar, and sings about pretty much everything, from love songs dedicated to fictional characters to odes to her newfound love of roller skating to feminist rallies. Her favorite pastimes include writing musicals, drawing fanart, and making bad puns.

LinksWebsite - @OfficialRoadRun - YouTube

R1:  Make The Most Of It

R2:  Grave

R3:  When The Rain Falls

R4:  Smooth (placed 4th)

Charlie McCarron: I produce the podcast Composer Quest and write music in all sorts of styles, from classical to folk to soundtracks. I'm currently scoring game music with unTied Games. In the past, I made a triple story album called The Mystery of Grey Matters, in which the first two discs are superimposed on disc 3.

LinksWebsite - @charliemccarronYouTube

R1:  If You Need Romance

R2:  Knock At Your Door

R3:  Voted Out The Animal Song (AKA The Battle For Life)


Ben And The Angel Fish: I, Ben, am a music student in the United Kingdom. Backed by my Angel Fish, I aim to take the world by storm. Whilst being a solo pianist at heart, I also once embarked on an adventurous quest to learn the guitar and trumpet. Whilst enduring this seemingly expansive task, I met my Angel Fish. They have never left my side, riding the waves of success. Cruising the hard-core recesses of rural England, I embellished my knowledge of all musical varieties, swimming into new options. I hope my fans swell with pride at the deep content of my lyrics. May they surf evermore, on the power of our songs. Stingray, Shark, Tuna…..Plankton.

Links@ben_churchill3 - YouTube

R1:  Love's Lost

R2:  Slaughterhouse Of Misery

R3:  Deadline Victim


Governing Dynamics: So far, Governing Dynamics, the (sometimes) lyrically abstract,  musically guitar-driven (almost always), "post grunge" (I don't know what that even means but several people have said it applies so okay) "band" (actually just one guy who is probably too fond of parentheticals) from Independence, MO has won EVERY Spintunes that was numbered a multiple of five.  Make of this whatever you will.

LinksWebsite - @travisnorris

R1:  Introvert Asks To Spend The Night

R2:  To The Honorable Charles W. Yancy, From Your Admirers

R3:  Voted Out Recursion


Kolton H.: Electronic musician from Kansas City, MO. My obsession with music started when I began taking drum lessons as a kid and has grown ever since. Although I dabble in all genres I tend to prefer darker, aggressive music with elements of industrial, drum & bass, and ambient with cyberpunk themes. As a break from that I also like writing chiptunes, or glitchy, trip-hop inspired music.


R1:  Binary Love

R2:  Insanity's Requiem

R3:  Voted Out Muse Of The Machine


Domingo: Emerging latin musical artist. Starting from humble beginnings of singing Mariachi and Merengue music at family and friend get togethers, to singing in church then off to study vocal performance in Opera at Eastern Michigan university(currently). He aspires to be a musical ambassador exploring language, and styles from all over the world to connect us to the highest accomplishment of mankind "MUSIC."


R1:  Escondidas

R2:  4 Madrigals For Lilith

R3:  Deadline Victim


Edric Haleen: With the exception of a leave of absence from SpinTunes 9 (which afforded him the chance to get married and then spend a month honeymooning out West), Edric has been a part of SpinTunes since the very beginning.  With 29 official entries so far (on top of 13 other official entries dating back to the second iteration of SpinTunes' predecessor -- Masters of Song Fu), Edric is a veteran at writing challenge-based songs.  (But for all of that?  Edric still doesn't shadow...)


R1:  2-14-11

R2:  Sweet Dreams (2)

R3:  The Land Of No Punctuation

R4:  Dance! (winner)

Jutze: Singing folky pop songs like "I Wish Natalie Portman Was My Neighbour","The Fault in The Fault in Our Stars" and "It All Makes Sense at the End", Jutze has left marks all over the internet. He's currently busy releasing 52 52-second songs throughout 2015. For SpinTunes #10 he will write somewhat longer tracks. Jutze's real name is Johannes Schult. He lives in Germany and is a fan of Chris de Burgh, Richard Shindell, Dar Williams, Governing Dynamics, Blind Guardian, Brian Gray, statistics and white chocolate.

LinksWebsite - @schult - YouTube

R1:  This Could Be The Night

R2:  Being Edric Haleen

R3:  Voted Out Squirrel


Taylor Rundell: From Adelaide, Australia. I’ve been writing songs since 2010, participating in February Album Writing Month each year. A hit pop song is the peak of human achievement.


R1:  Make A Move

R2:  Deadline Victim



Melissa Leona: Born and raised in Hawaii, until a new journey brought her to Michigan. Her surroundings changed but her love for music remained constant.  She is currently the lead singer of Arbor Reign.

LinksWebsite - YouTube

R1:  Rocking In The Waves

R2:  Come With Me

R3:  Deadline Victim


Ross Durand: I like all kinds of music, I grew up in a band and orchestra household but turned to the darkside. Now I tend to write in a folk influenced world.


R1:  I Wish

R2:  Lullaby?

R3:  Catch Me

R4:  Brand New (runner up)

Pigfarmer Jr: Son of a Senior Pigfarmer.


R1:  Hold You Tonight

R2:  Deadline Victim



Brian Gray: I have three hands. Which you might think would be an advantage on the guitar, but it turns out to make no difference when your guitar is inflatable.

LinksWebsite - @BrianGrayMusic - YouTube

R1:  Just You And Me

R2:  Deadline Victim



David J: My name is David! I'm 33 years old and currently live with my wife, dog, and 2 cats in Long Beach, CA. I've played guitar since i was young, but really began picking it up again in the past few years. This is my first song writing contest, so i fully expect to fumble every step of the way, and plan to do it all with a large shit eating grin the entire time.


R1:  Language Of Love

R2:  Sleep Child Sleep

R3:  Deadline Victim


James Young: UK-based songwriter and home recording enthusiast. One third of rock bands AvidFan and Good Guy Sôjàbé. SpinTunes 9 finalist.

LinksWebsite - @avidfanman

R1:  In The Dark Of The Night

R2:  She's A Monster

R3:  Voted Out Last Words


Dreiviertel Drei: Podcasting duo Mick & Katharina Bordet return to SpinTunes with their unique blend of dark humour and quirky instrumentation. Katharina has recently finished the second part of her series of coffee-drenched fantasy novels in the 'Wiener Blut' universe. Meanwhile, Mick has released two instrumental albums featuring everything from zither and walnuts to theremin and kitchen knives.

LinksWebsite - @DreiviertelDrei

R1:  Gag Reflex

R2:  Schnipp Schnapp

R3:  Voted Out Socksual


Ominous Ride: Starting way back in 1974, Ominous Ride has produced 26 records and another 122 singles, none of which have been released due to overseas threats. We have gone through numerous line up changes throughout the years, but it seems the gods of human decency have had enough: Bassist, Mervin Spleen fell to a still-unidentified intestinal disease, and lead Guitarist, Vernon "Tree Frog" McJohnson, and Drummer, Ben Cackhammer were devoured by alpacas while on safari. It's only me now, carrying on the OR name, praying that the voices in my head will help me write a few more songs.


R1:  Open Your Fire

R2:  Deadline Victim White Rose

R3:  After Happily Ever After (Shadow)


Jailhouse Payback: Guitars, drums, a bicycle, a shotgun, and the truth.


R1:  Another Line

R2:  The Doomed Guitar

R3:  Voted Out Reflections In My Eggs


Atom & EV: Dallas, TX based semi-acoustic "roots rock" duet, Atom & EV’s music is like a soundtrack for a men’s pulp fiction magazine circa 1965. EV’s emotive torch vocals and deep bass guitar paired with Atom’s low country voice and spritely old rock guitar style evokes smoky bars, exotic jezebels, hep cats, and love gone right and wrong.

LinksWebsite - @Andy_AtomandEV

R1:  Tarzan And Jane

R2:  The Demon Rig

R3:  Voted Out Conspiracy Theory


Gorbzilla And The Gorbzookies: The Monster and his offspring are back. Be moderately afraid. Or at least slightly unsettled.


R1:  First Kiss

R2:  Tea Party

R3:  Deadline Victim


Dr. Lindyke: I'm supposed to give a brief description of myself in 500 CHARACTERS or less. I can do it in two: Dave Leigh & William Hoover. Dave communicates by computer; William by Pony Express and smoke signals. Together I speak in singular first person.

LinksWebsite - @dr_lindyke - YouTube

R1:  Date Night

R2:  Happy Anniversary My Darling - Howl In The Family (Shadow)

R3:  Voted Out No Time For Dreams


Army DefenseThe Deans of Pop, hailing from all over Minnesota and Wisconsin.


R1:  Sexiest Sex

R2:  Asylum Nights

R3:  Deadline Victim


The Boffo Yux Dudes: Old guys who should know better. The ones your parents warned you about.The Dudes reformed in 2009, creating new music for the confused masses. Allan Morgan and Tom Giarrosso head this version of BYD with rabid optimism that they'll be remembered for more than just all those replays on Dr. Demento. Record holder of most shadow songs submitted. We've been in all these damn things!

LinksWebsite - @BoffoYuxDudes - YouTube

R1:  I Can't Get Enough

R2:  Uninvited Guest

R3:  Voted Out Love You


Megalodon: The "Big mighty" band is an extinct species of shark rock that lived long ago, during the Cenozoic Era.

Megalodon is regarded as one of the largest and most powerful predator bands in vertebrate rock history, and likely had a profound impact on the structure of marine rock. Primative recordings suggest that this giant shark rock band reached a maximum awesomeness. The Megalodon showing in Spin Tunes 9 was that of a bluntnose minnow. Sharks always move forward, especially big and mighty sharks. Looking forward to the hunt.


R1:  Can't Weight

R2:  Daddy Daughter Day

R3:  Voted Out You Need To Know

R4:  My New Straight Jacket (Shadow)

Emperor Gum: Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
Or close the wall up with our English dead.
In peace there's nothing so becomes a man
As modest stillness and humility:
But when the blast of war blows in our ears,
Then imitate the action of the tiger;
Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood,
Disguise fair nature with hard-favour'd rage;
Then lend the eye a terrible aspect;
Let pry through the portage of the head
Like the brass cannon; whatcha gonna do
when Spintunes comes to town OH YEAH BROTHER!

LinksWebsite - @emperorgum

R1:  Tianjin

R2:  Express

R3:  Deadline Victim


Ben Taggart: I'm a software engineer that loves music.  I have decided that I have music to share.  Time will tell if I am right, or if any of it is any good.


R1:  The Story Of Us

R2:  Deadline Victim

R3:  How Was Your Day? (Shadow)


Adam Sakellarides: Adam is just your average nerd who sings songs about science, math, language, space, time-travel, beer, games, love, being awkward, and other things. One time he and his comedian friend put on a show on an empty car in a moving train. It was the most unstable variety show ever, but people laughed and sang along anyway. His current project is Song Trek, in which he writes a new song inspired by a different random episode of Star Trek (all series), weekly, for Youtube.

Links@AdamSounds - YouTube

R1:  All I Wanna Do

R2:  For Sale

R3:  Voted Out Too Verbose


The Ken Kesey Fan Club: One guy with some guitars and other such things.


R1:  How To Seduce Women

R2:  Deadline Victim



"BucketHat" Bobby"BucketHat" Bobby is some hipster in his mid-twenties from the eastern coast of Canada. He used to make music on occasion.  He has convinced himself that SpinTunes 10 is his last chance to get out of the rut he has dug himself into. 

Links@buckethatbobby - YouTube

R1:  Glad You Came

R2:  Back From Hell

R3:  Deadline Victim


Mariah MercedesMy name is Mariah. I'm an 18-year-old from Minnesota and I do things. Things like eating and sleeping and writing music. But mainly writing music.

LinksWebsite - @_MariahMercedes - YouTube

R1:  As Charming As You

R2:  Deadline Victim





Hopeless Dreamer by Red Watcher (no profile available)
Oh So Under Zyvytehliahtysrecht by The Masked Stranger (no profile available)

Caleb Hines:  Software engineer by day, Caleb occasionally pretends to be a musician on the internet by night. He is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist (recorders, flute, ukulele, melodica, piano, bass, computer, etc) who is more familiar with 300-year old music than with the more “modern” stuff. Since discovering Jonathon Coulton, he has been updating and diversifying his style, largely through competing in Song Fu.

Links@calebhines - YouTube


R2:  Buried Alive



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