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Saturday, January 24, 2015

SpinTunes #10 Round 1 Reviews: Rusty Cage

I found Rusty Cage on YouTube back in 2010.  I thought he was an amazing talent, and subscribed.  Used to feature him on the blog (Spintown) back when I kept that updated.  As you read your reviews, take a listen to his most recent video.



I like the simplicity of this song.  It’s just a stripped down vocal and guitar tune with reminds me a lot of The Beatles a bit.  Though I would like to see more gusto in the vocal delivery, this song made its way into my head and had me humming along.  

Pete Murphy:

Right when I heard this song I got a mental image of a guy with a soul patch, a leather jacket, and reflective shades dancing around the living room in front of his date.  Humping furniture in a seductively but never breaking eye contact.  Idk, maybe drives an ’82 corvette with fire strips down the side .  I think its a bit too sleazily direct, but hey,  that shit works.  The over all production was solid.  Great instrumentation and dynamic range.  One thing though,  I have heard the road to hell was paved with the skulls of unbaptized infants rather than sticky, sticky honey.  This has not been confirmed.

Jurek Mika:

This song caught me right away with that bass line and funky beat.  When the singing started, at first I cringed, but a second later It all made sense. Or so I think.  If this song was meant to be funny, then it is brilliant.  If it was serious (which, I don’t think it was) , then its terrible. The vocals are way off time, which works for the funny,  but would be poor judgement for the serious.  If this doesn’t get your lover hot in the trousers,  then all hope is lost.   

Zoe Gray:

I’ve never used the zombie apocalypse line to pursue lust,  but after hearing this I think its very doable.   You took a common theme like seduction and put a hell of an interesting twist on it, which takes some creative thinking.  Great lyrics on “I hear the slam of a body bag, so when’s a better time to shag?”  I think of this as a make or break song,  If your date gets creeped out by this then toss em out.  This tune is right up my alley, and I consent.

Charlie McCarron:

So when I listened to this one, I was drinking wine with a lady friend.  She said it was putting her to sleep in a bad way.  I think she may have been referring to how mellow and slow it was.  I like some love ballads like this, but when the chorus began I was really hoping to hear a steady drum rhythm kick in.  It never did.  It was like an intro to a song that never actually started.   Soothing keys,  Soothing voice,  enjoyed the delicate backing vocals.  I didn’t catch the subtle lyrical humor until the second time around.

Ben And The Angel Fish:

Very emotional piano playing.  I think it overshadowed the vocals, which could have been a bit more powerful.   I enjoy the dark depressing lyrics.  It sounds like a very honest song, which I respect.  I wouldn’t necessarily say this was a seductive tune, unless you are trying to seduce a mutual cry and warming hug.  

Governing Dynamics:

I’m on the fence with this one.   I enjoyed the guitar riffs and breakdowns.  It changed up enough to be interesting musically,  but It’s one of those songs that someone could know every word to without ever considering what is being said.  Very 90’s sounding, which depending on your taste could be good or bad.   I personally am not a fan of the style,  but I applaud your musicianship and production value.

Kolton H. Featuring SpknSpell:

“Open the pod bay doors Hal”  “I’m afraid I can’t do that”,  I used that sample once as well.  Which is badass,  I was glad to hear it.   This song is took knowledge.  To make a song with entirely monotone vocals is a challenge itself, I would imagine.  You pulled it off great by applying the right amount of synth activity to keep the song going.  I can imagine that you had a lot of fun writing this song,  It made it fun to listen to.  Does Hawking go under an alias for this song?



Well, I am not as fluent in my Spanish as I would like to be,  but it is always refreshing to hear other languages.  This song, musically, didn’t really catch my attention.  Not because I didn’t understand the lyrics, but because it was redundant.   Perhaps because of the two chord progression through out the song.

Edric Haleen:

The sun sets on a private shoreline.  Colors of red and orange reflect off two lovers running through the shallow waves with their pant legs rolled up.  As the half transparent profile view of a face superposes over the shore, you hear it,  “its valentines day”.   At first, I was worried about the length of this song, but it turned out to be a good thing.  Obviously, this is meant to be cheesy,  which is what makes it funny.  And in the style of artists like Günther,  this is the type of song that is so bad it’s good.

I forgot how to do math, still seduced.


There is a lot of potential here to be a badass rock ballad.  It’s got the right progression changes, The right melody,  but it’s just missing one important thing….. It needs someone like Meatloaf or Bruce Springsteen singing it.  There is not enough power behind the vocals to make me feel the passion.  It is somewhere in there though I know it!  But when the song was over,  I still had to get my fix and listen to “Born to Run”.   BABY WE WERE BOOOORN TO RUUUUUUUUUUUN

Taylor Rundell:

It’s a bit alternative, but this song is dope.  I hear a huge Gorillaz influence here, which is not a bad thing at all.  It could have easily been on their last album.  MEANING,  the composition never gets stale.  There is some new melody or riff coming in at every change, while keeping the catchy “make a move” lyrics throughout.   The vocal changes are done perfectly, from low and quiet, to belting in a higher register.  I will be honest though,  I have no idea what the lyrics were until looking them up.  It didn’t feel necessary to know what was being said to enjoy the song.

Melissa Leona:

I may be mistaken, but are these Garageband piano samples?  If so, I would suggest staying away from them unless you want to make a song that shares the same piano tune as thousands of others.  If not, forget what I just said.  I like the dark sound of the song in total.  Your singing is very dynamic and powerful.  There is nothing boring about your vocal melodies and chilling backing vocals,  but I find the actual lyrics to be too bland.  In the way, that It’s all been sung before, time and time again.

Ross Durand:

This is the kind of song that won my father the heart of his third wife.  I don’t have a follow up statement to that, so take it as you will.  Production-wise, there is great mix between the vocals and guitar.  The crisp guitar adds the right amount of boost to support your voice, without taking away focus from the lyrics.  Hearing what is being said is important if you are trying to seduce, so the style of this song fits that well.  I was glad to hear the energy pick up in the chorus to add that extra emotion.  This is a straight forward love song,  not too deep, but gets the job done.

Pigfarmer Jr.:

Good performance with guitar and vocals.  This song, however, has got to be the most generic love song possible.  If you told me you improved the chords and lyrics, I wouldn’t doubt you.  I want to hold you, I want to love you..  I’m sure the person you’re trying to seduce has heard this all before.   I would like to see the lyrics be more personalized to your own experiences.

Brian Gray:

Well the world falls apart around you, you can always find sanctum locked inside with your lover.  I enjoyed the lyrics telling a subtle story of intimacy, with just enough ominous clues that something devastating may also be occurring.  It leaves room for the listeners imagination to fill in the blanks.  The genre of the song isn’t quite my cup of tea.  I don’t drink tea,  but all in all,  I found it entertaining.

David J:

Very clever.  I got a laugh out of the seemingly romantic chorus.  It goes to show you that anything in french can sound good, even if it makes little sense.  It felt like some of the vocals were rushed, and I would have liked to hear more variation in the instrumental composition.  That aside,  the sultry sound is bound to keep your lover around.

James Young:

This song utilized the right amount of instrumental components necessary to make it not feel empty.  Listening with headphones, I was pleased to clearly hear everything that was going on.  The dynamic range could have been upped in the chorus to allow for more emotional draw, but still well done.  I didn’t find the lyrics to be very seductive or charming.  Perhaps if you were seducing a hellish succubus.  Which I hear they can be quite lovely.

Dreiviertel Drei:

Definitely in my top favorites of these songs.  Before making it to the punchline, this was already a creative theme.  The back and forth conversation,  lacking of subtlety, gets right down to the point.  You didn’t beat around the bush with this one, know what I mean?  It’s the “Baby, It’s cold outside” for a more honest explicit generation.  Finding a girl willing to chow down on some good haggis is a challenge everyone knows.  Excellent lyrics,  a bit slow musically,  but a great performance.

Ominous Ride:

With it’s airy sound and mellow atmospheric feel,  this song fits the theme well.  My grievance comes with lyrics.  They are by no means unoriginal or bland,  but It seems like they are indecisive.  On one hand they are flattering to the subject, full of compliments, setting the mood.  But then there are the few spikes of overtly sexual innuendos that seem to come from nowhere.  I think if you wanted to take the double meaning route, you should stick to it and go all out.  

Jailhouse Payback

It’s interesting how many of these songs include themes of math.  The chorus is catchy,  the bridge was a good change.  This song is straight forward musically, easy to follow,  easy to listen to.  Nothing necessarily jumped out and grabbed my attention in a manner that would blow me away,  but still a solid song.  Great use of harmonica.

Atom & EV:

This song could be used for a numerous amount of things.  It could easily be in a musical,  the theme song to a cancelled sitcom, or even in a disney cartoon feature (maybe not with the sexual innuendos).   Very unique take on this theme.  The music complimented the playful vocals perfectly.  After a few drinks, this is essentially how I try to romance woman.

Gorbzilla And The Gorbzookies:

There is some real soul in this song,  in the vocals and music alike.  I instantly got into the feel of it.  It’s slow enough, without lacking drive,  gritty enough, without being too muddy.  This sounds like it could be a classic.   The grizzly voice during the cut outs really brings the passion.  I wan’t to hear more from you all.  

Dr. Lindyke Featuring Cherry Pi:

This is when Schoolhouse Rocks meets HBO’s Real Sex.  Unlike other songs that tell a story,  this one acts it right in front of you, drawing the listener in and inviting them to perhaps partake in the activities.  Flawless execution,  with very natural vocal performances.  A song like this would leave dinner cold and untouched on the table when lovers head straight to the bedroom for desert.

Army Defense:

The composition is very muddy and chaotic at first,  its refreshing when it switches to the next section, but then again reverts back into wild chaos.  There is a lot of potential in this song.  In the chorus it’s pretty damn catchy, but I felt it lacked that everywhere else.  

The Boffo Yux Dudes:

You know the way to a woman’s heart.  Every house needs to be cleaned before it gets dirty.  The music sounds like it could be a movie soundtrack.  The concept may have been a bit overboard,  it’s tongue and cheek of course, but completely excludes the part where it’s your lucky night.  Original for sure, but far out there.  


The vocals sound out of place over the relatively badass drum beat.  I like that you didn’t use boring love song lyrical cliche’s,  but I didn’t feel the passion behind singing them.  I did really enjoy that guitar/ saxophone battle, it’s a unique unexpected touch.  

Emperor Gum:

You hooked me when the clarinet (if it is a clarinet) came in.  This is the material of love songs,  light and smooth, at the tempo of a slow dance.  The background strings bring in the emotions while the vocals drive the message.  Your voice is soft, but still carries the perfect amount of strength.  As for the lyrics,  they tell a story that isn’t directly obvious, but hold a charm which delivers the feeling.  Truly excellent song.

Ben Taggart:

This song is a great example of a happy love song delivering a sad feeling.  With its stripped down guitar and vocals, it tells a personal and intimate tale of change, loss, and revival.  Though the lyrics express an eternal love,  you can feel raw emotions experienced to reach that final goal.  If I knew how to cry, it is possible a tear could be jerked.

Adam Sakellarides:

I instantly started bobbing my head.  Very catchy, yet simple, instrumentals.  Without a doubt you have embodied romantic encounters of the 21st century.  Musically, it carries the lyrics exactly the right amount.  I think most people who hear this song could get down with the message.  Lets just watch some netflix, and then uh, you know, if time permits, maybe some sex.

The Ken Kesey Fan Club:

I think I have a bias towards songs that don’t take themselves too seriously, which is why I enjoyed this one.  The fumbling of a wanna be romantic who knows what he wants, but not how to hide it.  It got a laugh out of me.  Good touch with having to stop the song and start again repeatedly.  My favorite part is the tripping over her name.  Why mask your intentions, tell em how you really feel!

“Buckethat” Bobby:

It just sounded lazy to me.  It’s supposed to be goofy I’m sure, but little effort can be heard. Potential in the lyrics, but GET OFF OF MY STAGE! sorry, my unfocused words.

Mariah Mercedes:

You have a beautiful voice.  There is excellent control over every note, with enough breathy tone to set a mood.  The quality of the guitar playing and singing together, pretty much the production as a whole, is top notch.  I just can’t help but to feel like I have heard these cheesy lines too many times to strike me as compelling.  It is still a charming song.

Red Watcher:

Not bad to listen to.  Cheesy 80’s synth pads, but it built and atmosphere.  Your voice worked well for this.  It felt as if the chorus was weak though, It didn’t lift up enough from the rest of the song.  Lyrically, you used enough “love song” language to bring it feeling, without going overboard.  

1. Emperor Gum
2. Taylor Rundell
3. Dr. Lindyke ft. Cherry Pi
4. Dreiviertel Drei
5. Gorbzilla and The Gorbzookies
6. Zoe Gray
7. Kolton H
8. Adam Sakellarides
9. Atom & EV
10. Ben Taggard
11. Mariah Mercedes
12. The Ken Kesey Fan Club
13. Jurek Mika
14. Ben and The Angel Fish
15. Edric Haleen
16. David J
17. Ross Durand
18. Dex01
19. Brian Gray
20. Jutze
21. Jailhouse Payback
22. Pete Murphy
23. Red Watcher
24. Charlie McCarron
25. Governing Dynamics
26. The Boffo Yux Dudes
27. Melissa Leona
28. Ominous Ride
29. Pigfarmer Jr
30. Domingo
31. James young
32. Army Defense
33. Megalodon
34. Bucket hat Bobby


  1. Rusty, "Dr. Lindyke" here. You nailed it!
    Our song is soft porn, plain and simple. Thanks for the review!

  2. I'm with Dave on this - you totally nailed it. "Baby it's cold outside" was indeed part of the inspiration for this song and you covered all the aspects that we were trying to feature. All our other scores were pretty low, so your high ranking lets us know we're doing something right - we know that we'll never appeal to everyone (or even a majority), but if just one person gets it, then our job is done. Thanks!