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Saturday, January 24, 2015

SpinTunes #10 Round 1 Reviews: The Dreamstalks

I used to discover musicians via YouTube.  Here lately I've discovered more via Twitter.  The Dreamstalks are a prime example.  After checking out some of their songs I thought they would be a great fit for SpinTunes.  They're talented, funny, and if one of them calls in sick...the other can do the reviews.  Kidding of course, listen to the song below and you'll see why I wanted them involved.  WARNING: Zoe Gray...do not watch that video...you're not old enough yet. -Spin


1. Zoe Gray - Make The Most Of It (Already in love in the first few beats. Love your voice and style. ZOMBIES?! YES!!! Great take on the theme. Very creative. End of the world? Get it on, obviously.)

2. Adam Sakellarides - All I Wanna Do (We enjoy tapping’ our foot and you got us tapping’, sir! HAHA, “binge on Netflix”! You know us WELL. We love that this song is SUPER topical and relatable. We think more first dates should be binging Netflix. Nice button at the end. We also enjoyed that you kept it short and sweet.)

3. Mariah Mercedes - As Charming As You (Oooh, LOVELY voice. Sweet and sincere lyrics. We feel your adorableness through this song. This is beautiful and we love your style. Very poetic and thoughtful. Gorgeous and seamless transitions)

4. Kolton H. featuring SpknSpell - Binary Love (Oh hey! Let’s get to da club! All about that robot sex. Love this concept. Since you are using an autotune vocal effect, we would have loved to see more a melody used with it. Robot voice, check! Hardrive/Downloads, check! No viruses, check! Super creative. Super smart.

5. Pete Murphy - Get It On With You (It’s like 90’s porn but super dreamy. I’d get it on. Sweet bridge. Nice choice of funk, totally gets the theme)

6. Governing Dynamics - Introvert Asks To Spend The Night (Oooh! I want to start dancing to this right of the bat…in my underwear as I get ready for the evening. We feel ya, man. You found a very poetic way to describe the internal conflict introverts feel.

7. Pigfarmer Jr - Hold You Tonight (Love this tune. Simple yet powerful. Honest song. You sing pure emotion. Great acoustic.)

8. Edric Haleen - 2-14-11 (Oh! Hey you…your voice…we like it…just like that. Talk more math to us. “Unit circle” - I can’t stop cracking up. I probably wouldn’t have failed Geometry if you were my teacher. You funny. This song could stand to be 2-3 minutes shorter. The jokes are great but towards the end we felt pounded with math terms.)

9. Gorbzilla And The Gorbzookies - First Kiss (You have a great style. It’s heartfelt. We really enjoyed your rich voice and soulful quality you brought to the song. We would have loved to see more of that soulfulness and depth in the lyrics. “Ever since” became a tad redundant for us.)

10. Brian Gray - Just You And Me (You’ve got a nice voice. GREAT chorus. Love the premise. Truthful lyrics. We can tell you really felt them. A tad bitter but we see where you are coming from.)

11. Ross Durand - I Wish (YESSSS!! A country song! Oh, our inner southern girl/guy is swooning. This is a beautiful country ballad. It’s got heartbreak and hopefulness. We can easily see this music video taking place by the fireplace with two country lovers.) 

12. Emperor Gum - Tianjin (Love this melody. We love the sweetness of your voice…and this song. We can tell you spent some time coming up with these lyrics. We want to dance with a lover to this song on the beach in Hawaii. Nice job.)

13. Melissa Leona - Rocking In The Waves (Girl, you can riff! SING IT, YES! Nice beat. Sweet piano. Harmonies are beautiful. Hopeless romantic. A great Valentine ballad however, doesn’t get “get us in the mood”. It’s like 75% the theme.)

14. Domingo - Escondidas (Whoa, nice riff! This is when paying attention in Spanish class would have paid off. Right off the bat, having only understood half the song, we can definitely sense the passion in your voice and that is so important in a love song. Well done. Gorgeous harmonies.)

15. Dex01 - Get Together (You definitely met the theme requirements. A little too literally. However, we really enjoy your folky style. We would have loved to hear a little more confidence in your lyrics. We felt they were a bit passive for a love song. Take that girl and grab her.)

16. Dr. Lindyke featuring Cherry Pi - Date Night (Kinky. Love this chorus. Super catchy. Sometimes the lyrics fall off beat. The piano seems a tad off by half a beat when mixing with the drums. We love your take on the theme.)

17. Atom & EV - Tarzan And Jane (Okay, okay nice take on the theme. This could be a theme song for a television sitcom from the 60’s. It’s catchy. The songs simplicity is forgiven because it is coming from the lips of “Tarzan”. That being said though, we would have loved to see a little more from the chorus. Even if it’s just monkey sounds mixing with the beat)

18. Taylor Rundell - Make A Move (A tad hard for us to understand what you are saying. We totally get your style and see what you are doing. We LOVE the chorus. We feel like you are making more of a confident choice during the chorus rather than the lyrics.)

19. Ominous Ride - Open Your Fire (Lot of innuendos. We feel you hit that challenge right on the nose - a little too literally. We would have liked to see a bit more artistic license. That being said, it’s a catchy chorus that we’ll be singing all day.)

20. Megalodon - Can’t Weight (As fans of the cosmos, we really appreciate what you did here. We felt like the sax, while it was played well and very jazzy, wasn’t necessary. Or just choose the sax or guitar. Nice chorus. Lovey dovey and sweet.)

21. Red Watcher - Hopeless Dreamer (There is no real structure to this song. We would have loved to see a definitive verse/chorus/bridge. It ends a bit abruptly. We see the potential of a love song in this but don’t feel it is “seductive”. You’ve got a nice beat and tune here and we like the ethereal and majestic style you developed.) 

22. The Ken Kesey Fan Club - How To Seduce Women (Whoa. It’s a tad loud and the levels fluctuate quite a bit. We enjoy your comedy. We felt the song itself is just a tad sloppy. There is no build. It’s hard to go further after singing “vagina”. We would have just loved to see it get more and more intense and creepy.)

23. David J - Language Of Love We are feelin’ your style. We don’t understand French but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate it! The song is a tad slow and repeative for us. With that, we felt this wasn’t really “putting us in the mood”. We would love to FEEL the passion and love you have for this woman.) 

24. Ben And The Angel Fish - Love’s Lost (A tad low. Hard to understand. Beautiful piano. Love your build to the bridge. Powerful. Terribly sad but meaningful. That being said though, doesn’t “put us in the mood”. It makes us want to cry and hug you.)

25. The Boffo Yux Dudes - I Can’t Get Enough (Wait. Is this an innuendo or does he really want to do dirty chores? We weren’t really sure of the real intent of this song. We appreciate your take on the theme but needed a little more clarity.)

26. Jutze - This Could Be The Night (Yeah. We're feelin’ this beat. Aw man, friend zoned. So hopeful. Sing OUT those long notes! You got this! YES! We’re so happy you guys fell in love. The lyrics are a bit redundant and we felt the song lacked a real desire and NEED to BE in love.)

27. Dreiviertel Drei - Gag Reflex (Alight! Blow Job song. We get it. Penises are scary. There is a nice Pink Floyd quality you’ve got. By the way, penis skin should not get stuck on your teeth. Ow. A tad long for the content)

28. Ben Taggart - The Story Of Us (This is a beautiful love song, but we don’t really see the theme in here very much. We wanted to see a little more passion. We thought the lyrics were lovely but it left us rather sad. It was still played and sung wonderfully)

29. Jailhouse Payback - Another Line (Great style. We don’t really see how it fits into the theme. It’s a solid song. Well sung. Well played. Just doesn’t meet the theme the way many of the other contestants did.)

30. Charlie McCarron - If You Need Romance (I feel like the musical beat doesn’t match up with vocals. Okay, I like chorus. Sultry sound. Haha, argh text messages ruining the mood!)

31. Jurek Mika - The Mood For You (Ooooh. Jazzy. Vocals don’t match the beat. Would love for those to blend a little more.)

32. James Young - In The Dark Of The Night (I love this tune so much. I would have loved to see more than song speak at the beginning)

33. BucketHat Bobby - Glad You Came (The lyrics don’t really match the beat. The lyrics are are tad too literal. We don’t feel there’s much depth there. You definitely followed the theme…just a little too on the nose.)

34. Army Defense - Sexiest Sex (Lyrics don’t always match up with the tune. Same with the instruments. Especially in the beginning of the song. We felt you could have gone further with the lyrics. It’s a little too on the nose relating to the theme. We love your sound and style. We wanted it to be a more crisp and sharp though)

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  1. Blow job song? Huh? What on earth are you talking about? This is all about the haggis! :-)

    Seriously, anyone who wants to compare the music to Pink Floyd is all right in my book. Thanks for the review!